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Im too weak, im having trouble to face monsters of level 226 being in level 280


im so sad of what happened with my char. they can say what they want but me as solo player im suffering so much with that nerf that happened with this excuse called rebuild to atract more players.

I will post some screenshots, to show my character. My meta is doing all the missions in the game in solo modo. I prefer this way because, im a very slow reader, and i have trouble to play in group because no one give a damn about the quests and i do, and i like to play slowly to enjoy the game better, not just run like a maniac from quest to quest just for “oh my god, need xp, need xp, need xp.”

So i have some questions:

1- this game is pay to win now? To be good i need to pay for that Rank Booster to be able to level up and face the monsters in PVE easily now? It makes sense if IMC games go that way now that the updated baited so many new players.
2- Cleric is a fully support class now that cant tank alone anymore?
3- Why heal was modified?- it used to be so good because it could attack several monsters at the same time
4- Buffs are nerfed too? Now level 6 buffs that i can buy in Klaipedia with other players makes no much diference anymore in my opinion.
5- Level 6 buffs is the new level 17 from before?
6- This was the guide i was using it-
I was focusing on DEX- The classes i updated before rebuild was- Cleric-Paladin and Inquisitor-
Now i did the same build but i choose Zealot for the last class. And so far i regret it.

and Finally, i need a favor, please analise my build that i will post on the screenshots, and tell me what i did wrong.

My actual Weapon(Dual Hands Mace +5) and my Status Points

My penguim(lv 257) and the weapon hes using it

Skills and Atributes

Class Tree

Im so sorry if this was a little confusing. I use Tree of Savior to just pass time, and i really dont know about those nerd information like % buffs, i usually plays following advices from other players. I hope someone can help me.

I didnt read all the Re:build info cause its sooo complicated to me.




  1. no u dont need to pay tp in order to level up or face monsters in normal pve.

  2. cleric can do multiple things, supportive/dps/tanky

  3. they mentioned heal being too good in patch notes previously, they look forward to adding more special skills and such that are like heal in terms of usability/fun factor

  4. yes pardoner buffs are nerfed because they were too over powered.

  5. kind of.

  6. ???


  1. if u want to lvl up , u should go to maps that are popular for lvl up ( kalejima, sausis room 9) and make a pt with random people u meet there, it’s much faster this way, . Therefore with lvl up , it’s not pay to win


Swap Zealot to Chaplain, you will like it. And maybe you should swap Paladin to Plague Doctor.

Inqui - PD- Chaplain - the most solid and prominent solo Cleric build. You won’t die, you will deal good AOE damage and your AA will hurt even with low-end weapon.



First off, don’t use tosbase.



First off, scrab that guide, it is absolutely outdated. Your build is fine except your Str is quite low. Try to reach 300 Str and you should be fine.



Im just gonna say a few issues I see given I play a pally/inquis/plague.

  1. Conviction isn’t on your action bar, it increases the damage of nearly all of the attacks in your build. God Smash, Smite, Demolisher, Fanatical illusion, immolate.

  2. You don’t have at least a point in judgement, God Smash, Smite, and Scissors get bonuses against demons so forcing that typing is significant in this build.

  3. Restoration isn’t on your action bar either. Solo its just bad healing factor but its still significant. With no attritbutes maxed guardian saint, and restoration with your healing stat you would get 1.2k hp every 3 seconds.

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have you considered transcending your gears? Owo?


  1. Yes and no in the same way it’s always been yes and no. Eitherways, your TP spending or lack thereof wouldn’t really have any effect pre-315 because you’re unable to access most end-game gears. Additionally, at level 270 the Rank Booster would not give you anything you don’t already have.

  2. Clerics arguably have the best survival of all the classes right now, although how well you can survive is dependent on the classes you took. Eitherways, as Mikumo mentioned clerics are able to fulfill multiple roles.

  3. What Mikumo said, but also they mentioned it was inconsistent with their original intentions. It’s still very good (just not for damage).

  4. Blessing from Pardoner have been nerfed. Priest’s Blessing should be more or less the same. Aspersion and Magic Defense were also nerfed, but shop buffs are still a worthwhile investment from high-SPR characters especially considering they only cost 800 silver per buff.

  5. If you’re talking about Pardoner shop buffs then yes.

  6. As others have mentioned, tosbase is very outdated after re:Build, and was pretty outdated even before it too. You can use as an information database and skill simulator (it doesn’t have skill builds or guides like tosbase did though).

Please keep in mind that there were a lot of changes to damage. Even so, it shouldn’t be much of a struggle to kill mobs 50 levels beneath you, although you also should’t expect to kill them in one hit anymore. Aside from the suggestions above, here are some things you can do for a better solo experience:

  1. You have 2 million silver. Buy some level 15 player-made HP and SP potions from the Market, as well the highest level HP and SP potions from the item merchants in town if you haven’t done so already. Each one restores significant amounts of SP and HP and you shouldn’t have to spend more than about 600k silver to buy 50 of each, which will last you a while

  2. If you’re unhappy with your class choices, you can swap classes out by clicking on the arrows below the class you want to swap out in the Job Advancement window, then choosing the class you want to swap to at the right. Each swap will cost you 1000 of your 3000 points, so choose wisely as points are earned slowly.

  3. While selecting classes, think about how each class synergizes with each other. At the very minimum you should read each skill to learn how it works. As mentioned by alliken411 above, debuffing monsters with Judgment before using skills will increase your damage. If you’re still confused you can ask around in-game or browse/ask the forums to obtain class and skill build guides.

  4. Attributes (the stuff on the right of where skills are in the skill window) are very important, and certain attributes can completely change the way a skill works. If you’re unsure about which attributes to choose then ignore all the Enhance ones for now and take all the rest (if available). If you’re in need of attribute points you can participate in Giltine Team Clash right now for a chance to obtain 500 attribute point coupons, or additionally you can accept quests by certain class masters for a few 100 attribute point coupons on completion.

  5. If you’re still unhappy with Cleric, a Kupole NPC in Klaipedia will allow you to change to another class (Archer, Scout, Wizard, or Swordsman) once. If you regret this change you can change back to your original class, but after this the NPC will disappear forever.

  6. Check the main page for events. It’s fine if you don’t want to read patch notes, but events usually give out things that are useful to new or low-leveled players for free. Each event is also usually separate from the patch notes too so you don’t have to waste time reading them if you don’t want to.

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how do i swap classes? i really hated zealot.



Open your Advancement tab and if you have class change points you just… change it to whatever class you want D:



but i really cant choose about my status points anymore. I was focusing on strenght before rebuild, now the status points are all messed up. I dont need so many hp and dex points.



i dont know what transcending is.



ah, it’s an upgrade system that uses goddess blessed gems Owo

strengthens your quips by 10% per level, max level is 10

the number of blessed gems required to upgrade them for a 100% success varies

the gems can be crafted from blessed shards which you can collect on hunting grounds, saalus dungeons, and sometimes event rewards

10 shards makes a gem, the recipe is purchased from the item npc for 50k

another option is to join gem feud, where you can exchange points for blessed gems

i suggest to trans only the gears you’re going to be using for a long period of time

for armor, would be cost efficient to trans them up to level 3

for weapons, maybe around 5 or 6



Status points are allocated automatically now, bear with it D:
Yet you still can invest your points you got from Statues / Main quest wherever you want



The stat is auto allocated by the game. I’m talking about stats you get from Zemyna goddess statue, quests and gears. You can camp the market and get gears with high str stat, or transcend (at blacksmith NPC) your weapon to get more damage. There are guide for transcend all over the place so find and read it.
Also use plate gears all the time unless you know what’re you doing.
For Zealot and Inqusistor skills, they are quite difficult to master with the Hp and Sp drain. With around 300 Str, you should be fine until level 330.



1 - nah, you just need good Gears.(equipment)

2 - well depend on your class. I have a Priest-PD that NEVER dies in PVE, but do a horrible damage, so I’m very dependent on parties. In other hand, I see Inquisitor-Zealots dominate the dps. That depend.

3 - no, no attack this time, just healing.

4 - yes

5 - yes

6 - forget it.

7 - Forget stats, ultimate gears, focus on your weapon and better class skills, and you shall be fine.
you don’t even use a bracelet or collar by your print, why?. They give you lots of magic defense. that maybe your weak point too.
focus on a better weapon for now and do DG’s everyday. Get all the buff you can, and the temporary buff of Squire to enhance your weapon damage. you should be fine.



Re: Build fcked up new players by a large margin, that’s why you’re struggling right now.
Many of the suggestions you already received are great and you should follow them, but don’t transcend any of your weapons. It’s just a waste of money at low level.



its impressive, im so frustated that im useless now. Im now at level 308, and i cant do any area from level 280 above, man i want to see the rest of the game but i cant that way



I still don’t see how you cannot do quests on level 280 maps with a level 308 char, unless you were relying on the returner/rookie pack boosting items and they timed out and you didn’t have any replacement equipment for them. Since re:build, I’ve leveled up 2 chars from roughly 300 to 390 (ranger-mergen-falco and chaplain-pala-inqui) and I had no problem finishing all the quests (and yeah… I do ALL the quests with ALL my chars :prince:).

Clearly there’s something you’re doing wrong. Is it your build? Your equipment? You should post your build using a more accurate skill planner ( or tos.neet).

Edit: looking at your screenshots, it seems that your weapon (primus migantis 2h mace) is fine. Just enchant it to +6 (it’s a good boost from +5). Don’t invest too much into it, as you’re gonna switch to pevordimas once you reach level 315. Your best bet here is to join dungeon/CM/mission with parties and just grind to 315.

Another problem: your attributes! You miss a lot of upgrades… Remember that a skill may become way more powerful once you invest is attributes. Not having Inquisitor: Burn or God Smash: Demon Punisher is a huge hole in your DPS (non mentioning not skilling Judgement which turns mobs into demons).

Fix your build, it should go much smoother after that.