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Is there a guide on how to maximize stat of savinose dysnai armor set?

So I got my EP12 savi dysnai armor set and ready to enchance from arbor event… IDK how to maximize random stat step by step…

There is a guide, its called edo’s ichoring or rerolling guide, something like that. Use the search bar

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thanks man

  1. identify the equipment at a blacksmith, appraiser master Sandra or at a player shop in town

  2. use mysterious magnifier/artisan magnifier till it has 2 random stats (trinket), 4 random stats(1 hand weapon,shield,subweapon,armor parts[top,bottom,gloves,shoes]) or 6 random stats (2 hand weapon)

  3. use sandras magnifiers on the stats which categories you don’t want (there are blue,green,red and purple,all with a different stat pool) until you have the stat category combination you need

  4. go to the blacksmith or appraiser master Sandra and let them re-identify your equipment until you have the majority of the stats right (or alternatively,until you hit the stat combination you want);
    since this costs nucle powders and sierra dusts, it is recommended to wait for an item re-identification discount from weekend burning event if you plan to do it for all parts
    [5. this is optional, if you don’t want to rely on getting all rolls right, you can just use Sandras Magnifiers to roll for the last stat/2 stats to be right. This potentially costs a lot of money, so be aware of that. Because of the high boost you get from the base set already, it is recommended to get the stats you need (STR/INT and crit for offensive builds, STR/INT and CON for defensive builds and SPR and CON for healer builds) with priority and rather try to get the rest optimized over time, so if you roll for example STR,crit,CON and INT for your Swordsman, you’re good to go and can later replace that INT with DEX or something else. Better save the nucles/dusts for now, you will need them later on to upgrade your ark, and events will always feature magnifiers to identify the stats you need later on.

  5. after getting your stats right, you can do two things:
    1 you use Sandras Detailed Magnifiers on them and try to maximize the stat (or get close to it) or
    2 buy/craft Sandras Ultimate Magnifier with the Detailed Magnifiers(crafting requires getting a recipe, which drops from dimensional collapse point; it’s also featured in some events,but it’s random if you get it) to maximize the stats on your equipment in one go.
    To be honest with you: don’t maximize the stats on your equipment with ultimate magnifiers. The only stats you should maximize are the stats on a 2 hand weapon, because the potential gain of all 6 stats maximized on it is really big.
    It’s better to get close to maximum stats using Sandras Detailed Magnifier on trinket and armor parts as well as 1 hand weapon, shield and sub-weapon.

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i regret maximizing all 4 part of savi armors, because they are useless at solo content like WBR tel harsha and moring solo lv 5. In contrary, with legenda armors i can still reach 10m dmg cap easily at CM/DS.