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Level Dungeon Cube has nothing but talt and card

Server Name: Telsiai (Don’t know if other server has same problem/not)

Bug Description :
This has been mentioned in other thread (Instanced Level Dungeon's - Missing Drops) but it’s been a while and no response so I try to make a new one and providing more screenshots.

A couple weeks ago, an update causes several level dungeon to merge and has their level changed. The cube before this change become (Old) Level-dungeon-name Cube and the cube after the change become Level-dungeon-name Cube. The old cube is still give item as usual. However, the new cube never give anything but talt and card. This even shows in F10 information.

Please fix this, this has happened for a few weeks and people can’t get recipe or materials from the cubes.

The picture below shows the drop from Level dungeon 270. It should have for example Black Horn Recipe in the weapon section, but this shows None.
The last picture shows the drop from Level dungeon 330. It should have ore materials in the miscellaneous section, but this shows only talt and boss card.

Also, usually if we were to get talt, we could get 3 to 5 talts in 1 cube. But ever since the change, we can only get 1, never 2 or more.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Open new level dungeon cube, or
  2. Open F10 information

Screenshots / Video :


That’s being happening for a while now.

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where are the gears recipe from blue cube???


wait its not supposed to be this way? been back in the game 3 weeks now i thought they changed it to give all talts and card now and deleted all those old recipes. :smile:

I thought the same too… I prefer this way after all.

How do you get Max Petamion these days? Go hunt Fire Lord field boss every 2 hours for a million years?

Unfortunately, yes… :sad:

To put more salt on the wound, you need to compete with another 10 campers on the site…


The issue persists and also that -(+30) cap increased to -(+80) ins’t work too. After my character pass through 80 in dungeon level 50 for example my exp and rewards starts to be lowered in 2% ( with the new cap I supposed to be able to go straight to Level 130 without any penalties).

@GM_Francis or @STAFF_Bob

Can you give us some attention and follow this issues up to dev team? It’s look bugged since the change of dungeon level’s, that maintence wasn’t saying what is happening with dungeons right now.

Link of patch notes:

I don’t think they care anymore.

we need to keep this alive, I want cubes drop back