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Instanced Level Dungeon's - Missing Drops


I think ins’t supposed to be only talt and cards in dungeon cube’s right? In the latest patch note it was saying:

  • Rewards from the Fallen Legwyn Family Dungeon will now be obtainable from the Historic Site Ruins Dungeon Cube
  • Rewards from the Catacombs Underground Dungeon will now be obtainable from the Castle Dungeon Cube.

Well, apparently just dropping talt and card from all dungeons.

Before we can obtain like 1-3 talts per cube of 330 now it’s only 1 card or 1 talt. (Pheltremin or Ulstermite is gonne too)

In 3 character’s I got the same reward Talt x15 and Card x3 of 18 Cube’s from Level Dungeon 330

So I think this was a change without any information again or just a misunderstand who made the balance of this dungeons?

I have had problems with this as well, so I’ll reply here.
I have run this dungeon 4 times with 1x multiplier and once with 3x multiplier, 100% completion.
I always get 5x talt and 1x flammidus card. Is it supposed to be like this? On the 3x multiplier run I got 15x talt and 3x flammidus cards.

I have the same problem.

Now dungeons are dropping only Cards and Talts for me.

Agreed, I noticed the same thing - even the preview screen for the dungeons only shows talt/cards for drops.

I’m pretty sure that the actual drops are supposed to have been a combined version of the previous cubes that got merged, but something got forgotten and now its only talt/cards available, making level dungeons pretty useless except for xp



Any news about this?

We still without answer.

@STAFF_Bob, @STAFF_Ines, @STAFF_Yuri

Is dungeon supposed to be by this way? What about the low level or drops that are not reallocated?

we need to keep this alive, I want cubes drop back, I need some of the recipes for aesthetic purposes

A lot of people were asking yesterday how to get Zircons. I think those are needed to craft the intermediate accessories for drakonas sets. IIRC I was getting those while doing CM on level 200 or 300 maps from the cubes, but since the CM/dungeon change there are no cubes and level 200/300 CMs only drop blue garbage and raid portal stone recipes, nothing else. HG seems to be a good bet, but I don’t remember seeing any recently.

Hey guys, IMC already changed kToS low level items. I mean when drop a recipe from Max Petamion for example or gladiator band, will drop as a final product.

I think that’s why they changed dungeon whitout any note, I hope it arrive soon as possible in iToS. Because this is making the economy of some items raising fast as duck.

Some collection’s right now is suffering issues for the old gem’s removed, so we really need to wait that patch land iToS.

Hope we get some news about that, specially after IMC deleting some items from the game and promised to change some recipes, like changing some of the items that were deleted that are required to craft the Alchemist’s Stone