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Infinite Guild Interview

Greetings saviors!

The first Colony War after the server merge has ended. The CW of this week was attention-catching in that guilds from the original server and guilds from the new server participated for the first time. Surprisingly enough, a single guild from the New Worlds were able to seize a territory: The Infinite(Telsiai)!

GM Lemon couldn’t miss out the exciting news and went straight up to interview the new contender! XD

[GM] Lemon: Hello Infinite! You guys are the first Guild from the New World to seize a territory in the first Colony War after the server merge. How do you feel about this?

IzKewteu: Trying our best to survive in a sea of sharks!

Phantasmagoria (Master): I feel that I am fortunate enough to have guild mates who are committed in our guild and for this GTW. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to t get hold onto one of the territory! Of course, we feel great getting one of the territory and we are trying hard to strive for the better!

[GM] Lemon: You just said in the answer before that you couldn’t have done it without your guild members. What’s the atmosphere of Infinite like?

Phantasmagoria (M): The atmosphere of Infinite is a fun loving guild and of course we are going to stay until as long as possible, there’s where our name comes from. Infinite. ^^ As for our guild, we spend most of the time doing CM, chatting with each other, showing our fashion sense in Klaipeda ch4. Most importantly, spending time together enjoying ToS ^^

[GM] Lemon: That’s great! :smiley: If I have a chance, I want to show you my fashion sense as well :smiley:

Phantasmagoria (M): Please show us.

Potato-chan: 1 requirement of our guild is to be a fashionista (Potato-chan)

IzKewteu: Recruitment start with fashion.

[GM] Lemon: How and why did you come up with making the guild? Did you make Infinite with your friends?

Phantasmagoria (M): Izkewteu and I decided to come out with Infinite, Infinite – forever. We want the guild to last FOREVER ^_^. We created this guild on the 2nd day of new server opening.

[GM] Lemon: Great! I hope your guild follows your name!

Phantasmagoria (M): Definitely, we’re going to make it happen to hold this guild’s name “Infinite”. :slight_smile:

IzKewteu: We started out as a small PVE guild trying to recruit like-minded and fun loving individuals in Sigita. As time went on, we slowly shifted our focus to GvG as well.

Avon: Along the way, some members who joined were really inspired by the guild’s potential and atmosphere so some of us decided to talk up extra roles in the guild. Some decided to be in charge of creating permanent raid teams. Some for guild events. Some for attendance for GTW and boruta.

CookieNomNom: Some of us were recruited due to our sign, which is food related. XD But we grow alongside with it, that’s what makes it interesting.

IzKewteu: While some guilds focus on gears when it comes to recruitment, we tend to be a bit random in that case. We recruit based on names, fashion, etc haha. Not really the best procedure but at least it’s fun!

Phantasmagoria (M): Our main objective is to ensure everyone enjoy their stay in guild at the same time enjoying ToS.

Avon: Keep things fun in the guild to keep members interested in playing and staying. (Avon)

CookieNomNom: I think fun is what really matters the most, to be fully enjoying the experience in ToS!

[GM] Lemon: How was your experience in the New worlds? What was the pros and cons?

CookieNomNom: Here you can get more fashion stuff I guess.

Avon: Yeah, the fashion here. (Avon)

Phantasmagoria (M): The experience was great! It was a great catch up for players like us to come back and play ^_^. It creates a huge opportunity for us to re-learn the game and new things that’s implemented in ToS compared to years back. The con, I would say is that the merge was pretty too early haha.

IzKewteu: To be honest, the overall experience in Sigita was a decent one but I felt that the merge could’ve been delayed a bit. Some of us are old ToS players.

Lichrel: I agree with that.

IzKewteu: Tos has improved greatly since it first launched.

Phantasmagoria (M): The reason why I quit ToS was due to the lag. Last time ToS do not have any S.E.A server haha. But now it was so good compared to last time. The merge was a little too early In a way. If you want to compare the old players and the new players I would say. We stand little chance in GTW if they were in any alliance form.

IzKewteu: The reason why I said that the merge was kind of rushed is because, if you look at gears alone, at this current point of time. It’s getting hard to remain competitive. Also the GTW system is kind of flawed in the sense whereby. A single guild can control multiple areas. Due to the lack of territories, many smaller guilds don’t stand a chance at all.

Potato-chan: People who played for three months, even with the benefits, won’t be able to compete with those who saved up and geared up 1 or 2 years.

Lichrel: And too many guilds, but too little spots to take.

IzKewteu: That prevents the top guilds from hogging all spots. Plus as you know. Boruta seals now are limited based on whether the guild can get a territory and Boruta time rank. Some guilds can only get 1 seal per week if they don’t have a territory. If you have a guild that has 80 members or more. Imagine how hard it would be to keep players from leaving. I believe these are some of the challenges most smaller guilds face in ToS.

[GM] Lemon: Thank you for your interest in ToS and this will be the last question! If you were to explain “Infinite Guild” as one word, which word would you choose?

Phantasmagoria (M): Forever, No change. Everlasting.

Lichrel: Family

Avon: Stockholm syndrome! Infinite is like Stockholm syndrome. So we stay.

SwagLord: Welcome to Infinite.

Behind the scene…

[GM] Lemon: Could we take a photo together?

Infinite: Yes

Infinite: Oh my god GM can’t jump

Infinite: Better put some costumes.

[GM] Lemon: Isn’t my costume pretty?

Infinite: Not really

Infinite: Take it off

[GM] Lemon: T.T

Thank you for reading the interview!

We really appreciate the guild members of Infinite for participating in a cooperative attitude during the interview.

Have fun in ToS!Greetings saviors!


Yay thank you for this! We love TOS, and we’ll forever be grateful for this. :slight_smile: (Also we’re recruiting; just sayin)

Join Us!

Hi Hi Potato-Chan here~ Please feel free to visit us in Klai4 if you wanna play with us ~ We do a lot of ERP sessions ;D

Infinite: Better put some costumes.

[GM] Lemon: Isn’t my costume pretty?

Infinite: Not really

Infinite: Take it off

[GM] Lemon: T.T



Thank you for having us :slight_smile:

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