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[info] Legendary Card level up + Boss Locations


This is a good question, I do not know. I do not know the most efficient upgrade-combinations after level 3->4, and most guilds are not willing to share information.


So, I got a Legend Zaura Card few days ago and looked for the card in the database and saw a EXP table, I tried to calculate the next upgrade using your enhancement info but couldn’t come up with a result :sad::


i’ve got a shiny marnox oh boy, now i have to study a little so i can up from more than 3 without destroying it :haha:

how do i get ripped legend enhancement cards without guild raids?


Buy em, or wait for future cash boxes :haha:


Wait for the updated Saalus convent uphill shop. It will have ripped legend enchancement card for 3,000 points each, so better do uphill and start saving points now :slight_smile:


it’s 8.000 uphill pts


i’ll make it later, uphill will give more points tho


i’ve heard ripped enhance can also come from broken legend cards, is this true?


Maybe a updated guide or calculator/tool/site/sheet for this? If not full… what about 1-5 or to 6


I don’t have it, cannot make it.
1-5 is on first post!

Always try to get 100% success…don’t let this happen


Adding 2 new raidboss legend cards:

Wastrel Card: Max HP + [STAR x 500]
Acio Mage Card: Critical Rate + [STAR x 15]


now i have a question.
for example i have a level 1 legend card and will use the

Old Legend Enhancement Card (Lv 6)
can i get the Legend card from level 1 to 6 or how does it work?


There’s 4 socket to put cards to upgrade so for I have know is 1star-2star use normal boss card lv10 and from 2star onwards you have to mix with normal boss card and lv1 -lv4 enhancement card and from 4star and above need old enhancement or world boss card . It takes you alot silver or time to up for sure in ktos still haven’t see a lv10 card yet



I got the what 's Legendary card EXP Number mean.

EXP = card STAR


Legend Enhancement card Exp + (star*5)

Legendary card Exp + (star*10)

ex) I upgrade 3star -> 4star need exp 70

I use the

2x boss card star 10 = +20 exp

Legend Enhancement card star 3 = +15exp

Legendary card star 3 = +30exp

total 65exp 65/70 = success rate 93%