Tree of Savior

I.M.C Please, be patient, read everything I beg


IMC, I would like to talk a bit about the game quests, maps and game interface, pointing out some options that would make players interact more with each other having a richer and more profitable experience in the game.


One of the biggest flaws of tree of savior, is to allow the player to evolve quickly by killing monsters on the map, without having to go through the game quests.
Many players like this level rush system, because they want to go straight to the final content of the game and they just do not like to do quests, but I can prove that the impact that this caused in the game was totally negative.

During my quests day, I discovered many beautiful maps, did many secret quests with good rewards that helped me on the leveling journey, gained many extra status points and other benefits I gained by doing the game quests (Vaivora NPC benefits). I had to do all this alone, and you know why I.M.C? Simply because no player was doing quests or trying to figure out the maps. They were in group, in some of the fields of monsters that give xp, all together, accelerating level! Many players do not know most maps of the game, only know the maps where it accelerates level, and do not even bother to go to it, because some Sage open portal leaving them right in the door.

The result of this is catastrophic, players reaching high levels, with no knowledge about the game, many empty maps without players interaction, several players without knowing the wonderful items that the quests provide like Class Reset, Reset Status Points, Reset of Skill points, extra attribute points among many others that I could quote. And all this because the quests of the game are not the main source of evolution of the players.This makes it even easier for bots, as they can gain levels quickly, to practice in-game corruption without worrying about going through a system of gradual evolution.

What I propose here, is not the obligation to do quests, but that the quests are the main source of evolution of the player. That a player who makes the gradual progression through the quests, receives 100% more experience than a player who just wants to run levels. Only in this way will we have a server with more populous maps, with players learning together and interacting, and when they reach the maximum level, they will have gained knowledge of the game and all the benefits that the game provides. Inclusive this is very beneficial for new players, who will feel more comfortable and motivated on a map with players to play together and exchange experience.


However, for a total pve experience, the game interface plays an important role. And currently, the Tree of Savior interface for locating quests and layout customization is simply horrible.
It is not possible to move the items of the interface, nor increase its size, thus adjusting for the best way for the player. It would be interesting to provide an option to fully customize the game interface. The quests detection system, and all messed up, if you have several quests of different levels, they are scattered, and to identify which quest is your level, you have to click on all to see what level it is. In my opinion, the quests should be all in numerical order in the quests window, thus facilitating the choice of the most appropriate quest.

Another improvement that would be very welcome would be the “QUEST TRACK”. Often npcs give you some quests that you simply get lost without knowing where to go, having to search on youtube or google to find out how to complete.

Finally, I’d like to talk a little bit about npcs. I think there should be animations that would hold the player interested in history. You could put animations on the main quests, with voices in the npcs, and even a little song, why not? All this was going to draw the attention of the player to the history of the game which in my view is very good. Oh, if I were your art director, I would never allow these npcs to be so dead this way. I was going to put these designers to create animations that would trap the player in the history of the game. The game’s writer has had so much work, and in the end many players do not even want to see the quests for not being visually appealing.

Please, try to take advantage of these ideas to make the game more populous, with more goals than reaching level 390 and not knowing what to do next.


I LOVE the story and world on this game, but I would NEVER force others to follow the same path…

freedom is what makes this game atractive, what I love wont be loved by others…

That is an awful thing to ask…

also, FUCK THIS QUESTS :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


“What I propose here, is not the obligation to do quests, but that the quests are the main source of evolution of the player. That a player who makes the gradual progression through the quests, receives 100% more experience than a player who just wants to run levels. Only in this way will we have a server with more populous maps, with players learning together and interacting, and when they reach the maximum level, they will have gained knowledge of the game and all the benefits that the game provides. Inclusive this is very beneficial for new players, who will feel more comfortable and motivated on a map with players to play together and exchange experience.”


That’s almost a synonym :expressionless:

A better request would be to find a balance and make quests leveling AS appealing as just normal leveling instead of moving the weight to one way or another pleasing ones pissing the others…

and Populous does not = good… Sure more people is always good, but I take a small community that I know like friends than a swarm of scumbags I don’t want to know…

Like I said, a balance must always be achieved or things will fall…


Tree of Savior has already given us an opportunity to do both worlds, do the Quest or not do the Quest, and get to the maximum level anyway. And the results of this are what I quoted above. Empty maps, bots popping up freely without worry, players without knowledge. When a new player comes into the game, he asks, “How do I evolve in this game?” Then a veteran says “Ah make a group on level maps, do dg and challenge mode, and in 1 day you will be 360.” Then this player arrives at lvl max, does not learn anything, and still teaches this to the next new player … the many game maps and benefits are always empty. Sorry, but I do not agree with you.


Making map populate with player may be a good idea but not with quest. Each map should have it own niche area where people will go there to get it. Doing quest was only once for life time activities in TOS .

For me the drop/reward is better attraction then the quest. players will always go there for the reward and this will make that map populated again. similar with practonium quest at mishekan forest. i myself have done with all 10 chars that i have because of the reward and with new practornium quest will also be my favorite map to go. (so sad not all my characters level above 382) and some maps where i need to farm recipe materials.

Beside practonium reward, i also do the stat reward to all my favorite characters however i can see why not many people do it because there is no indication or clue where to get this. yea i am agree that TOS has bad quest u.i . they should improve the u,i or maybe they lazy to do it because players will just download quest addon to help them.

That how i can think to how to make abandon map populated again.

p.s: i don’t want it to be very populated where players have to compete with each other. it kill the fun of playing TOS that seem like an ARPG game.


Note: during the re:build patch, silver and xp of quests will be greatly increased, so they will become more attractive. Even more when you’ll get access to all surrounding warp points when you complete a main quest in an area. RIP Sage portals.


Is ok we sage taxis are just waiting for our permits to travel into dungeon type maps and setting up more portals…


give everyone +10 base movement speed and quests will be way better
i think the biggest reason people hate quests is because of all the walking you gotta do on those huge af maps, the quests themselves are rather boring too but the slow movement just exacerbates that feeling of boredom even more.


Maybe you have not interpreted me correctly. When I talk more players on the maps through quest, I mean a system where the game benefits those who wish to evolve in a gradual way. Because who does not evolve the character through the quest system, loses much content of the game and does not even know they exist, as well as the rewards. Currently we have robotic players that simply create their characters, go to the rush level fields, and take max level in 2 days. So focus on Challenge Mode, and Dungeons. They do not do anything beyond the level, they do not understand the game, they can not do Raid because they do not even know what it is, they can not do pvp because they started playing 2 days and is already maximum level without money for anything, nor knowledge to get equipped . The result of this is a forever circle, where the old teach the new how to just go, up fast, and soon the fast boy quit the game, becouse the new player will be tired to be max level and do not have knowledge to equip himself and be competitive. We are already living in a server with freedom of leveling and the results speak for themselves. Empty maps, Lost 390 players who doesnt know what to do, and a great game wasted becouse of a wrong introdution about how to play and achieve the max cap level.


“gradual way” in this era of gaming …hmm i don’t think so.:thinking:

if u want quest based mmorpg well nothing stop you and TOS have it also.

So u want player who his main character that have finished all/most the story/side quest to redo all over again in other newly created character? idk if there is a person that have enough motivation to redo all the quest for the 10th time (p/s: i have 10 characters.) definitely not me. :tired:

That why they ask.


“gradual way” in this era of gaming …hmm i don’t think so"

A: So maybe mmorpg do not suit your style. Moba maybe its more for you.

So u want player who his main character that have finished all/most the story/side quest to redo all over again in other newly created character? idk if there is a person that have enough motivation to redo all the quest for the 10th time (p/s: i have 10 characters.) definitely not me.

A: As I suggested in the topic, you could continue to do Rush Level, but receive a lesser experience than the players on the maps evolving correctly. Everything has a price in this life. The price we are paying with this system of abdication of evolution by the quests currently is not good.

A: They ask, because they are induced by the veterans from the first day of play, to rush level. They evolve erroneously and then become ignorant players without knowledge of what to do with a 390 character. But players like you who already have 10 characters, do not care does not it? You already know the game, you already have enough silver, you’re not worried about newbies. But you should, because if a player does not see sense in the game this player goes away, and if you do not have anyone to play with, the server closes, and you will not want to play on a server alone, I’m sure. Currently tree of savior is like this: The player enters the game, rush level and gets 390 in 2 days, learn to do salus, challenge mode and DG, until he can not take it anymore, and simply quits the game without knowing half of everything the game has to offer. This is the profile of the novice tree of savior player.


So that what the end game in TOS can offered and what do u expect people do? just play “normally” like u suggest

Whether new player want to stick to tos that depend on them…and that is why Rebuild is in making… TOS almost dead or already dead in other server. Hopefully this new TOS will bring more players …

My guild always welcome new player … and i myself help/teach TOS to new player… and hopefull;y they will stay to play TOS but with so many bug, server lagging etc… making this new player give up half way. It up to the old player to attract this new player to play the game.

but what “OLD Player” do … Shouting this xxxxx is F noob… / kick them from raid party because they dont know the game/ never ask lonely guild less stranger… just do their own stuff never bother to help this new player… any new player will feel intimidating to play anymore.

That what we get a DEAD SERVER where it is a harsh environment for new player to start.


Well my friend, I respect your point of view. I do not want to force my opinion on what would be better or not in the game. Just as I had the right to write such things, you have the right to agree or not. Everything I wrote is explained in the post, proving that rush level harms the game as a whole. Resulting in a game full of levels 390, created in 2 days, without any knowledge of the game to contribute to events of pvp, raid and guild for lack of suitable equipment impossible to achieve in 2 days of gameplay, and thousands of beautiful maps of the game empty, which will never be explored as a group, since the game does not encourage the gradual discovery of these sites.
In the end, these players get frustrated and quit the game, saying the game is bad… but in the real, they are the only bad thing for themselves,
Not because of them, but because of a rush level system, which did not allow them to enjoy the game properly.


so how do u know this so called "rush level system " ruined the game… and how u do interpret for every player should enjoy doing this “slow” quest… the Story/lore doesn’t so impact full which make people attracted to… as far as i know it was the gameplay that make it Big Hit when it was 1st launch.

Also what does this quest do to teach new player to ENJOY the game… it all about character build… that the main attraction in TOS and that what REBUILD is all about. The quest is only to create the game environment.

From my experienced these frustrated new player quit the game due to how bad the server with bug every. where and i myself suffered this VGA error issue (p/s it is almost a month already and IMC still cant fix it) but hey i still play the game because i like the gameplay and it remind me of RO.

This is why we discuss things in the forum . Active forum also is lead to healthy community. Just don’t give up.


I don’t mind people rushing levels, there are so few maps to grind, that people always go the same path at the moment of making a new character. IT IS ALWAYS tenet>dp2>kalejimas and then cm/dun.

I miss so much the variety of RO maps where you can take advantage of your class/gear. When i level a mage, i go droseras; swordman go to wolfs; if i was lucky and get a passana card i can go to thor, if you get a bathory, go to anubis.

Now, talking about the problem of the topic, i think there is a simple solution to force people for making quest. Just add quest as a requierment to unlock populars maps/raids. Do u you want to go Velco? You have to do a large quest-chain before that. You know, it can sound biased, but just like ro, where people that want go to geffenia for grind have to quest all around the world collecting several materials.


totally agreed …

the flaw in TOS map is where mobs spawn mixed up …and we cant distinguish which map suit for particular class example Swordsman class prefer to go low level with high mob density and mage class will prefer to go high level with low mob density… and cleric will always find dark/shadow/demon mob reside… and grind for material… plus all mobs in TOS will drop almost the same things the only different is the recipe’s material drop nothing more… except if IMC make a certain mobs drop a piece of material required to make diamond anvil and certain boss to drop diamond anvil recipe that will surely motivate player to go outside world not just coop in klaipeda and dungeon.

Furthermore …there is no other alternative legendary weapon that can be craft without doing raid and also became a problem as to why players even myself only focus on Dungeon Raid… there is no other end game content in TOS worth to do…

If i am not mistaken there is equipment that can be craft by hunting mobs … the Hetran Badge … as u can see IMC failed to make the equipment worth of getting it . like make it special for certain class of certain build… this furthermore will open more viable meta build.

As i mentioned before… reward is better than quest.


Stop being delusional. The reason why maps are not populated is not related to fast leveling, it would be exactly the same with what you suggest. There are too many maps in the game.

Can’t fill maps without players ~~

Most boring thing in GW2 dungeon system, hoping other players already completed story mode in order to do non story paths… And I can’t imagine that kind of thing implemented in a game where people are playing 10+ alts per account.


One of the most fun part of RO though, complete the sign was amazing for the first time. And the fact the game force you to make multiples alts it’s just another flaw of the game. If you want to play just one or two and not get behind people with 30 alts you should be able.


A : You’re being the only delirious here. As I said, if the quest leveling system drives the player between the maps to reach the maximum level, all players for sure will be on the maps that the game requires or they will not reach the limit in a satisfactory way. And so players will work together, learn together and properly receive the benefits of the missions created by the game’s developers. That’s how it’s a mmorpg, it’s all about quests. If you do not like to do quests, and just rush to finish the content of the game for pvp, you are not a real mmorpg player, you are a MOBA player, thinking that you like mmorpg.

Players that have create 10 or more characters, just make them for Greed meanings! That’s all. More character you got, more you can get blessed shards to transcend, sell it, make challenge modes and etc. But its not a must, its just another “RUSH” for gold. Rush players are always rushing everything…level, silver, etc . Im sure you are one of these kind.

Surely the blame for empty maps, it’s the Rush evolution system in the specific areas. If you try to understand that , you will see reason in what I said. If new players enter the game, and see that they do not need a quest to evolve, just go on a specific map, party, and get in the end game in 2 days rushing levels, why would they make quest? Oh cool, he is strong in two days level, maximum 390. But he has no team to help with guild content, raids, etc. Has no knowledge of the game to acquire, and evolve their characters. He does not know the character himself, because he learned nothing about it during a gradual process of maturation and tutorials proposed by the game. Dude, I do not know how you guys want to question me about it. This rush level thing has created a lot of empty players who do not even understand the game and theyr chars. So nobody goes pvp, and raid partys are always made by veterans, and these new players 390 rushed are always excluded. Who wants a 390 noob in the raid? nobody.