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Increase AoE attack/defense ratio

:hi: :hi: :haha:

I want to propose to increase, add and remove AoE attack/defense ratio to some stuff:

Kamiya card AoE defense ratio from :star:/5 to :star:*0,4 or :star:/2
AoE attack ratio from hair accessories bonus to 3 (instead of 1).

+4 AoE defense ratio on the options from jewels
An attribute on peltasta to increase +1 AoE defense ratio. Max lvl: 5

AoE defense ratio from “Guardian” skill from Peltastas.

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

Cheers :haha:

Hello @rgdlfgame,

We truly appreciate your enthusiasm for the game by providing us your suggestions. Rest assured that it will receive proper attention, as we develop future contents and updates.

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what about our cleric ideas francis pls save clerics :frowning:

Hello alex_rivera_a,

Rest assured that all of your ideas or suggestions that are posted on forums will receive appropriate attention even if we are unable to reply on your post. Thank you for supporting Tree of Savior

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