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Into the Lion's Mouth (8)?

So as we all know the patch just released with a bunch of new maps, quests and whatnot.
So i got to this point in Narvas Temple where you have to figure out a Password from a ton of text and put it into the “Locked System”, but im not sure what im looking for, im asuming it has something to do with the dates but…

If anyone knows anything that would be awesome

EDIT: Figured it out, turns out its the year that the Temple was finished, which is 620


solved? :tired: 20popolions

Would you know how to finish this quest

i think you use the quest item untill you get a mark on one of the Harugals, then you gotta lower their HP to under 30% or so, get in close and interact with them.
Not 100% sure tho, dont remember if the quest you posted is that one or not

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Thanks for replying. Yeah that’s the one. I’ve already done what you’ve said, but my problem is the quest objective isn’t increasing. It stays at 0/6 so I thought maybe I was doing it wrong.

Once they are weak, open your inventory and right click the red orb in your quest item section.

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620 password ///////////////////////