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Making this post so we can all dream about our cleric class beign fun again :smiley:

First My most beloved class

I ve been playing Paladin since i start playing (close beta) seen imc transform it into just another healer hurts and nerfing tank paladin ( ye i know everyone is abusing it)

Why not instead of butchering completly barrier devotion not change its effect into something else, here are my ideas xd

Paladin Barrier Devotion :
if the casting paladin is inside the barrier he will absorb 20% of the dmg taken by party members ( no more making everyone unkillable and still offers some value)

Now for paladins who dont want to be tanks a new art that makes the barrier follow around or maybe absorb it and change its effect for nearby party members

Paladin Barrier Moving Fortress :
When cast the barrier will be absorb by the paladin granting the casting paladin and nearby party members 20% dmg reduccion and either Barrier Might or Religious Vigor, cant be use at the same time as devotion.
And also maybe change the effect of it give it the old restoration effect so everyone can see if they are affected by the buff , it ll be nice if we have this as an art in contrast with barrier holy ground for tank paladins

It also will be nice if you add one more OH on Demolition it use to have 3 OH i dont know why IMC dicided to lower it all the way down to 1 OH its not like its the strongest skill in the game

i think zealots are kinda ok but having so many diferent type of dmg make it hard compete with other classes and also changing martyr Holy sacrifice into something useful will be nice here are my Ideas to make Zealot a bit more fun

A new art for Fanatism called In goddess name
You ll be choose between on of six godess depending on wich godess you choose all your zealot skill will change accordingly.

For example if you choose gabija, all your zealot skill will do Physical Fire Dmg since she is the goddess of fire and you ll get a fiery aure around you

Depending of wich goddess you choose is the type of dmg you ll deal

Instead of giving you the extra 5 seconds after you die you make it the delete Highlander art

  • Upon reaching 0 hit points from [Fanaticism: Martyr] you ll recover 50%of your max hp and also nearby allies recover 50% of their maximum HP and they are granted the [Price of Sacrifice] buff for 60 seconds which increases their damage you can only activate this skill once every 50 secs.

Give Blind Faith Actual SFR no more tied to SP gimmick or wasting 50% of your curent sp

Now for Inquisitor even tho i think ppl enjoy being Ripper the class i really hate it, its boring and repetitive just wheel ripper, then ripper then wheel ripper over and over and over again, but this could be change with just a few things hear me out on this

First God smash

Give back bonuses on conviction aflicted enemies the bonus isnt huge no idea why they remove it since they nerf god´s smash ignoring enemys armor

Irong Maiden:

This skill has always been useless outside of pvp one coulnt thing of a way to make this skill fun on pve and also usefull PVP here´s an idea

Iron Maiden ART : Torture Chamber
Iron Maiden will no longer be a target skill instead capture every enemy (up to 20) around the Inquisitor for 5 secs (duration Halved in PVP areas 2.5 secs ) if an enemy dies inside the Maiden with a god smash the you ll do AoE dmg equeal to the dmg you did to the last enemy, bosses will not be capture but they ll take 20% extra dmg for 20 secs.
With this you can actually use Iron Maiden for content instead of not using it at all

a Change to :
Current effect is :

  • [Inquisitor: Torture Expert] now generates an [Inquisitor: Burn] flame nearby.
  • Increases the maximum number of flames from [Inquisitor: Burn] by 3.
    wich is useless like literally useless but what if instead of that it did this:
  • [Inquisitor: Torture Expert] now your wheel will be envelop in flames dealing slash+fire dmg to nearby enemies when you hit the wheel they flames will increase in size hitting even enemies far away
    Also one of the worst things that can happen playing inquisitor its someone else hitting your wheel since your final dmg gets reduced by half but what if :


  • Increases the duration of the wheel by 1 sec per attribute level and its max. number of attacks received by 1 hit per attribute level
  • Increases SP consumption by 20%
    *Only the caster can hit the wheel, enemies attempting to hit the wheel will take aditional dmg 40% of the dmg they do to the wheel

That little change will make Some sorceres dont call you trash for casting the wheel and swordies not killing you with your own wheel

And last :
the effects of lvl 1 Outrage VV are great but lvl 3 giving all that CDR to Ripper i mean its fine but i ll trade it for cd on both ripper and God Smash or remove ripper CD and grant it to the wheel but that´s just me

Now for the last Cleric Physical class the king of memes


I think Monk should be a stand alone class (kinda like inquisitor is) a class that you build around not just a filler for inquisitor/zealot or druid

First the strongest Monk skill

First Make it channeling IMC pls so you can benefit from the channeling set along with double punching
2nd.- when Nirvana is up this should be the size of energy blast

3rd.- Bring back Monk krivis interactions, keep the inquisitor ones for ppl who want to be energy ripper but bring back the ones monk had with krivis aswell so ppl can actually choose wtf they want to play, dont force ppl into classes guys that aint fun

Remove or change :
Its bad and clunky or at least make it 4 OH and smooth like Palm strike was before this awful art existed

A new art for :
Goddess Grace Mediena:
(cuz you know she loves money) Make God flinger flick and AoE skill hit up to 20 enemies around the Monk (throw money at ppl the skill haha )

Im not by any means a Monk main but i enjoy the little i play with it and it has potential to be a Standalone class but IMC refuses to give it a chance to shine on its own.

What do you guys think i ll love to read your crazy ideas about your cleric class that love but never gets any love have a good one, and may the RNG be always on your favor

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Well, the “concept” of fun is very personal and you showed with these changes that when someone suggests improvements to your favorite classes they usually are very bias and make them overpowered.
I think the way out would be to create more game modes where different classes could show more potential I personally play with magic clerics and although it has less damage than other physical classes for example I know that it still has a lot of variety it just isn’t well used in a typical cm, sing and its variants or weekly boss.

Honestly, i wish they would get rid of inquisitors wheel bounce to instead design a more fully-fledged class design for both inquisitor and to some degree monk, since a lot of Inqui revolves around Wheel+Ripper being an extremely strong combo, and Monk cannot dream to break free from the shackles of inquisitor as long as the wheel exists.
I also kinda hope they would do something like what they did to Caltrops to Pears of Agony as well, and maybe deals additional damage if enemies use skills or attacks on top of it.
As for inqui flames, just giving them a proper skill factor is a good place to start, and then maybe iron maiden could spawn inquisitor flames in an area around the cast zone, to make inqui flames and iron maiden have a use in more scenarios.


tell me how is it broken :smiley: and other classes with 10000k sfr its fine or spammy skills pls tell me :v

also thats why i said crazy ideas, im not a game developer and its not like imc is going to implement this but once can dream right?

I’m going to give you an idea of ​​classes that I currently play. I wish that koinonia had continued with the original idea just removing the restriction “only for clerics” and didn’t even need to increase the damage and for the druid with regard to transformation skills I don’t think it is currently viable I would transform one of them into a skill that turns some common mob in the field into a kind of “pet” like the bokor zombie that would buff you against a particular race or type of mob.

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I have my own thoughts on these classes as well:


Paladins just feel like a class full of missed opportunities, really. With the recent changes in KTest and KToS lately, Resist Elements and Barrier: Devotion really got crapped. The changes to damage calculations to not count element on damage against characters really makes one wonder why Resist Elements exists now other than as an Elemental buff that Paladins themselves can’t use, and Barrier: Devotion’s change really screws with Paladin’s identity as a blue defense class.

With how Barrier: Devotion is now channeling, I do wonder if it ever crossed IMC’s minds to bring Devotion over to Paladin’s Sanctuary so Sanctuary can find new functionality as a defense skill and Paladins can use Barrier and Sanctuary side-by-side. If IMC reworked Resist Elements to fit in with the new damage calculations for defense, Paladin can have 3 defense skills instead of 2. I also feel like current Conviction needs a few simple changes, like exchanging lower overheats for more SFR, making Conviction ARTs viable for Physical Paladin variants (like basing its healing from attack power or healing power, whichever is higher), and more. I really love it if Demolition gets more overheats, though I want to add on that I wish Demolition: Frenzy attribute doesn’t cut Demolition’s damage by half.

Also, do something about how Paladin Conviction and Chaplain Binatio has the same skill attack animation.


The elements idea sounds fun really, but the new damage calculations make it so Physical Attacks take Physical Attributes (Strike, Pierce, Slash) over Magic Attributes (Elements). I do wonder if Physical attacks with no physical attributes but with magic attributes (basically the whole of Zealot class DPS) do benefit from magic attribute bonuses. If it does, the “In Goddess Name” idea sounds fun. I also fully support the Martyr idea, IMC how much longer are you going to let Zealot suffer with this ART. Fully agree on Blind Faith as well, though I do wish Blind Faith is changed into a 1-pointer skill and has 30 minute uptime (everyone 1-points it now anyway). I do not mind that it has no damage (and arguably don’t mind it taking 50% SP IF it has 100% uptime), but current Blind Faith only truly benefits 40s cooldown burst window classes AKA Inquisitor, or parties with Support Zealots (like really). With how other Cleric DPS classes can have both great damage buffs and DPS skills at the same time, I wish IMC can add more damage on Zealot as well, be it via new DPS skills, damage buffs or buffs to current DPS skills.

On a side note, I wish IMC fixes Fanatic Illusion ARTs so it stops sapping away twice as much SP as default Fanatic Illusion.


Really agree with all the changes on Inquisitor, though I do want to add on to re-balance God Smash so it is not utter trash without Inquisitor’s Vaivora (and maybe streamline Ripper + Breaking Wheel to Strike damage instead of Slash with how the new damage table works now). Sometimes I think IMC forgot Inquisitor used to be an anti-magic class to counter magic DPS builds, and forgot about Inquisitor’s Pears of Anguish, Iron Maiden and Malleus Maleficarum as a damage skill (heck if Inquisitor Vaivora didn’t exist, I would’ve probably put points in them over God Smash due to how underwhelming God Smash is without Vaivora). With that said …

REMOVE. MALLEUS. ENERGY BLAST. SYNERGY. Stop forcing Monks and Inquisitors together when both classes are too uniquely incompatible to be used together:

  • Torture Expert VS Nirvana: An attribute focused on mobbing that reduces Ripper + Wheel downtime VS An attribute that eliminates Energy Blast’s cooldown for mobbing, both can’t co-exist.

  • Inquisitor’s burst VS Monk’s balanced DPS: Inquisitor relies on burst with a long downtime and Monk in the current meta has to accommodate itself for Inquisitor during Inquisitor’s downtime. Where this goes wrong is Laima and Torture Expert exists to reduce CD and Inquisitor’s Vaivora reducing Ripper’s cooldown to obscenely low levels, reducing Monk’s value that used to bank on the huge downtime of Inquisitors.

  • Magic Absorption VS Golden Bell Shield: Magic Absorption gives up to 75% damage buff (and critical chance from Judgement) by gaining stacks only from Inquisitor Skills with a generally easy 100% uptime VS Golden Bell Shield giving 50% damage buff at 50% uptime by gaining stacks only from Monk skills followed by triggering Golden Bell Shield during a 5s cooldown after gaining maximum stacks. The majority of the damage balance is greatly in Inquisitor’s favor (much more so with Inquisitor Lvl 4 Vaivora) compared to Monk’s Golden Bell Shield hassle that results in a sub-par buff.

  • Inquisitor-focused builds VS Monk-focused builds: Inquisitor is strong enough that Inquisitor builds focus on 2 classes solely to buff Inquisitors as Inquisitor skills are pretty synergistic to itself with less room for other classes. The same can be said much more with Monk and its abundant overheats and Nirvana, but Monk is in a class tree that isn’t that great at supporting it as the critical damage buffs most used in the physical cleric tree are on 40s cooldown with short uptimes, thus Inquisitors benefit much more.

Inquisitors even use Kabbalists and Paladins over Monk for Weekly Boss Raid builds nowadays, IMC please stop forcing Monks with Inquisitors, give the two their own branching paths, and all will be well, both for Inquisitor and Monk so both don’t have to deal with each other.


… which brings me to Monk. I really think only a Monk Vaivora can save Monk at this point (but they squandered the latest opportunity for making a Cleric Vaivora on a Sadhu Vaivora that is now rendered pointless to Sadhu in KToS) as I truly believe the only way the current IMC team doing the balancing can save monk is through a Vaivora that can open up a new playstyle for Monk that allows Monk-focused builds to exist.

Palm Strike + Hand Knife is great, but IMC forced Inquisitor + Dahlia down Monk’s throats with Double Punch Channeling forcing Monks to put 15 points in what would’ve been Monk’s 2nd worst DPS skill. On the other hand, One Inch Punch and God Finger Flick remains underwhelming damage skills, though it is somewhat alleviated by the fact that Energy Blast has zero cooldown to make up for whatever DPS loss. While I do wish that Energy Blast itself gets a damage buff if one day IMC removes Malleus-Energy Blast synergy, if the synergy has to go somewhere, I agree it should be returned to Krivis (or even Zealot if IMC makes Blind Faith 100% uptime one day). Actually, I wish IMC change the zero cooldown concept of Nirvana Energy Blast to give Energy Blast more damage in exchange for less “overheats” and not having zero cooldown, and in turn making room for Monks to use other skills rather than worry about potential Energy Blast DPS loss any time a Monk does not use Energy Blast.

Palm Strike ART is so awful and I wish IMC detaches the Palm Strike Hand Knife combo, giving the two skills its own cooldown. I also wish Palm Strike ARTs was God Finger Flick ARTs instead so at least that skill gets a huge AoE to make up for being Monk’s worst DPS skill and making it worth investing at least. With that said, I wish IMC can rework God Finger Flick into a new skill that acts as a gap closer instead of a ranged attack that’s not really as good as a ranged attack (like really, Exorcists be throwing down a holy spear of God and Monks be flipping coins, let us send Palms of God instead please).

New Double Punch feels so crap to use, with its only redeeming features being the fact that its Monk’s strongest DPS skill with Dahlia (without Dahlia, its arguably the worst Channeling DPS skill in the whole class system), and the fact that it is the skill that stacks Golden Bell Shield the fastest. With how lacking in skill points the class is, I do wish Double Punch to be a 5-pointer or 1-pointer skill to make way for other skills whose SFRs are buffed by IMC that players will never be able to utilize due to the skill point restrictions. If anything, I wish IMC deletes Double Punch and revert it into Monk’s auto attack via an attribute that does piss poor damage (even 50% x 2 is fine really), but its purpose is being a zero cooldown “skill” that allows Monks to stack Golden Bell Shield even if they are out of Monk skills to stack the buff since it does rely on critical hits. Also, removing Double Punch from the channeling equation allows Monk to not limit themselves to Dahlia + Inquisitors, and makes room for IMC to make a new skill instead.

There’s too many dumb things going on with Golden Bell Shield that I wish IMC takes a look at it and change out of whatever the hell it is now (remember when Golden Bell Shield used to be a Shield?). Other than the usual complaints about the buff, I do want to ask why default Golden Bell Shield allows immunity to all removable debuffs (has Pain Barrier as well), but those effects disappear when using stacked Golden Bell Shield.


My idea for Monk:

  1. Double Punch: Remove channeling, 20s cd, 3 OH, 5 points max
  2. Palm Strike: 0s cd, Strike damage, must have Double Punch
  3. Hand Knife: 0s cd, Slash damage, must have Double Punch
  4. One Inch Punch: 0s cd, Pierce damage, must have Double Punch
  5. God Finger Flick: Increase the amount of targets it can hit
  6. Iron Skin: Remove and re-add it as an attribute/art (Do people even put points into this skill nowadays?)

The goal is to make Monk a combo-based class. Using all overheats of DP would give you a 10s buff. During this buff, usage of Palm Strike, Hand Knife and One-inch is unlocked. These 3 would not be usable without DP spam beforehand.

In these 10 seconds, you can spam the 3 as much as you like, however using the same skill twice in a row would incur a damage penalty. As each of the 3 would have a different attack type, the idea is that your combo would look different depending on the armor of the target you are attacking, while preventing the spam of just a single skill over and over.

It would probably require changes in skill factor, hitbox and attack speed of these 3 skills too. Last time I played Monk, the class was quite slow (though this might have just been caused by my 200ms ping).

No idea what would happen to Energy Blast, Golden Bell and any of the Monk arts under a system like this though.

Also about the Energy Blast+Malleus combo, rather than removing it, I’d add the exact same combo to Divine Stigma, Blind Faith, Conviction and maybe Druid’s Thorns too. That way no matter which physical class you go, the combo is there. (wouldn’t stack with each other ofc)

But the biggest class variety killer in physical cleric is Breaking Wheel imo. Wheel is just like Infernal Shadow for dark wizards, you HAVE to take it because it’s so good. My suggestion would be to make it so only Inquisitor skills could hit the wheel, while buffing the skill factors of all other physical cleric skills in compensation.

That way no physical cleric is forced to go Inquisitor if they don’t want to.

Also I’d appreciate attributes to make Monk, Inquisitor and Zealot into magic classes… Imc has already proven something like this is possible when they added an attribute like this for Krivis, Paladin and Druid. Monk, Inquisitor and Zealot would still be stronger as physical classes, because Luciferi Pyktis is so overpowered anyway.


Iron Skin … if you have a Monk Mace and an Iron Skin gem, that’s an easy 27% physical damage reduction, depends on the player I guess. An all-out offensive Monk build will probably skip Iron Skin.

To be fair to Palm Strike ARTs, I really like the idea of summoning a huge arse palm from the sky to slam mobs down. With that said, when I first saw the ARTs on KTest, I was hoping that I could target it like a ranged attack but instead its technically a melee attack Palm Strike … I simply think its such a waste to delete Palm Strike ARTs when its such a cool-looking ART. At least throw it to God Finger Flick as an ART, make God Finger Flick hit like 3-4 times with the art and make it so I can target where it lands. God Finger Flick literally looks like I just pointed at an area for that palm to drop :joy:.

A personal opinion, if IMC gave magic damage attribute for Inquisitors the way the class is now, Physical Cleric will probably die right there. 75% (or 85% if holy) damage and 20% critical chance buff on a solid class like Inquisitor being magic with all the Holy damage gives me a huge scare, the kind of things Dahlia Inquisitor-Exorcist-Future Krivis can do … if the day does come for that to happen, hopefully they changed things by then.

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thats a good idea and it ll be funny to see haha

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Remove iron skin give monk asura strike

if you see this you prob are dead haha

Also yes too all of this more give us freedom to choose wichever class combo we want

This sound like old turn undead wich it was really fun to use you could turn up to 4 enemies and they ll help you in battle it was the best

Actually, I’m not sure if anyone else noticed, but for some reason God Finger Flick now has a small “AoE” effect where it now hits more than one target, or rather it hits like 2-3 enemies within a tiny range around the target you hit God Finger Flick with.

A small “buff” that’s probably a bug, but dang that alone almost made me want to max/put remaining points into God Finger Flick. The “AoE” range is a little too small though, so oh well …

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as much as i love cleric, imc dont
the guy who created cleric in tos who got this sophistication toward it and will defend if any other from developer meant to tone it down been gone long time ago
there also community of those who hate tree of cleric who just lol each time clerics nerfed like what happen recently to DM
and since majority of content is all about damage, cleric caliber, said imc, is not damage. even in a build with offensive focus classes only
theres gotta be something dps better, or dps cleric cant be on par with them.they made it that way.
cleric is i believe the tree that suffer the most nerf to oblivion level, mostly because they are unique.
phy cleric definitely need attention, but when i see how little they put attention to druid i expect nothing.

but if they really give a damn about it, they play the game and notice how things happening heres what i believe

  • inq monk arent meant to be together. inq still superior to monk, and monk should be buff to be on par with inquisitor and both of them obviously need to be buff to be on par with another patk type. not just some silly sfr work. lets laugh hilariously when we get vv monk.
  • inq garbo skills outside pvp like malleus, iron maiden, pear need to be fixed. pear should work like new scatter caltrop, maiden should have attribute to be useful for pve, and malleus god i hate malleus
  • definitely more phy cleric class is needed because the option are limited.idk something like berserker who filled with blunt striking skills because from all cleric patk we have we only got 2 blunt striking skill which are demolition and god smash which is pathetic. when they said they only make 2 new classes which is archer and scout i be like “excuse you” cleric may have many classes but the truth is they are separated into 3 sub heal/support, matk and patk. matk got more choice but patk. they even kill the prospect of hybrid. well done.
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for me they don’t make big changes in the exo or the druid because in my view they take these classes as examples for the whole class tree and about the “little effort” put in the druid I also believe that the class does not need a complete rework or major changes (except in a transformation skill) the class fulfills its role of buffer and utility very well.

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Ever since they decided to rework Nak the way they did, I started wondering if they couldn’t do something somewhat similar with Monk.

First on the list would be to completely remove DP as a skill, because it’s inq bait and underperforms. also it’s kind of ugly-looking now
An idea I had for Iron Skin, was:

Iron Skin -> Physical Conditioning Max Level 5
Toggle On/Off Buff
Required to learn other Monk skills.
Increases Phys Damage (maybe by 5 + 5%/lvl for 30%), reduces Phys Damage taken (still 3%/lvl).
Turns your AA into Double Punch. (Maybe a cool idle too, come on IMC it’s been 5 years)
Skill points into Monk attack skills increases the strength of DP.

I think that phys cleric in general, but monks specifically should also be able to heal better… so
Unnamed New Skill Max Level 5, or 10, or 1.
Also Toggle On/Off Buff
Heal Power scales via Dex instead of Spr while active, 20% + 10%/lvl
(or 7%/lvl if max lvl 10, 70% if max lvl 1… basically 70% total efficiency compared to Spr)
No attribute to buff it’s effects.
Spr->Dex scaling Heal Power could also just be a Monk class attribute instead.
I mean… doctors heal people with their dexterity and knowledge. Monk seems like a good candidate to have something like this, anyway.

Remove Golden Bell Shield as a skill, and add it as an attribute maybe. Or Max Level 1.

Every other skill should only be either Max Level 5 with maybe 2 skills being Max Level 10, and each should apply some type of secondary effect or debuff (like most strike-type skills in the Swordie tree have).
Hand Knife should be separate from Palm imo, but still have that range as it’s secondary effect.
Bring back Palm bleed with a good uptime. Make the Palm arts a completely separate skill on it’s own.
Flick could have that really cool richochet art idea as a base effect, or a very Barrage/Spread Shot thing where they flick 3-5 coins in a fan shape. Have an art where it inflicts a debuff instead, like a “Curse of Greed” poison debuff that also makes the enemy take more Strike damage or something.

Weirder ideas, but take Stomping Kick from Barbarian, buff it, and put it on Monk w/o the midair requirement. Maybe a Stomping art that generates a small earthquake. Or add Rodelero’s old High Kick back into the game (does anyone even remember this skill).

As for other Clerics… remove Smite, turn Wheel into something else, and buff phys cleric to compensate.

Smite is just a really sad skill. It’s always looked cheaply tacked onto both Cleric and Paladin. And Wheel: Additional Damage is just too broken. You should never balance every class around a single absurd interaction. Raise everything else up, drop this down.

Breaking Wheel could sit sideways on the ground and spin similar to Broom Trap, inflicting damage and a debuff lingering on them after it’s gone that make them take it’s sfr in damage for a few more seconds.
Or an Aiming affect near Wheel, increasing the hitbox sizes of nearby enemies. So you can keep the large aoe effect in a different way, without having the busted damage that makes every other class seem bad in comparison.

Lower Ripper’s startup delay too, wow it’s awful.
I could walk to the store and buy a pair of scissors before it starts it’s snip-snipping.

This sounds great but can be too OP.
Paladin is fine as it is: good support and good damage. Broken as tank, but thats what its supposed to be.
Zealot is also fine. If there would be some changes/tweaks, might wanna add a magic class toggle attribute coz tbh, lightning and fire damage being physical is quite weird.
Inquisitor is also fine but i agree on iron maiden. Should add something to make it usable in pve. Honestly, even in pvp, u wont see any inquisitors ranking on top.
Monk is…uhm…needs a rework.The class has great potential but its too weak that its just a filler class if you dont want to be a meta slave

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how horrible would a monk be without a double punch, if I were to remove a monk ability, it would be palm strike.
i also think that instead of removing things, they should add more variety, so that even if two players have chosen the same three classes, if they have different play styles, their skills would be completely different.
the game has been losing a lot of skill customization over time, to the point that there must be groups of players with the same skills and that’s boring.
also the double punch is my favorite skill, if they removed it, they would kill the monk for me.

I loved that character in the video, I wish the monk could do some of what the character “Iskahn” does.
like wrapping his fists in fire or that he could get close to a target with a punch from far away.
this gives me the idea that I wish they would add synergies between the monk and the zealot
or that the monk would have abilities that include kicks
but well I know this is dreaming too much and all this will come to nothing.

as for the base skills of the cleric, the only thing I would do is to make them hybrid, that is to say that they can be used for a magical cleric as well as for a physical cleric and end of the problem or add more options for both types of clerics.
they could even add attributes that adapt the skills according to the cleric that the player builds.

This is why I don’t get it when ppl say inquis is broken already XD when inquis in pve it’s decent and in pvp it’s decent aswell but not in any way a top build, also:
Do you guys think IMC will ever remove the heal debuff in fanatism i think it’s the only skill with a restriction on Live kr? Isn’t @4lkruzeth ?

It doesn’t affect much really, whether the Heal debuff in Fanaticism is removed or not, and yes IIRC it’s the only cleric buff with such a restriction. Not the most fun thing to consider when the resulting damage buff isn’t as good as other damage buffs without such restrictions.

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