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I need advice about this build: Wugu>Ranger>Appraiser

I loved the wugushi but I don’t know what class to combine it with.

i love too <3
i love my wugu-falcon-mergen (aoe extreme)
but it great in wugushi-matross-cannon too

wugushi can be combined with any class but I would not recommend along with sapper

Someone told me in the game that the wugushi can not do critical damage. So I wonder. Is it worth combining it with the Appraiser?

Wugushi poisons can’t crit indeed.

If I were you, I’d combine wugushi with pied pipper to force enemies to be on your poisons and another class who can damage flying mobs since most of the poisons of wugushi can’t damage them.

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If you want the poison to hit more, it is also good to put it with high str classes.
if you want more aoe with falcon
if you want to boost with pp.

I have a friend who has wugushi- falcon-fletcher and can go cm 7 alone, for his good synergy between classes

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Thank you for your advice. Please can you help me how to distribute skill points for wugushi class?

This was my last build.

If you aren’t interested in bosses and you want to be better in aoe damage you can leave latent venom at lvl 1 and lvl up miasma and poison pot.

Miasma hits flying mobs.

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my friends build

mine is like that because the cannon and matross have too much skill

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Thanks for the tips guys!