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Infinite Lvl 16 (SEA) Recruitment Status : OPEN

We are an international competitive guild consisting of both f2p and p2p players. We are recruiting like-minded individuals who are very active and passionate about the game.

Guild Level : We just reached level 16!
Number of Members : 82/86

1.GUILD EVENTS with prizesssss!
2.GTW and Boruta
3.Organized guild discord
4.Permanent Raid Team Allocations for Skia/Lepi
5. Weekly Card Openings. (We now do 2 card opening parties a week!)

1. Talts/Silvers for contribution points to the guild
2. Level 450, Geared and with ichors.
3. Very active
4. Able to try and commit to GTW/Boruta every week.
5. Must be able to join our discord.

If anyone is interested in joining Infinite, kindly PM Efyxx or Potato-chan in game.

Allocated Raid Teams doing their Skia L/Lepi L runs

Infinite in GTW.

Infinite doing Boruta.

I am really proud of how far we’ve come! Like many others, I was one of the few members who joined along the way, and then realizing and experiencing the potential and atmosphere of this guild, thus deciding to take up some extra roles within our guild community. I’m sure many of you, if you do join, will feel the same way. Have a look at our guild interview that is linked below.


What is mudae ? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Join us to find out!

:smirk: collecting some stuffs for fun.

Hello Savior!
We really appreciate your participation in our event.
Unfortunately, the number of guild members is missing in the post.
Please write the information. There’s still time to take part in the event! :smiley:
Thank you.

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Done! Is this ok now? :slight_smile:

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Great! Thank you for update :smiley:

We have 3-4 slots so PM potato-chan or efyxx in game if interested!