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Irredian Shelter boss cubes are not rewarding at all


Why even bother with 5x killing the same dumb spongy boss if all you get is 20-25 shards and sometimes one of these new accessory recipes?

Where the hell are the magic stones?

How the heck can you even craft the recipes if the recipes in the cubes are more common than the magic stones?

Do you want the people to kill Boruta to buy magic stones to craft Irredian Shelter accessories?

For gods sake, increase the Magic Stone drop rates on Irredian Cubes, this April Fools joke of yours has been going on for far too long already…


Got three in two weeks run…expecting getting one in this weeks run.


the trick is to play 4 more alt accounts so you get 25 cubes in total per week. :prince:


Got two in three weeks. So…


got 4 stones in 10 cubes. got no problem with that.


Got 4 stones in 3 weeks, but not a single recipe


In the last 2 weeks I opened 10 Irredian, 2 Boruta and 1 Shining Boruta cubes to get only blessed gems. It seems I have the rights to be salty.

IMC, fix the drop rate depending on the server population. This drop rate makes sense in a more populated server, but in Fedimian it would be impossible for normal/casual players to get stones to craft accessories and level seals.


I know people are getting stones, the rant is about the rate being way too low.

I have yet to get even a single Magic Stone from Irredian Cubes, although it has been 20 cubes already.
That’s more than the amount of Boruta cubes I had, and at least I got Magic Stones from them.

It’s not only Irredian Shelter Accessories requiring Magic Stones but also Boruta Accessories (three times as many) and safe upgrading of Seals.
Since even the Seals inside the Irredian Cubes are so rare, we are supposed to spend Magic Stones on safely upgrading them to reach a higher level (+3 to +5).

With the current rates what is happening is the following:
Magic Stones are very expensive
Only the wealthy people can afford spending 7 of them for a safe Seal upgrade

Since Magic Stones flow into accessory crafting and Seal upgrades, there will be an artificial resource shortage, resulting in poor players never being able to afford the equipment until it is completely outdated.

Personally I don’t really care either way, as I can afford to buy them every week, but when I think of the vast majority of people who will probably either not have any Boruta equipment and thus feel forced to sell Magic Stones to afford it, realizing that they need to farm more magic stones to craft it/enhance it (Seals), I feel that something should be done to relieve the situation a little.

If you can’t farm your own equip because RNG prevents you from doing it, there is something wrong with the system.

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Currently it feels like the endgame is a dinosaur sandwich and we’re out of bread…

Still waiting for the Boruta changes. Rewards for top 1000 players… WHEN??? Get rid of the absurd 70% cutoff already… at least it would reward people for coming to Boruta and get some marks every week that can be exchanged for recipes (20) or magic stones (8).

Currently you can’t even craft some of the newest accessories, since they require stuff that isn’t obtainable anymore (for example: Max Petamion). And I don’t see any post from the devs/staff about fixing the problem in the near future…


well, speak for yourself, i just got 3 Magic Stones in a row


Squeezing your buttcheeks helps with RNG at times.

This was after getting x5 5 Blessed Shards for 2 straight weeks.


after playing a little today I got the feeling that some rates were tweaked with this patch.
Wouldn’t surprise me if the rates for magic stones from the cubes were increased via ninja-patch.

The rates before the patch were bad, no question.


It should still be the same tbh. It’s really just RNG. Some guildies had the luck of getting 2-3 in a row ever since Irredian release.


Lucky you that had any differences.

Today I opened again 5 Irredian, 1 Boruta and 1 Shining and got only shards/gems.

@Wooshin the fact that you got lucky doesn’t mean that the system works. It’s been three weeks till I got something different than shards/gems from all the available cubes. It’s not “just RNG”, it’s a retarded way to implement range in the game. As usual, IMC created something retarded.


People just saying it’s broken because they don’t get what they want. If they get 2-3 of what they want in a two weeks they probably think the system is fine.

Main point is you salty cause you don’t get but others get. RNG is a bitch.


been getting 20 shards 1 stone so far. First week, got lucky with 3 stones as well

It’s just rng , admit it

You want another fragment bullshit? collect 50 shards/fragment for 1 stone

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You need an insane amount of magic stones for seals tho and that’s quite annoying… I guess it is considered end game content too…but I hate it when something is not even 1 year but like…years…

I’m sure they are building on Boruta but as others said til there is that 70% bullshit I just can’t care about it…


People says it’s broken because it IS broken. The logic is fine, the % is broken.

And that’s the same for the fragments bullshit: the idea is ok, but it has to be 20 shards. To have a failsafe when rng fcks you is only logical, for it to be a neverending chore is plain stupid.
In general, the problem is within number of players: if we have 10 times this number of players this rng would be ok, since the market would help everybody (but the servers won’t keep it up). Rn, with these numbers, this rng doesn’t make any sense.


IIRC the chance of getting a recipe from the raids is 10% no? Having to collect 50 fragments to get the same random recipe is like adding 2% in top of that, which is a complete nonsense (not mentioning the boredom to have to do 50 raids). You should be able to get a recipe after 10 fragments to keep the same %. Otherwise, keep the 50 fragments, but offer a box with the recipe of your choice. I’m not even sure people still do Asio/Wastrel raids because events now offer untradable version of them in a box. But seeing how they will change Nobreer soon, maybe these raids will also follow soon after, we’ll see.


20 or 10 it’s fine for me. My point was that 50 is way too much to be considered a failsafe… without considering that doing raids has a cost