Instanced Level Dungeon's - Missing Drops



I think ins’t supposed to be only talt and cards in dungeon cube’s right? In the latest patch note it was saying:

  • Rewards from the Fallen Legwyn Family Dungeon will now be obtainable from the Historic Site Ruins Dungeon Cube
  • Rewards from the Catacombs Underground Dungeon will now be obtainable from the Castle Dungeon Cube.

Well, apparently just dropping talt and card from all dungeons.

Before we can obtain like 1-3 talts per cube of 330 now it’s only 1 card or 1 talt. (Pheltremin or Ulstermite is gonne too)

In 3 character’s I got the same reward Talt x15 and Card x3 of 18 Cube’s from Level Dungeon 330

So I think this was a change without any information again or just a misunderstand who made the balance of this dungeons?


I have had problems with this as well, so I’ll reply here.
I have run this dungeon 4 times with 1x multiplier and once with 3x multiplier, 100% completion.
I always get 5x talt and 1x flammidus card. Is it supposed to be like this? On the 3x multiplier run I got 15x talt and 3x flammidus cards.