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In loving memory of owl sculpture


Just showing the strength of owls before re:build comes and slays Diev’s DPS.

Note that even though owls do high damage, it is balanced by statues being able to die, immobile, and no reliable way of recovery (unless youre a cleric3priest3 I guess). IMC please don’t let owl sculpture die.


Dievsdirby is one of the strongest classes in Re:Build and Owl Statues were significantly buffed.

They are not being made weaker.


What buffs were there? Is outdated? Cause the 52% damage x1 hit does not look appealing at all


Owls hit in a giant area around them and do more damage than before. You can’t compare SFR (52%) of a summon to a regular skill because their SFR scales with SPR.


Current owls deal 79x3% every 2 seconds while re:build would be doing 52%x1 every 3 seconds (only reduced to 2 secs for a short duration when ausrine comes up).

The SFR scaling with SPR formula wasn’t changed from right now, right? They should be significantly weaker…


All SFRs were lowered in Re:Build, for all classes. You can’t really compare the two.

In addition, Ausrine statue now increases owl attack speed.


I was confused since you said owls

when this is probably not the case…

Ausrine statue buffs owl attack speed only for a limited time, right?


I’m worried about owls having only 50 hp instead of 150 hp…they seem to die so fast in cm 5 even with 150 hp and in velcof/raids


Relatively, yes, it is the case.

For as long as the Ausrine statue is up yes.

Look, you can take my word on it or not. Owl statues are not being nerfed in Re:Build and I’m not sure why this topic was created. The CM video provided is not even a good clear time and clears are being done much faster in KToS/KTEST.

Owls don’t need to be unkillable to be a good skill.

I’m moving on.


It’s more or less a resource to come back to and compare I guess; I was basing mostly on this video, where the video uploader commented that diev is dead after 11/25 patch:

Well, I already struggle keeping owls alive in endgame content with 150 hp, so clearly me being concerned about 50 hp being too low is not the same as wanting the statue to be unkillable. You can see the clear time would be a lot lower if the owls didn’t keep dying in stage 3-5, so I was more or less showing that owls can do damage and still have higher hp yet be balanced.


It was nerfed because the owls could solo all the way through CM7 while not using any other offensive skill. All you had to do was do Kabbalist/Diev and just cast owls, literally no other offensive skills, and the owls would clear the CM for you. Kabbalist just kept you alive while the owls soloed the CM for you.

It was overpowered. The “god diev” is dead, but the skill is still extremely good, as you can see in the video I posted or by trying it out yourself when it releases. He’s just speaking relative to when they were stronger.

The location you choose to CM results in this. The owl statues get cleaved when monsters attack you due to the extremely small area you are fighting in.


Poor up time and durability is the worst approach to balancing summon skills.

Don’t take these nerfs lying down. Statues deserve some decent up time.


I think it’s mostly non-dievs that have no idea how important durability is to diev…

I remember when there was a similar issue with Sorc and summons draining way too much SP and them not being able to recover their SP with summoning up. IMC eventually changed their mind and let sorc summons be practically immortal, so I don’t see how owls can’t have some more durability at least.


Amen, and it gets more annoying when it’s not the first time they’ve been told how important diev hp is either. (pretty sure wolfy did as well to boot.)

As for all the diev related changes I can remember/find for now anyway:

  • Hit count changed from 3 to 1. (was even 4 briefly in ktest.)
  • Lowered skill factor from 79% to 52%.
  • AoE was changed from a cone-shaped flamethrower to a pbaoe gas cloud.
  • HP lowered from scaling up to 150 to a fixed 50.
  • Chapperition cards no longer affect owls (got changed from +%matk to +%magic dmg)
  • Clap got changed from +25s to +75s.
  • Ausrine now reduces owl attack cycle by 0.2s, but should be able to keep it up with clap.
  • Targeted heals no longer affect owls, so atm only revive, mass heal and tree of sephiroth should heal owls.
  • not sure on attack cycle itself, I suck at timing those.
  • Cooldown went from 50s to 15s.
  • Lost its overheat2.
  • Duration went from a fixed 25s to one that scales with skill level up to 50s at lvl 15.
  • There was also mention of a new aoe ratio of 15 in the patches iirc, but didn’t see any confirmation of it whatsoever yet.

summon formula is still the same allegedly, according to IMC, and since it scales with level it should remain constant enough.

As a flat number, owl dps is obviously considerably lower.
But enemies do have lower health now, so you can indeed argue that relatively speaking one would deal more % enemy health per attack now.
Though that does depend highly on what you’re fighting, as the new hp values differ a lot per size and race types now. Bosses seem far more affected than most regular mobs for one.

To be more on topic, this means that owls will still see some use.
Mostly since It’s new AoE and cd/duration make it a very solid 1 rank dmg option for almost any build which also has good utility.

But its 50 hp can very easily be an Achilles heel if you do try to combine it with Miko, as extending their duration won’t mean anything if you can’t keep them alive during it.
(but ofc that also depends on what enemies you’re fighting, as some have slow 1 hits while others spam 5 hit ranged attacks.)


tbh I believe owls are strongest cleric skill atm, so I hope that doesn’t change after Re:Build given the limitations of the skill.

I wonder if kagura works with owls, or if the clap attribute to increase magic damage works on them too. Then maybe that would compensate?

Attack cycle changed from 2 seconds --> 3 seconds, with ausrine it goes back down to 2 seconds, but ausrine is only 20 sec duration without clap?


I actually can’t tell if you’re memeing or have been asleep through all the Rebuild discussions and videos. Owls are broken as ■■■■ in Rebuild. Damage is insane, almost across the board. Everything was overbuffed, and everything is a joke as far as difficulty goes.

Asking anything to be buffed at this point is extremely questionable. You’re overthinking the SFRs.


have u seen his equipment? with weapons like that, any skill does a ■■■■ ton of dmg


AFAIK, they were insane and then they got nerfed really hard. I think it’s reasonable that they got nerfed, just not to the extent they did.

From the video that crevox posted and more recent Re:Build diev videos on YouTube, it looks like players aren’t building full SPR or Diev owls are just weak and the main role for the class is support Laima/Zemyna statues. Some people are fine with that, but I personally enjoy the owl skill, so I just don’t want it to be subpar.

This guy’s owl is doing only 8k damage every 3 seconds, while every other skill is doing loads more damage with way more hits as well…Granted, I have no idea his stats, but it just makes me feel like owl won’t be worth casting in dps builds, which is saddening to me.

The monsters being extremely weak is a whole other issue…


Yeah, but Owl does higher damage than any other skill, even Fanatic Illusion, the strongest Zealot skill.


Off topic here, so owl is very strong in Re: build huh? Do you guys think exorcist-sadhu-diev will become the cleric version of the current wiz3-elem3-lock3-X?

(Still obsessed about not finding out what X is btw…)