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I.M.C Please, be patient, read everything I beg


that where all or most players wanting to go … nothing benefit from setting up a Portal shop but no one gonna use it.

and field maps doesn’t offer any beside those unidentified weapon (which has awful RNG) and i also can’t see how looting chance work.

any expert care to explain how this loot chance work exactly…?


How to make maps more popular:

  1. make more monsters actually drop something of value, not just collection items that are so hard to find that people actually give up because you waste time on trying to collect something while you could do other stuff

  2. make monster gems more easy to utilize, e.g. by opening up Class sockets via quest lines where you can insert 1 or two gems per Class to have an actual strengthening effect.

Now that Re:build is on the horizon, less and less skill gems are actually worth the insertion into equipment since the skill scaling per level got decreased harshly.
What’s worse is the fact that not even every non-level 1 skill got a skill gem, some Classes don’t even have a single monster gem to boost their skills.

In my opinion introducing a new system that lets you fully utilize your collected monster gems without putting them into equipment and providing more monster gems for all kinds of skills, so that monsters on every map drop some monster gems, could increase the time people spend in the fields to actually farm all those gems to improve their character.

  1. Get rid of the challenge mode restrictions.
    If I want to enter challenge mode on a level 120 map, just make the monster levels&rewards scale with the average party level.
    This would enable people to do their daily challenge modes wherever they want to, not just on the level 360+ maps so they always get their primus 380 gear, and allow people to utilize challenge mode for rare drop item farming.

  2. increase the value of low-level equipment by allowing us to ichor their effects to Velcoffer equipment.
    Since Re:build hit, I don’t understand why we still are forced to only ichor random stat equipment or level 350+ recipe equipment effects onto Velcoffer equipment. Why can’t we put e.g. Vienarazis Maces stats onto Velcoffer Mace?
    Why is it only restricted towards better equipment you have to farm months for?
    If you can re-Ichor the equipment anyway, there’s no harm to allow people who don’t have good things to ichor to put old equipment stats there first, and then continue towards better stats later on.
    If the old recipes/items are possible, people would want to visit old maps more frequently to craft them and try ichoring them to not run around with blank equipment for a long time…

  3. Make gimmicks more rewarding. The current ingame gimmicks are long outdated, a 1 minute 35 matk potion with 2 mins CD is not going to make me want to go to Investigation Room to do the gimmick, even more so with Re:build. The reward potions should have a long lasting effect (e.g. 2-4 hours) so people would want to visit these maps and do the gimmicks for them.

That’s about all I can come up with atm, maybe I’ll add more later.


If challenge mode is released from restriction, no one will want to leveling on maps. They will only go up in challenge modes of the level they need “EVERYTIME”. It will be a version 1.0 of the collective up in fields as we currently have, resulting in the same result we have today. Empty maps.


kind of ironic that you didn’t read what that guy meant about removing restrictions


Quests are simply outdated.
Those people who started playing from the launch of iToS (or even from betas, like me) HATE ToS quests. And Im not talking about some peeps, Im talking about major psychotic hatred. It was FINE (to be generous) to clear all quests, all maps with your FIRST character the first time youve been playing ToS. But replaying value is zero for this part of the game. And I pray on IMC for their decision to allow ppl to just grind their way up the highest levels. Quests are cancers.

Oh, and Diablo3 which ToS is so desperately copying in last couple of years (which is a very very good thing) solves it right. You clear story mode (i.e. main quests) only once. Then you never return to them and you never really want to. All leveling process is going though Nephalem rifts - and you can call them CM, cause the system is pretty much the same. And of course there is no limitations on how many times per day you can run NR. I would love if there were no limitations on how many times you can run CM per day. Empty maps? Great, who cares about them. People want to play efficiently and have fun. But I doubt IMC will ever remove CM daily restrictions, cause resets are in TP letiti cubes.


In the first few months of the game your main source of exp are from exp cards, which are rewarded from questing. They have tried this before and the experience of questing for exp was gruelling… it was so horribly boring. Our characters back then would only do as much as 7-10k damage max on a mob. It literally takes you 30 sec to 1 minute to kill an ordinary mob… let alone a boss. It was challenging but, unrewarding.

I understand that the current experience of leveling through maps now is lonely and yes this games maps are astoundingly beautiful. It’s like playing a game in canvas. Problem is… the game is not getting much attention now, bec. of bad optimization and lag, which I believe is the main problem.

They are trying to fix it, but it’s just not getting fixed at all. There are minor improvements but it’s really not enough to make the game more fluid. That’s the reason why maps are so empty. There’s just not a lot of new players or people who want to play a badly optimized game.

I love this game. it’s a mix of hardcore gaming and cutesy. I have played alot of AAA mmorpgs that have all the features you want but they are boring and uncreative on actual gameplay because they spoon feed you too much. There’s just no plot twist in the gameplay itself. They have been incredibly mind numbing. It promotes spoon feeding, but that’s just my experience can’t really say for others. They are great with story,lore and with polish. But that’s all they actually are.

I’ll state somethings that killed these AAA games for me.

WoW - LFG and raid finder, it just killed dungeon and raids for me. Played vanilla to WOTLK. Those were the good ol’days of wow. Incredible talent talent system. Cata to BFA made the game a basic b!tch. Just so uninteresting.

GW2 - No sense of gear progression, slap on zerk/assassins if your’e power Dps, sinister and whatever for condi. That’s all you had to do. Builds and weapons are versatile. But the lack of class roles kinda diminished the dungeon and raiding system for me. I’ve played this game when it was still pay2play, I’ve played through HoT and PoF, I’m mastery lv276, fractral 93, and have done all of the end game raids. The lack of class roles for DG play just isn’t for me anymore. Your class can do anything, even though you still have strengths and weaknesses you still have no definite role. You either damage or buff. That’s it, my gear progression feel meaningless tbh. Exotic > ascended > legendary is a joke. It’s a trophy collector game. I have done all this just by playing 20-25 hrs/week mind you.

FF14 - Is just very slow for me, 2.5sec GCD is slow but honestly is needed because of how many things you need to dodge on boss fights. Best thing about the game is the story/lore and easter eggs of the FF world. Dungeons are fun and incredibly challenging but after doing them for more than 5 times they just become tediously repitive.

I can go on with this list but these are probably the closest things you are comparing to TOS. And this is just my opinion. Peace.


Mishekan, Epherotao (Old), Feline Post, Zeteor Coast, Lanko Waters. There are more but I’m looking for something so this will have to do for now.

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