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Improving New player Experience

Problem: Base don population factor the game is dying. There is not enough players at lower levels to do content with for new players or returning players who decide to level a new character. Leveling Dungeons and Challenge Mode at lower level is a none factor because you can’t find people do it with or solo it. First couple of Dungeon can be soloed with shop buff. However a little higher it is not so. Also giving new players timed experience scrolls, Challenge mode scrolls, Instance Clear voucher etc when they can’t find people to run them with while leveling is a slap in the face as it just servers to frustrate them.

A example to touch on is the current Vasalos coin event is also a slap in the face because how you gain coins new players can’t find dungeon runs and would have to do lower level dungeon to gain coins from the dungeon run competition. They can’t find CM party. Nearly no one to do Uphill with. You get the idea.


Dungeon: Add a helper queuing option for higher level players to queue up for lower tier dungeon and get scaled down so they can help people who are leveling add a limit per character/team. Reward them with points they can spend in a special shop or a box containing items that are useful for the time spent to help. When they are scaled down their dmg and gear should match the content so they aren’t steam rolling the dungeon.

Challenge Mode: Same reward system as the Dungeon with the same restriction for character/team but not the same shared count. It should have its own count. For them to be able to help with lower level CM they should go to a npc like Wings of Vaivora and receive a buff which enables them to enter lower level CMs with others.

Extra: It would also be nice to see more level dungeon between 50 and 330

Problem: Base don population factor the game is dying.
Are you new or veteran? No matter the answer, the problems of this game are varied and serious, IMC will not care about your message, like many others from the past (they are only worried about the Middle Korean with gambling disease -aka, “Whale-Gachamen” -).

Unless the virgin or some divinity works the miracle and enlightens them, I suggest you look for another online game (preferably a B2P without monthly or annual fees).

The other sad formula that I suggest you practice is to become a Scout + Tauma + Corsair + Whatever you want (up drop and lotting chance skills) and join the “fun of grinding” and once you finish kneading fortunes and have increased to 420 level based on quest (you dont need dungeons or challenges to up max level, the problem is the “ultimate” gear), buy orange gear and put it white gems of Lv6 in all slots (except weapon), tada! You have a character to obtain the basic gear (and buy ultimate gear from market) of other new characters… You can play SOLO this “online” game.

Believe me, I am from the preorder of three years ago (I’m from when this game was not an F2P+P2W gachabingo); for more information, read this message (there are many more in the corners of the forum).

Extra: It would also be nice to see more level dungeon between 50 and 330
Extra answer: there were three years ago, but they were removed … Three years ago there was no limitation of xp according to your level (now, if you kill bugs of very low level or very high with respect to your character, they give nothing), among other things. It is true that there were problems in many others… If before it was a small garbage dump, it is now a city dung.

There is not many people doing the low level dungeons because they get so many beginner buffs they level up to 300+ in a couple days and don’t need the dungeons to do so. Like many things today, low level content has become obsolete. This is not WoW where the devs want you to spend every bit of time in the game to make your monthly subscription worth it. The model is made for you to level up as quickly as possible, using paid items, and then spend more money to power up for the endgame.