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IronCurtain using aother account (ThaiMeo95) to AFK in Content (Dimensional Collapse Point)

  • Server : Telsiai

  • Team Name : IronCurtain & ThaiMeo95

  • Location : Vienebe Shelter

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 07/16/2020 - 06:35 AM SVT

  • Evidence

Isn’t using multiple accounts to funnel items to their main account against terms of service and EULA of the game? Please investigate this player. Thank you.


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But did he use bot though?
If he’s just afk you can leave the party or kick him if you’re not happy right?

really ? what Evidence , the chat with you and ThaiMeo95 is nothing wrong , he say he is real player , only see you abusing .

What Evidence ???

Fake news, you can’t do DCP in Irredian Shelter…

Thanks, I changed it.

Don’t worry, when the GMs investigate it, they’ll link those two accounts seeing as one account funnels all items to that main account. Easy to track as @STAFF_Yuri has already done so with a previous report here with a banned player here.

Yea , hope you can read

Yes I can, it says Abusing Reports. I also feel that you are IronCurtain and YOU are defending your alt account. Is that true? lol

Did Thaimeo95 hacking ? NO !
Did Thaimeo95 Abusing ? fvcking NO !
If you not happy because he afk just leave pt , dont be a Karen ???

Seriously ? what wrong with you ?? , what you hope for this nonsense report ?

So many toxic player from top guild.

Hey Reporter how stupid you can be? Do you have a solid evidence his funneling items from alt accounts to main accounts? If not, you’re the one should be reported here for false accusations and damaging the reputation of others. I think Devs so work on this so other people won’t abuse the power of forums. False reports should get penalized too.

Hi @philip.co1337,

We will look into this player’s activity. Thank you.