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In loving memory of owl sculpture


yeah but no monster stays in the same place forever, that’s why skills which addapt their damage direction or the ones that are easy to control against the enemy end up doing more dmg because, i dont see any real DPS choosing Diev3 man
Theorywise, yeah Owl is strong, but on very few cases and we are lucky that one of those cases are small space CM spots


No, every single combination of classes is meant to be “elememe.” That’s the entire point of Rebuild. Your build should look something like:

Your Favorite Base Class - Your Favorite Class - Your Second Favorite Class - A Class That Supports Those Two

(X is FF1 btw)


Lol nice, though sounds a bit too good to be true. Only time will tell haha.

Edit: so X is Featherfoot? Interesting. What does ff1 offer?


Confirmed that owl is incredibly weak now and not worth building around.

They die fast, deal weak damage, take forever to cast so it is easily cancelled, has slow attack cycle, and are difficult to heal without investing into kabba or priest (which is dumb since you only get 3 choices of classes now and having to invest a circle into kabba or priest just to heal your owls is dumb).