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If you could change TOS to how you want it to be, what would you do?

Currently, I came back on the game after quitting a few years back, so much has changed in my perspective of course, but I came to ponder on how this game could’ve been; and was curious to how some of you would have wanted the game to be.

Like how end game gear should take a different approach, how raids should be, how levelling could’ve been, how our experiences with other players and other classes could’ve been more beneficial.

I keep coming back to this game because I like how it feels, for the most part, the aesthetic, the combat, the music. Nothing comes close to it. But if you had the chance to transform this game into your ideal MMO, what would you change, add, or take out?

Was just curious and wanted to hear others thoughts and opinions :slight_smile:


I’d do a bunch of unrelated things:

1)Cap anvil enhancement at +21, and add a way to guarantee success when anviling. I’d gladly pay 100-200m per anvil if it meant there was no rng involved…

2)Remove transcendance, it feels like an outdated system whose only purpose is to gatekeep newbies away from content. Or to be more precise, I’d make it so every item has t10 by default.

3)Add more synergies between classes. At the moment, Imc is removing more and more synergies and fun class combos with every big patch, which is really unfortunate. I suppose less possible combinations makes it easier to balance, but in my opinion it makes the game a lot duller and uninteresting.

4)Allow CMs in maps under lvl100. Purely because I’m missing the 3 mausoleum collections and farming all those 0.02% orbs is hell lol

5)I’d add more class costumes. Both the unlockable type and Tp shop special ones.

6)Add more (free) unlockable hair colours.


First of all, u… might wonder if you need to change IMC(nexon) itself :wink:. u hope TOS has a private server, The lack of competition and fear that players will move to other similiar game(server)…had them take it everything for granted… they failed to innovate/improve and just WENT in developing inside this one SMALL NARROW MINDED BOX of theirs.

Need Complete overhaul of the game from what it is today.

adding from the points that @Zeucleio meintoned

  1. Removing all the pointless +40, Trans 10, Aweakning,etc and all the other endless power Scaling like Arks, Seals, Res Sacre, Goddess Card etc.
  2. Removing Vaivora Garbage Weapon System and implementing it in the CLASS itself rather than a ichor.
  3. open PVP (TBL) open with 24/7 with better rewards.
  4. Removing Rage Quitting GACHA RNG.(like those WIN ALL or LOSE EVERYTHING gachas)
  5. Fun GTW mechanics.
  6. Kill CM system(or jsut keep it once per day? like a raid) and spread mobs to all it beautiful maps so that players can go exploring maps(with high mob count) and hunt with higher drop rate.(making beautiful TOS world map relevant).
  7. Remove the 2 Different Damage scaling for PVP and PVE(Make it 1).
    seeing damage numbers nowdays like 34534534, 76754534 ,54645645 Damages, its feels NUMB because your mind cannot Register Big numbers when ur hitting like 10+ end up waiting for that 10m MAXCAP with endless button smashing spam rather that the excitement of what damage u do. Keeping the Damage cap to <999k or even lesser and all HP within a meaning range would be better.
  8. Remove the ATTRIBUTE system …no need for lv 100+ another lv 30…just put the SFR boost in the DaMN direct skill level instead.
  9. and ofcourse the fundamentals , CLASS BALANCE.

I will delete the game. XD


Core and Systems

  1. Improve combat experience by adding more interactions through innate effects (permanent non-removable buffs) and behaviors (AI).
  2. Shift combat value from passive power into active power (more into player decision and less into stats/equipment).
  3. Update fixed instances (dungeons and raids) to match the game story and monster updates.
  4. Change monster orbs to be a non-consumable item that allows you to summon the monster obtained as a testing dummy on a personal instance.
  5. Convert dragon strength into buff that lasts for a 7 days, a reward for boruta raid that can also be unlocked for a day in exchange for velcoffer material.
  6. Add alternative version of maps that were “restored” through questline, both versions accessible by a chronomancer NPC (Ex: Mage Tower turns into a base for wizard classes)
  7. Increase the substats obtained by base stats, in a way it can benefit all base classes in some way.
  8. Allow stat points to be distributed when leveling, using a neighbor pilar system. If the sum neighbor stats is lower than the stat, the exceeding points have their effectiveness halved. (Ex: 100 STR, 50 CON and 40 DEX, DEX and CON provide their value as usual, STR only provides full value for 90 points and the remaining 10 have half effectiveness). This isn’t applied to non-assigned points.
  9. Replace ‘healing’ stat with ‘assistance’ and introduce it to party buff skills
  10. Make property stats into raw Attack/Defense when used with/against a skill from the same property (Ex: +200 Fire Property Attack is converted into +200 MAtk for Pyromancer skills and Meteor, but only acts as +200 additional damage with non-fire skills).
  11. Review the base storyline to close holes and give key NPCs and class masters more impact in the story
  12. Reintroduce world bosses as a CO-OP timed event raid content that has rewards all players as long as they participate actively.
  13. Reintroduce crafting (yes, it was removed).
  14. Limit sage portal save options and remove token and raid warp.
  15. Remove on-map instance (challenge mode, collapse point, etc) and rank instance content (weekly solo boss, bernice, etc).
  16. Remove arts.
  17. Remove looting chance.
  18. Remove critical magic.


  1. Fix odd map transitions (like Starry Town being on an empty road/cliff).
  2. Add more alternative routes (through dungeons) to link distant maps.
  3. Remove hunting grounds.
  4. Remove many of the statue warps.


  1. Redesign classes to have unique individual value to the game and be played with any weapon the base class can use (even if limited), with a wider distribution of roles/directions within a class tree.



  1. Add linked attributes to all classes for a minimum of one weapon, one armor type and one special type. Some classes may have 6 of these, others may have 3, but only one can be active at time.
  2. Add one free skill to every single class, leaned upon advancement. This skill can’t be leveled but may have attributes
  3. Add adaptive damage to weapon based skills, instead of having a fixed property (strike, pierce, etc) they take the property from the equipped weapon (Ex: Spear converts it into pierce damage, sword converts it into slash damage).
  4. Shift the skill leveling scaling of some of the non-damage exclusive classes skills from SFR to utility (Ex: Ice Bolt freezing chance, AoE attack ratio or hitbox increases instead of SFR). Some may have SFR along a secondary scaling element.
  5. Set the maximum level of all regular skills to 10 and class level to 30.
  6. Return Linker, Enchanter and Thaumaturge to Wizard, Squire to Swordsman and move Wugushi, Plague Doctor and Alchemist to Scout.


  1. Make equipment easier to obtain overall
  2. Add more specialized equipment that provide bonuses against certain characteristics (race, size, armor and element)
  3. Change armor types (Cloth, Leather and Plate) into light, medium and heavy
  4. Rework awakening to become a boss gauntlet instance dungeon. Each room has 3 bosses to chose from with a group of stats attached to it, once defeated the player(s) are teleported to the next room and that stat list is split among other 3 bosses. This process is repeated until only one stat remains. If the gauntlet is completed the stat, is applied to the equipment, else the equipment loses 1 potential.
  5. Rework seals replace the functions of legendary equipment set bonuses (Ataka, Balinta, Mergaite, etc), equippable by any base class.
  6. Rework the card system by adding the team card album, having one page for each character slot. Instead of equipping cards directly, characters equip a page that can be shared (simultaneously) by all characters. Cards leveling is moved from unit to album slots (allowing them to stack in inventory). If any card is repeated on the same page, the effect is reduced by half for each extra copy (1 = 100%, 2 = 150%, 3 = 200%). NPC and goddesses cards removed. Class master cards effects are recycled as reworked boss cards.
  7. Rework monster/skill gem into a collection like element that passively boosts the whole team
  8. Remove ichors, arks, relics, vaivora weapons, goddess/demon armor and legendary equipment set bonuses (except Lolopanther and Solmiki).
  9. Update the gem leveling formula to be a smoother curve (maybe xN² instead of xN³) and reduce the amount provided by abrasives.
  10. Reduce the maximum anvil enhancement level to +10 and the success rate of enhancement (yes, lower cap but harder). Removed progressive bonus for enhancement milestones and silver cost if the enhancement fails.
  11. Remove transcendence.


  1. Add fun type rewards for certain quests (emotes, gestures, housing furniture, hats, companions, costumes, etc)
  2. Hair styles as wig options.
  3. Add more cosmetic customization options (facial hair, tattoos, transformation costumes for druids, voice packages)

PvP (which i don’t play and never really cared)

  1. Add a 1v1 mode for TBL and a monthly tournament that selects the top X rank players in a random bracket.
  2. Add more objective oriented modes.
  3. Allow TBL and gemstone feud to be played all day long with 10% of the rewards outside the regular schedule sessions, with a daily reward limit. TBL rank only counts for matches that started during the schedule sessions.
  4. Change TBL to work on team basis instead of character.
  5. Remove the penalties applied onto specific skills (being the same as in PvE).

It may be a lot but… that’s what i’d do, all of it.

Edit: It’s now 49 items but it still feels like some things are missing…


I’d do a lot of things, but most importantly:

  • make the game into an MMORPG again

Now that the game has 64bit client and an upcoming internet protocol change, it’s time to allow bigger parties of 10 or 20 people, and I’d allow them into the current raids without rebalancing them.

  • revitalize fields and bring back collections and gimmicks

field farming and exploration were the core activities back in the early days, and it was one of the strengths that a good MMORPG has, having maps fulfilling certain purposes.
Collections should be revamped to add percentage boosts so they are future-proof and independent from equipment level of the user, the same with the title/achievement boost (instead of +8 to all stats, +8% to all stats, and unlocking higher boosts at more titles collected to revitalize questing and collecting).
Gimmicks in the fields should be revamped to give content points so you don’t have to do all the raids again and again and do gimmicks of your choice instead.

  • rebalancing the class build system

the class system is really difficult to balance with the current setup as every class has different strengths and different weaknesses. The classes need a better make-over to represent these advantages and disadvantages, for example, a sturdy class must be less mobile but much more tough than a class that has great mobility.

I’d set up the base modifiers per class for stat gains to work for base and equipment stats, and make the differences much more apparent.
For example, if your build has a blue/yellow defensive class, you will have higher defense and much higher HP, but negative attack stat gain from base stats and levels.
Having a green support class will give you average gain in all base status categories.
Having a red class will lead to a high attack stat gain (STR/INT) but low gains of all other stats.

These stat gains are all additive up to a 2.0 (meaning 200%) modifier,and would look like this:

Red: +0.5 STR/INT + 0.2 CON + 0.3 DEX/SPR
Blue/Yellow: -0.5 STR/INT +1.0 CON +0.5 DEX/SPR
Green: +0.3 STR/INT +0.4 CON +0.3 DEX/SPR
Purple: +0.3 INT +0.2 CON +0.5 SPR

To give an example, a Swordsman>Peltasta>Retiarius>Hoplite build would have the following modifiers:
STR: 0.5 -0.5 + 0.3 + 0.5 = 0.8 (meaning you gain 80% of your total base point, level up and equipment STR value; it’s a x0.8 modifier)
CON: 0.2 + 1.0 + 0.4 + 0.2 = 1.8 (meaning you gain 180% of your total base point, level up and equipment CON value; it’s a x1.8 modifier)
DEX: 0.3 + 0.5 + 0.3 + 0.3 = 1.4 (meaning you gain 140% of your total base point, level up and equipment DEX value; it’s a x1.4 modifier)

This would make support classes and defensive classes a lot bulkier while reducing their STR/INT gains at the same time, so you can balance around equipment values and have players decide if they want to have more attack or more HP and defense to play the game by making their build choices.

  • change solo content to make it more accessible

Right now the greatest weakness of solo content is that it is both class check and equipment check.
This can be solved by introducing either a buff that boosts the damage of the player based on the build, or by having the enemies go through a warm-up phase that slowly decreases their defense over time while at the same time rising their attack over time, making it best for strong attack builds to finish it quickly while supports/defensive builds will have an easier time stalling and striking when the defense is low.

The time difference is still there since attack-based builds will usually clear faster nonetheless, but defensive and support classes at least can clear the content after investing more time into it.
I’d reduce the maximum entries of solo contents to 1 per content per week and boost loot accordingly so you don’t waste too much time if you are maining a rainbow or support build.


Only one thing: center the game on the class and not the equipment. Giving a skill that needs 15 class points to maximize for 10% additional damage while your equipment will multiply your damage output by 10 is utter nonsense…


Make Monk Great One Day.


Cap enhancement at +20, but give 20 the values of +21.
21 is a dumb number

Make every class way less clunky (screw 10-30 second buffs they’re obnoxious)

Add centurion costume to the game, remove restrictions on older costumes and C3 ones

Make Sadhu and Druid good (as well as make Lycan Arts purely aesthetic, and give the same effects as Demiwolf including Chor damage buff) because I’ve been waiting 5 years for Sadhu to stay good for longer than 4 months

Remove skill scrolls, and turn Dcp into a minigame that is similar to how TU Dcp works (i just think we have enough dps content, endgame minigames are a breath of fresh air every so often)
Buff classes that have been done dirty by skill scrolls for too long

Buff Monk and add Llama (yes i know that isn’t how it’s spelled)

Make arch frags easier to obtain, or at least assured you drop 2-3 per week
(you either get lucky… or pay for them, and paying prevents you from being able to progress in other ways that also require a metric ton of money)

Remove the lines from vaivora that change skills, add them as arts

Buff Vaivora weapons by giving better fixed stats, and more levels to all of that class’s skills, instead of skill-changing effects
Like: 1 to all class skill levels per Vaivora level (pending idea, sounds op on purpose, mimics what people might think the Master Class idea was… except in the form of a weapon, since in this scenario you would only be able to use 1 Class-based Vaivora + a stat/other-based Vaivora)

Make Vaivora ichors able to be equipped on more than their own weapon type (so the above idea is available to more weapon types)

Remove/rework Goddess sets as they literally break and change classes, and are far too effective for their own good

Allow you to macro some skills to the same hotkey, specifically skills that combo into others
Or, have certain skills combo into eachother with the same button
For example: Zornhau -> Zucken -> Redel taking up 1 hotbar slot and pressing Zorn’s hotkey 3 times in a row to trigger the full combo
(If you’ve played Elsword before, similar to how Ara’s Secret Arts work)

Edit cause I think wizard needs it:
Buff Sage to be the third leg of the RC-Myouji type trio, specializing in Typeless magic
Add Fulgurmancer as the third leg of the Ele-Tao trio (lightning class)
Streamline the skill choices on Ele, Tao, RC, and Myouji by making the Max Lv15 skills max at Lv10 instead (but keeping Lv15’s sfr)


I don’t mind the RNG for rare drops etc. All MMOs are like that. But the RNG for success rate to craft something, like relic gems, high seals, Anvilling, there should be ways to guarantee 100% success, it has always been go safe or go lucky for most games. Although in ToS you can actually do that by buying the already produced item, but the success rate of making the item is so low that it results in little to no stocks in the market and with it being horribly overpriced


it will be easier for them to make ToS 2 from scratch with better engine :haha:


Boldest Statement i have ever seen!

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try to balance the classes is a silly dream and unfortunately they are such hypocrites.
we could see all they did to classes are just causing meta-shifting instead of relieve meta.
even worse they make the rebuild aspect of the game questionable by making classes combination more linear.
instead of make certain build(s) broken, favored as meta, and in the end imc nerf it, i will just make every class/build broken
and im not gonna look back to nerf it cause i will treat all of these idol like classes evenly.
when everyone is special, no one is.

I assume that you say that in the context of IMC way of doing it because it is possible under the right circumstances (even the rank-circle system). The issue is that the game is too shallow for other classes to be unique and we end up in the same DPS arms race as ever.

Similar to real life, if was the world was only made of oceans we would have ants, giraffes, dogs, elephants, birds, humans, cats, mushrooms, cows, lizards, spiders, pigs, frogs, trees, goats, horses, etc. Of course there are some distinction between oceanic animals (just as healers and dps classes) but it’s has way fewer groups to use and the variety within each group is way more limited subtle.

It isn’t possible to balance 80+ classes without diversity, and diversity cannot be done without proper environment (which is also important to push further their strengths and weaknesses in these different environments).

That may be unnecessary but it kinda hits me when i read that kind of statement.

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Bring back silver field drops and here’s how:

Guild Wars (GTW) with Territorial aspects that allows control over maps that provides silver nodes/field drop from monsters.

  • This brings back content to so many maps that is empty since the introduction of Joint Strike Raids, lackluster collection item endgame.

  • This amplifies the pvp aspect of the game, putting emphasis back on pvp builds and pvp gearing.

  • This satisfies against field bots. How? Only guilds can control nodes for field farming, ultimately putting players in charge of removing botters from guilds instead of relying on IMC to report/ban botters. Also introduce penalties against guilds that do not kick botters.

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Buffshops. price is dynamically changing based on your buff strength.

13.3+ - 1000 silver
12.3-13.2 - 800 silver
11.3-12.2 - 600 silver

and so on until at some point you gets net loss for selling crap buffs.

this will curb lots of scam buffs that does not promote competition for quality.

At this point in time only thing I think TOS needs more than anything is a better Server for the Silute region.
I am talking Hardware btw, the lag sometimes is unbearable, it seems like IMC replaced the old server for a much worse(cheaper) one, and honestly it is very likely they did this.
The hardware quality of the silute server is so low I wonder if its being ran on a desktop instead of a server

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its possible but they are cheap
its like asking a homeless guy for donation
dont join their dream
wake up

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Remove all the assister cards animations and make it like any other cube where you can spam open.
That card opening system is completely irrelevant and a waste of time.
Also make something to fasten the fusion of cards I have more than 90 of some regular cards and won’t fuse it cuz wold take the hole day.


Change the whole dev team. These guys are hopeless.
I’ve quit since the introduction of Archstone, because of how bullshit it was to get one. let alone 6(right?) for the whole set.
Since then, i knew these guys don’t know when to stop adding ■■■■ for players to grind.
I don’t know if they added anything after that but, i’m sure there’s more.

So, yeah, this game will do better with the whole new dev team.
If it’s not too late by then, that is.

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