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Improved tooltips

Hey there, I know the game is constantly worked on and updated, and that the dev team plans to improve current classes than release new ones. While reworking classes, can you also update and improve tooltips? Please focus on these three points:

  • Tooltips are sometimes very uninformative, to the point where you have to google to find out what they do (e.g. aspergillum). Perhaps have clear explanations of all their effects, in a consistent way across skills. This also means that the same terminology should be used for the same effects (e.g. party members vs allies etc).

  • Tooltips should precisely show what kind of buffs they provide, what their duration is and also their RANGE. At present there is no info on skill range and you have to use them to find out. Many tooltips don’t update with attributes, while others do. This also needs to be consistent. For example, when comparing buffs that raise magic attacks, I need to know by how much, and the buff icons at the top left of the screen should also explain this.

  • Lastly, please fix various typos, errors, missing words or grammar mistakes. I understand that it’s an international game published in many languages but one native speaker proofreader would just need a couple hours to proofread all skills.

Thanks in advance! You’re a great team and I look forward to playing more of this game!