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Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘I WANT YOU for the GM RAID’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

7:00 CEST Fedimian how the f?! :joy:
We told you last time 17-19CEST might work no it will work better with Fedi. Bruh wtf :man_facepalming:t4:

07:00 CEST Fedimian?!?!
And EVERYONE else got something at evening in their respective timezone???
Please, you can just tell us Fedimian players that you don’t like us, no need to be so subtile.
Heck I am aware of the Korean timezone being rather bad for us, but c’mon…

c’mon guys, they listened, didn’t they ?

can we do the event outside work/school hours please ?

boom, 7am! you’re welcome !

6am on a Thursday , well if it’s less than 2 hours long, I guess I can make my 10am lecture (UK based student here). about time.
talk about whether you are get chosen or not haha

pfff, not even enough 25 people reach the news.

7am heh why not? It’s the time I wake up in the morning to go to work. Better than 10am at least :slight_smile:
Note that Nov 7 is actually during vacation for french students, so you should get at least some people to attend if they decide to wake up early :slight_smile:

7:00 am in FEDIMIAN.

Good job!! :tada: :tada: :tada::clap: :100:

Who needs to go to work/study anyway?!?

well, it’s at least 7:00 CEST, which means it’s 6:00 CET by then (since clocks are reverted by 1 hour on 27th of October, 7:00 CEST equals 6:00 CET, so most people will be able to participate unless it takes longer than 1 hour)


In this case, the problem is not the hours, it is the server structure that the game has. Instead of having small and several servers (or failing that, according to the players according to language / culture / time zone) with one for special occasions (for example, PVP or event maps) they have large servers that cover impossible areas that include time differences, cultural, idiomatic, etc.

Doing it this way would not only solve the issue of hours, but also many others (such as latency) and an absolute location could be achieved. But hey, nobody from IMC reads the forum, or at least, just reads what interests them.

to gm honeydew, last gm raid you said that it was a mistake for not considering that you cant make a party unless you’re in the same guild as other player in boruta (old?) map which made all the newbie left in middle of the fight because they cant do anything without party (also the WB was lv420 which is tougher than usual one), just a reminder to you to change the location or other solution to avoid this issue again.

also it would be actually nice if gm actually help atleast healing the player once in a while

No! let them die! It was funny watching meta guys level 420 crying out for revive. Also they gave out the one day worth elixirs… Thats a LOT of healing already.

if you are dying in this event, your character is bad, plain and simple.

Just gathering data and testing bandwidth for boruta map :kek: Thats the whole point, sadly the guild/party thing still persist and its unlikely they make a special version of the map just for testing

Cute event but still don’t like that system, World Boss is just fun for the biggest whales and not even this event can’t make me try world boss again

im talking from a pov from someone that gets “invited” because theres not enough player hence the bad schedule and stressing for last event, and theres a literal 5-6 newbie that left that event around 5mins after the multiple wb spawn (especially IMC stated that “its for someone thats not confident to hunt WB” so i assume at least they will helping in some way), and i was a 2 archers party with no healer because no one expecting them to spawn lv420 2 rexi + 2 helga, 3 mirtis + 3 rexi at the same time, and 2 zaura + 2 nuaele + 2 mirtis for the last one. so yea dying there without cleric is possible (theres even a party with healer which unavoidably still died on some occasion), unless you just hiding in corner somewhere

i dont know if other server get that spawns, but that is what we got

all those 10 at the same time,and another 8 at the same time?
what server is it?
wow thats nuts cause in klai gm spawn 2 at the same time maximum even though we kill them fast

ss me for proof cause i see nobody crying.or maybe its just you

no gm read your another long suggestive comment especially when you talk like you know alot but not even play the game anymore and tldr all the patches like this guy down here. you will only end up apologizing like the other thread talking like you know alot about scout.if you love all those long suggestive comment make yourself thousands of bot and spam that kr nexon feedback event.

dude.if you are too weak against wb dont judge everyone are the same as you and end up whining like baby judging its whale content. i aint no whale, neither i always party with one but i always get cube even shining or first/last. the true fact is most whale doesnt care about wb because they know its rng and they will rather buy the legend card or any drop they need. get your fact straight, play the game, see with you eyes before talk like you know alot.


u need to be in a top tier whale guild to have a chance and then need op gear or go looking for an average guild, i tryed it a couple of times, my time was just a step to help whales into getting their cubes while i just lost my time and resources
Maybe these days u can join a “good” party because everyone is quitting and nobody wants to join anything