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Ice Wall + Frieno OP Combo

I don’t know if something change on last update, but now all Cryomancers on my server learned that they can use Frieno’s Set effect on Ice Walls to absolutely demolish their opponents with a HUGE AOE fixed damage ignoring their mdef.

Frieno’s effect can be actived multiple times on other skills like YingYang or Katadikazo, dealing even more damage than the skill itself.

Mages don’t even need a weapon to deal such big damage because the effect do fixed damage everytime.

In massive pvp scenarios like GTW, Gemstone and Boruta, all meta it’s already being defined and monopolized by this class (Cryomancer / Psycokino / Omnyoji) and now we see many ice walls all over the place pumping frienos aoe effect all time, causing massive lag and unbalanced defenseless damage on everything.

The nerf hammer came to many classes on episode 11, but the REAL problem still here, untouched, gamebreaking the boring pvp content. That’s my feedback.

What do you guys think about this interaction on current meta?


This is false, since yin yang is a fake multihit.

Ying yang can active frieno’s effect on Icewalls?

Ice wall is only good at laggin everyone otherwise useless

You clearly don’t go out fighting pvp enough…
After ep11 also, everything is dying way more easily, i don’t know if its this frieno interaction or changes on defense equation or what, things are dying faster, waaaaaay faster.
And i m not saying exclusive about swordsman.

i m just hopping they will release the rest of the balances that didn’t reached us on ep 11.


For some bizarre reason everytime i made a feedback topic about some class or skill, the subject is ignored and it became a flame post about my class or personal abilities on pvp.

Btw, I’m current on top pvp ranks for months straight, and i always play the pvp and gvg content (gemstone, gtw and boruta) with a competitive guild.

The interaction between Ice wall + frieno maybe it’s not a new thing, but it’s arguably more common now on pvp and gvg.

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i was talking about @alex_rivera_a lol.

Anyway, i already got bursted to death a few times by just snowball+icewall, prob was because of Frieno, didnt check tho

most likely the problem isn’t frieno but drakonas frieno, it changed from being cast around self to cast around target, so now you get destroyed by drakonas frieno even if you get hit by shards that only deal 1 dmg to you. Normal frieno is still ok.