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IMC please ban these afkers in 330

i dont mind lose a spot rather than feed leecher. i will leave like tewinaba did. you think we get the benefit because you are joining and sitting there afk? meh.

So forbidden is behind the seed killing ? Anyone care to show proof of that? Cus I´ve lost… pff, at least 5 seed to those fuqkers. And I would really like to see proof that a Forbidden Member (or several just like this kid claims) is to blame for that.

2 month Amygdalar is the one who want to talk ■■■■ to me and rage at me for no reason… so I block this dumb kid… now he want to use his pawn to get to me. some of the screen shot are from 2 month ago. but im pretty sure he leave out the part when he talking ■■■■ to me. I will not reply again, and waste my time with this kid.

Amygdalar = Don’t waste my time KID

for the rest of u. don’t be a pawn in someone else problem

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if ur actually part of this afk’ing and making an excuse for ur sorry self (or possibly ur comrades), do the community a favor and uninstall.

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wow, you guys afker really need to fix your attitude. no wonder if people generalize that your guild filled with bad people.

2 month Amygdalar is the one who want to talk ■■■■ to me and rage at me for no reason

For no reason? Are you serious? It was a one time thing and the only reason I raged is because you AFK god knows how many times in dungeon and CMz. You ain’t that important for me to rage over for no reason, don’t flatter yourself.

Don’t waste our time by AFK-ing and make it harder for others, don’t use the “no good gear” excuse to AFK, because we all have characters that are under-geared.

If it’s once or twice then whatever, but you are a serial AFK’er and everyone knows.

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I afk’d? when? why are you so being defensive… and when did I say that this report is about your entire guild lol

it would be nice if we have a system to strictly vote and boot afk’ers. this problem will solved. but i agree. purposely afk’ing for gains is not very gamer-ish. Gaming is to gain entertainment if laying there and watching people game for you is “fun” perhaps you should un-install ToS and find something more productive.


agree.dont ruin others fun just because youre lazy to play but still want to get benefit in game. its an annoyance and its report-able


meanwhile i run 24 of my char and put them all average gear for help parties in dailies , you sure lazy ass and disgusting af


Hello, a Forbidden member here. I havent ever seen any of our people destroy a seed( im not on all the time tho obv), and you can be damn sure id get real red with anyone i saw doing that. i sure dont like my seeds killed… AFKing dungeons runs is scummy, imo, and ive always reported people that do that, and encourage anyone to do the same .
Long story short, the negative-ness youve been encountering is not representative of the majority of Forbidden, and Hopefully isnt something thats going to continue. Overwhelmingly the people in Forbidden are super nice and super helpful, and im very much dismayed that were being viewed in such a bad light.

Please report Forbiddden players doing bs to Typh, Yumm, myself or others so we can deal with it internally, hopefully, before GMs need be involved. thank you and sorry for the drama

Forbidden leaders should punish angelcorps.

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