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I'm going for adorable!

So, I decided to go down the Archer path for my first character. I want her to be a bright, sunshiny, colorful child of nature…and OP! So far I’ve come up with the following: Pied Piper (because a flute that summons 5 adorable mice!) and Mergen…need suggestions for the 3rd class. Looks like Falconer is very popular…unfortunately falcons will eat mice every chance they get! So, there is no psycho-emotional synergy for me there. :worried:

Fletcher looks really good…Wugushi also looks very interesting. What do you guys think?

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I would suggest Falconer, since Mergen+Falconer works wonders, but Fletcher would be a good choice too since it compensates for Mergen’s longish cooldowns, giving good AoE in lowish CDs, so, if Falconer is out of the question, I would go for Fletcher

On a similar note, just be aware that Pied Piper, while a good class, isnt exactly a DPS one, its more of a support class, again, the buffs are pretty good and they do help with the DPS, but the class itself lack damaging abilities

Something I just realized…I think Fletcher requires a lot of keyboard work. I’m not good at playing the piano. So, I’m probably going to wined up going with Falconer after all. The adorable mice aren’t really all that good anyway. :blush:

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nice choice!
you can aim to get toucan too, as falconer cuter sidekick!

and pink pig as your mount

get asio bow too for this effect

Awesome! Love that rabbit…and the bow looks good too! Is the pig a TP item?

currently there are 3 variant of pigs
pink pig

from content point shop/market (weakest because no slot for weapon+armor)

spotted pig

from companion voucher that you got from vaivora npc at city by top 10 rank exploration (most optimal because it has 2 weapon/armor slot)

golden pig

from FLEX event roullete (most expensive, behave like spotted pig, plus lootchance+777)

all of them buyable on market

That spotted one looks nice too. These mounts take up a character slot?

nope! it doesnt take your character slot, pet takes pet slot