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Is AFking with summons abuse?


I see a few people while i was levelling up, they afk with summons and the summons kill everything.

it wouldnt bother me except every time i see it they are campnig a zone that is part of a quest so you have a hard time wrangling the mobs away and it makes the quest takes like x5 as long


99.99% of the time is botter.


Summons last some minutes, 5min for skeletals.
And summons stop attacking if the player does not attack for 1 minute.

If they afk farm for a long time… its maybe macro/bot use and should be reported.

Farming while watching TV/Youtube/Netflix/… is fine




If IMC would remove autoloot of silver, that would help with purging the afk farmers, and make it much more obvious whos using a bot.

If the bot user makes the character walk around randomly, that character would probably just move within a certain area as the botter doesnt want to leave his spot, resulting with a much easier way to spot a bot.

Thats something ive mentioned way long ago, but eh, guess IMC is still “monitoring”

One spot ive found afk farming people at, is at “Grand Yard Mesa”, just by the entrance to “Sventimas Exile”.


There’s also Forest of Prayer.

Usually you’ll notice if they’re bots with one look at their character page.
They’re often 350, at a low level map, have no costume on, and their names are lowercase.


Iotheo Coast, Zeteor Coast and Solitary Cells are 3 more areas ive found while questing now.

Some of these guys even use Returning palyer items, makes me wonder just how active imc is with catching these guys.