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I'm Crevox, ask me anything

Decided to make an AMA thread after a few people started asking a lot of questions.

I’m Crevox, a summoner player that has played Tree of Savior on and off since release. I played for a long period of time and was at the cutting edge of content for the game for years. I exclusively played a summoner build (Sorcerer/Necromancer) throughout my entire time playing the game and never changed. I also assisted the community and IMC in many ways over the years, being one of two people to have the Grand Contributor title in-game for my service, and have been publically interviewed by the GMs a few times and also on the cover of one of their “Popolion Post” magazines. It has been 1 year since I stopped actively playing Tree of Savior.

50+ Rank 1 WBR weeks as Wizard summoner
Rank 1 title on every WBR boss in the game (before the newest few were added)
6 out of the 7 server first raid clear titles (rip last one)
Various clear speed records on raids, rank 1 bernice, rank 1 TBL PVP, etc…

What can I ask?
You can ask me anything and I’ll do my best to answer 100% truthfully. I have a lot of knowledge and stories about Tree of Savior’s history since the beginning, and also know a lot of things that most people do not know through helping IMC and being at the top ranks of content. I have vast knowledge of the game and its inner workings, so I can answer most game related questions as long as it’s not on something extremely recent. You can ask my opinions, questions about the game in general, or about some stories of how things went, and I’ll answer if I can.

There’s been a lot of things that have happened throughout the many years of the game (including some controversies), so here’s your chance also to get a true answer on what happened in the past. If a question is too personal, I may not answer it, but I’ll do my best. I’m not actively playing tree and most things happened a very long time ago at this point, so most things can be safely revealed now.

If people aren’t interested, just let the thread die and I’ll go back to my non-tree activities. If it just turns into troll-fest, I’ll just move on too. Up to you.


I’m generally fascinated by guild history; as long as I’ve been part of the Klai server you’ve been in Impetus. Were you in other guilds prior to? Did you know Impetus people before ToS?

Do you think we’ll ever get a third summoner class?

You probably talked about this before but it’s been quite some times so…

1- Worst decision IMC made
2- An aspect of the game you think that has to be changed so it can be revitalized
3- Best year or patch

On Klaipeda, I was a part of the DokiDoki guild before joining Impetus. My friend I started the game with joined this guild and became friends with them, so I joined along too. I left the guild after coming back to the game after everyone had quit. I met Impetus in Fedimian and then it went from there.

It might happen, yes. In a KR Q&A with IMC, one of the questions asked was whether or not IMC will add another summoner class. IMC responded with “yes”, though they never specified when.

I think if another Wizard class ends up getting added it does have a good chance, but they like to release classes one at a time for each base class tree, so it might be a while. Summoner is in a very poor spot design-wise right now just due to the lack of a useful third class. Even if Sorcerer and Necromancer can do well in end-game, there is no useful third class that is fun or useful to add onto the build, and that is disappointing to me. Featherfoot and Bokor were both fine options, but they were remade and intentionally designed away from being useful for summoners alongside IMC’s great push to remove class synergies.

Boruta. It damaged the game in so many ways for so many months and the effects of it never really went away, even after they finally gave in and made it a guild fight. It has caused so much stress over the years and actively made many people quit the game. It was never fun content because it was broken from a design standpoint from day 1. It has always been a chore and never lived up to the vision IMC had of it due to the fight not being finished on release, and then poor design decisions/balance. It wasted development resources for months, delayed many other features planned (and canceled some), and damaged the game as a whole.

Even people who didn’t participate in the fight for a long time still felt its effects, as seals were a mandatory item everyone had to obtain, but were largely only available to high end guilds. Getting a stage 3 seal early on was a very expensive gamble that was a very poor addition to the game. It continues with the game even now with stage 5 seals, but they have slowly added seals through other content to the point where it has mattered less, and now mostly doesn’t matter at all because set bonuses are gone.

Other good answers are relic, vaivoras, archstones, or the huge focus on every piece of content having a competitive ranking element to it. A lot of these additions had huge negative aspects that players hated and did not want (and people spammed forums + KR boards with these opinions with no luck). Even if some people were okay with it, the general outcry from the community was disappointment, and thus people just chose to move on.

Probably around the time challenge mode first got implemented or sooner. I’m not a fan of classic ToS and would never ask for a classic server, but after this point a lot of contents were being added that players just felt were chores. When people got strong enough to do solo challenge modes, that was also when things started to go downhill. It should’ve never split up loot and money rewards as it made grinding a solo activity for a very long time. Not fun.

I still enjoyed the game after this point too, but it was just one issue after another just being stacked on. It felt like every big update was me having to just accept “this is how the game is now, I have to deal with this thing they added I don’t like” until I just didn’t want to play anymore. I’m not alone in that either, and the lack of players in the game was a large contributor to me stopping.


What is your favorite summon and why is it Blut?

what’s my favorite color?

Rexipher, though big bug has always been great.

Context: When the game was very new and you tried to use the Blut summon, pressing the attack button did the animation, but had no cooldown and never did any damage. So, you could mash the button to make it do this, but it still never hit anything. Just for fun.


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Why are you still virgin?

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About time.
Approximately, when will tos pc shutdown ?

worst implemented class of each type?

I made this thread because I feel an end is coming soon, one way or the other. I am battling major health issues that cause me to be in severe pain every day, nonstop. It never ends and doctors haven’t been able to do anything, while it gets worse every day as well. It was something I was born with and had no control over whatsoever. I have a grave feeling I may not have too much time left, and Tree is also in a dire state and isn’t getting any better.

I wanted to share any knowledge I had before something bad happens, and tie up any loose ends.

In terms of the total history of tos, there were a lot of very poorly implemented classes. Nowadays most classes are okay but there are some really strange decisions on some. If I was to look at the game in its present state…

Swordsman: Mostly fine, probably Templar but I heard it just got a revamp. It always struggled to find its role and purpose, being the only white icon class for a long time.

Wizard: Alchemist, because it has lacked a real purpose for a long time and can’t really be used in PVE content. The homunculus system was half-baked and never got finished, being very buggy and strangely designed. Otherwise, I would probably say Featherfoot or Sage.

Archer: Sapper, Pied Piper, Hunter. All three always struggled to find identity, being buggy or left behind at all times. Hunter was so buggy for a long time and weak, but buffs have made it playable while trying to fix the pet bugs. Pied Piper was only good for a couple buff skills in PVE. Sapper was stuck with the same set of skills for a very long time, with only two of them ever being useful at all for damage.

Cleric: Sadhu, though it may be different now. It was a great example of a class that had a cool idea for its design, but then they left it weak and without purpose. For years the only useful skill it had for PVE was Possession, and it was just an “okay” aoe damage skill.

Scout: Probably Rangda, though Scout and Thaumaturge/Enchanter have always be odd. The fact that Scout got wizard classes was always strange, but these classes have always had issues being relevant in the game’s meta. They tried to remake Thaumaturge and Enchanter once, giving both an entire different new set of skills, but completely reverted it once negative feedback rolled in. It was a huge waste of time and dev resources, while they never ended up reusing those dumped class/skill ideas.


Damn, feelsbadman, may I ask for the name of the disease?
Hope it gets better somehow.

Don’t know. I’ve seen many different doctors and professions and while everyone agrees the symptoms are there, nobody has been able to find the problem or cause. Most of them gave up and just referred me elsewhere, only for that to repeat and I end up going in a circle. I’ve been to the ER multiple times and all they could do was give me pain meds (which are not strong enough) and refer me to another doctor. There has been minimal to zero progress in getting it to stop while it only gets worse and worse. I’ve been on pain meds for a long time now that I’m not supposed to be on for this long, but it’s the only thing that provides any sort of relief/reduction in the pain, while still not eliminating it, and I can’t be on them all day so it’s only temporary.

Currently going through the long wait time to see another doctor, but I don’t have much hope considering how things have gone thus far.

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Blut… is not a bug… FYI.

1)Were you ever staff Bob ? Or were you guys in cahoots back then over game drama. A closure over this would be good

Staff Bob mysteriously vanished after the jan 2nd banning incident which further raise eyebrows.

2)Do you agree that rebuild killed the unique trait of the game and was a mistake . R11 had so much to offer despite the balancing difficulties by the devs . Game felt more vibrant before.

Sorry to hear about your health . Take care and all the best

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I wasn’t staff Bob, but him and I talked quite a bit together. He thought the memes that I was Bob were hilarious. He was very motivated to try to do anything he could to help the game succeed, and we met each other as a result of that. Sadly, he eventually grew sour and lost that motivation due to various circumstances that were out of his control.

He left IMC for personal reasons by his own decision that I won’t go into since it’s not my place to explain for him. He wasn’t fired or let go, and it wasn’t tied to the “banning incident.” We still chat now and then, he’s a good guy.

Killing class circles and ranks was unfortunate. The system had many flaws but most were caused by poor balancing. I don’t necessarily think the new system is bad either, but they have consistently seemed to be confused as to what to do with it. They forced class synergies for a long time, then suddenly decided to get rid of them all, and continuously change class identities and purposes.

I don’t think the system is in a good place right now. There are still some synergies that exist in class trees, but very few and people end up being forced to go to those because they end up being the best. Many classes have no purpose, and picking a build often just feels like picking whichever 3 classes have the best DPS. Many rotations don’t fit well with each other, and IMC’s idea of “just pick the 3 classes you like best :slight_smile:” doesn’t work out in practice. Vaivoras also make it more difficult because you can only pick 2 of them, and there are a lot of classes that are pretty much bricked without having their Vaivora weapon, causing problems for picking the third class.

They created “premade builds” in Korea in order to direct people to common, good builds, but it has forced the game to homogenized character builds more than ever before. Everything feels misguided.

I think the circle system or the current system have their pros and cons, but there was certainly a lot of potential to the old system they never explored. I don’t think switching over to the new system is the sole or major cause of the game going downhill, but it likely contributed to it.


what is the nature of the pain?

I’ll respond to you on discord about it.

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