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If we have server issues going forward in the future, can we have responses more like this?

Servers for Path of Exile went down 1:43 AM on 4/13/2016. How did Grinding Gear Games (GGG) respond?

  1. Note how @ 1:52 AM (9 minutes later!!) GGG Fitzy responded. Specifically, note the detail in this response and explanation:

It looks like our servers hosted in Dallas have lost connection to everywhere else(!). Unfortunately this is where our database backend his hosted. We’re getting in touch with out provider now (and having difficulty at that). This looks like a major outage on their side.
Edit: Service should be restored now. Still finding out what actually happened.
Update: Beginning around 13-Apr-2016 05:40 UTC, the SoftLayer network in the US began experiencing routing instability. The primary impact to customers is that traffic into / out of datacenters in the US would have experienced a disruption. Most public Internet access was unaffected by this incident.
Network stability has returned as of 13-Apr-2016 06:13 UTC. Network engineers are currently reviewing the incident to determine root cause.

  1. Note how the producer and lead Designer of GGG Chris Wilson responded @ 2:14 AM with:

I managed to get in touch with them via phone and they’ve confirmed they’re looking into it now.


imc need to step up their game. A F2P game that has entirely ethical microtransactions (and no $18 premium subscription service) is whupping you guys in terms of responsiveness and detail when server issues occur. So what’s imc’s excuse?

I’m not saying you guys need to respond in 9 minutes to commander loadfail, but a brisk response with relevant details is something the community will always greatly appreciate.

Even now, the community still doesn’t know exactly what causes commander loadfail… is it when player load on the servers gets too high? Is it some other cause that can be mitigated?


Yup, this is pretty much the best posture we could expect from them.

Even tho I completely agree, maybe the reason they do not publish official responses to network issues is not to give a bad impression to first-lookers?

Do prinnys ever get tired ?
Because at this rate, either imc will become so much dejected that they’ll forget everything related to iTOS, either they’ll have to “step up their game” like you said :wink:

Sure, sh*tstorms are always better. Look at theses glorious Steam ratings !

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Not sure the exact times, but this was posted shortly after the server went down on this day. I havent been able to log in much recently, but this is the last time i remember the servers going down.

There’s also this

This is kind of unrelated, but read this thread.

Also, you have to consider that a game having server issues near release and a game having server issues after it has already settled in is a bit different.

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They are Korean, and aside from couple of Community Managers dont speak english fluently enough.

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Well, it’s a goal to aim for. I don’t think it’s ever bad to try to urge/coax a company to do better by its customers/fans.

Well I wrote this post to preempt a lot of the F2P opening day issues that will inevitably be popping up. So imc has 2 weeks advance warning. This will be the first interaction with imc for a lot of free players and I think you and I could both agree that a brisk detailed response to server issues would be a lot better than what we had for launch week(s)…

It’s great and fine to compare to other titles, but the argument that game x did it hence Tree of Savior should do it is old and tired. There are definitely lessons that can be learned from previous titles but blindly copying others without understanding the circumstances from which they gained any level of player favor is plain ignorant.

I DO think responsiveness shows a level of respect for one’s customers but I would rather have a working game than a PR robot telling me that “everything will be ok.”

I don’t think expecting non- community managers to be constantly monitoring the forums is realistic.

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So because it’s stated a lot, that makes it invalid/untrue? I don’t personally find that convincing…

This is a much better argument, start with this next time. Regarding this argument, I think even a “blind” person could agree that when a game company responds to it’s customers, those customers are going to feel like the company actually cares about them and be much more willing to put more support behind the company. I think we all agree that community interactions and keeping customers happy is an important piece of the success puzzle.

I thought this was an interesting read with some relevancy:

It’s not a binary choice between having a working game and “everything will be ok” messages… You can obviously have both. How long does it even take to write a short message on server status? 5-10 minutes? Were those 5-10 minutes absolutely mission critical for getting the server back up? I’m doubtful they would be…

Ah, i see. I read it as another complaint thread.

Yes, I agree if they make sure to be very good about PR by giving quick updates on things, it will be good for the game. Especially on the F2P release.

I agree.

More transparency and share-able details would be great to see, so that we (the persons playing the game) can understand what is going on. Understanding the reasons why things happen/are/will-be I think is important to build a good relationship between developers and the community :slight_smile:

“Just because game x did it doesn’t mean this one should.” This response is just as old and tired as “Please have something similar to game x.” Having a “popular” precedent does not make copying the best choice. It just makes it more like the “popular” precedent.

It might not be mission critical, but I’d still rather they not spend the cumulative time trawling through forum threads and have 9 minutes response time to “I don’t like this part of your game.”

Edit: I’m all for more responsive and transparent developers… but at what price?