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Immersion problem in ToS

Hello everyone, i’m a active ToS player since its release in South American server, and i want to call the atention for the immersion problem in the game that botters me a lot.

In the opening of the servers i feel we had a far more immersive experience than now (even with all that bugs), i could choose wich city to start and i remember we struggled alot to complete the main yellow quests in Novaha Assembly Hall, we had to seek groups because it was really hard to face all that mobs alone … , now until you reach lv 250 the game is just too stupid and easy, it would be better they add a skip buttom if the intention is to trash that old content

Not to mention the quests don’t take you to a progressive story, you can just start making the main quests of lv 150 and after go back to the main quests of lv 15 and the NPC will act like you just atarted there ( exemple of the NPC of Orsha now) …

I think it would be better if they raise the difficulty in the first levels, give the new players some challenge force them playing together each one filling their role tank, DPS, Healer … make the players study the different kinds of monsters instead of just making them a bunch of walking potatoes that dies in one hit

I hope it’s not only me bothered with how easy is the game in the first levels

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the “skip button” is already in game, buy it.

then? quest is like books, you pick what you want to read.

you either a villain or a retard.

All what i mentioned worked in the release for your information. and in that times there was far more players than now. if you are not bothered with the lack of immersion in the game i don’t know why even you wasted your time clicking in my post lol

I believe many of your predecessors complained the quest line was too difficult to progress, leveling was too hard which made the gap very wide between the older crowd and newer players.

Hence, current story/quest is designed now to be a story theme park to feed EXP. Nothing more
The game starts when you hit 420, and start doing the raids to craft your legend gear with the various mechanics to further upgrade them. Whatever you desire, you will see it in the end-game.

Plenty of such threads complaining content is too hard/too easy so far. At the end of the day, IMC makes the decision, we players can do nothing lol

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