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I.M.C Please, be patient, read everything I beg


and here we are only the so called “rush player” play the because the enjoy the game… if the game not enjoyable why would need to create 10 alt …

this objective is really difficult to pulled off … it really nice only on paper …

as mentioned before new player who like and enjoy the gameplay will stay and surely ask how to improve and who did not enjoy the game will move on… it a waste of time playing game that player not enjoyable.

that what we called being efficient.

another example that intimidate new player to continue play the game


I will not let that kind of generalization and blind BS go by Mr…




Heya there,
First things first, OP and all other contributors to the thread, thank you for your feedback. The issues addressed here, I’ll summarize and compile to add them to our Re:Build feedback report :smiley:


Lo thank you guy. i knew you will read it thanks.


Well i guess there is nothing to discuss anymore. :tired:

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Delirious =/= Delusional. Words have precise meanings, use them.

Did I say something about your PoV, your arguments ? No. Why are you trying to convince me of something I’m already convinced ? I’m just telling you there is not enough players in game to back up your idea, and that’s a fact you can check in the link I shared.

No. I play 11 characters because I like to play different builds. You can’t know why people are playing multiple characters without a strong evidence. Anyway, does it matter ? It’s not because you explain why people are playing alts that it could change something. In the end it’s the same thing, people will continue to play multiple characters at the same time.

In conclusion, it’s not the problem. What you say doesn’t need any effort to be understood. But your solution isn’t a solution as long as the game is not populated. And it’s not a good solution anyway, in games like that there are more people at max level than people who are leveling. If you wanna see populated maps in the future you’ll need :

  1. More players
  2. A system that forces players OF ALL LEVEL to visit worldmap while being rewarding

Problem solved.

In MapleStory2 you have missions when you reach lvl 50 (which is pretty fast) to do each day, it gives the opportunity to every player to visit maps.


A: I said exactly what I think suits you. You may not know much about “meanings” as you think.

A: I’m not trying to convince you of anything, just proving that what I say has proven foundation. I am the type of player that brings improvement options, instead of saying that the game is bad, and do not have players anymore. Players of your kind, always point problems and never suggest solutions. If you want something better show new suggestions, instead of throw stones at the game. By the way, I have not seen any topic of yours presenting proposals for improvements. You’re the type that does not help and still wants to complain about those who try to do something, just becouse you think it will hurt you in some aspects you are used to it

A: Lying to yourself is always the worst lie. I’m sure you make all these characters just to earn silver quickly. I doubt all 11 characters are equipped with velcoffer sets or at least Solmiki. I may be wrong about this, but I am 80% sure that you only make them to earn silver quickly. And I do not want to change anything, so you can do 1000 characters if you want.

A : In conclusion, YES its a huge problem and it need attention fast. What i said for sure dont need effort to be understood i agree with you, but people like you cant understood and i dont know why. Maybe becouse you are better criticizing the game saying the TOS do not have players, than showing ideas to make it better perhaps. And you said my idea are not good, but its just your opinion, and it just worth for yourself. As my idea is just my opinion and some will like it and some dont as in your case. Let people read and if staff find something usefull here, they will use it. I make my part showing an alternative for something that i dont like in the game. But and about you? Show me your tópic
presenting ideas for improvements. Where it is? DOnt have right? But for sure you are somewhere here in forum saying tos dont have players anymore. Becouse players like you are just this!

And about itens 1 and 2 that you wrote, i just made the solution in my post, just read it again until you understand. This is my last answer for you, you are the kind of player that which is not worth answering many times. Feel free to cry and be the super bad ass guy shouting all your frustrations.


So it’s just free ad hominem without any argument. That’s exactly why IMC should not read your thread, you’re not worth their time.


I don’t even know where to start so I just write down my opinion on quests and stuff…

I see some ppl are rly enjoying the lore and I’m trying to respect that but for me the quests are boring and repetative. One time i tried to force myself to read everything during just the main quest line but at the end I ended up spamming the next button as always. I’m sure there are good parts but for me it is like 80% filler and I don’t have the patience for that.

The whole leveling progression in this game is messed up and quests are a part of it too. You get a lot of exp from quests. I think even if you just started the game if you do all the quests you get over-levelled on a lot of maps and when you have team level the whole thing gets worse… and no it is not the case where “cool Im strong now I will do it much faster” it is more like a long long no challange boredom and you question that why the heck you have to do it again and again with new characters… but the quests give stat points that you can’t get otherwise and also they want to tie it to more and more stuff instead of making it less relevant.

I think it would need lots of lots of reorganisation to make this part of the game good. I see a lot of solutions but I think mainly I don’t care about it because it would be a lot of work and while it would be important too there are more important things…like we still lack content… so I mostly just don’t want to touch on this topic but now I will a bit.

The rushing through the game part… well the thing is that it is important… if you want to be able to play with your friends… this is also a big issue actually… I’m kinda a guild leader too and I have no idea what’s better for new ppl to help them reach our level faster and then in result they don’t learn enough about the game…or let them suffer and they can’t join your parties and such because they are still low level for that… I see ppl get bored of the game for both reasons and quit for good… but when I said it is important to rush I meant if I make a new character I try to level it up as soon as possible so I can join my friends for challanges and stuff if I want to.

As for a solution… it depends on which way imc would want to go actually… As I mentioned Team Level makes doing quests even worse because you get more and more over-leveled but even if deleting Team Level could be a direction of the game i wouldn’t want it.
I actually would want the game to be more team focused. For example Quests should be team-based too imo and then they could be more rewarding because you don’t have to do all the quests on 1 character…there are enough for like 10 anyway…
I see it an issue too from the beginning that they had this team idea but couldn’t decide how to go on with it. I could mention how horrible it was when Advanture journal was / character…and there are still stuff that works like that…

Also we have this issue that the more character you have the more times you can enter in dungeons and stuff. This part is also something that could go different ways. Just because a lot of stuff would change to be team-based it doesn’t mean you necessarily need to have 10 chars. Dungeon entries could be changed to / team too instead of / character… but it could still go into that direction that if you have more characters then you are more powerful…( it is not good that you forced to buy character slots tho…)
The problem is that how it is now it’s just not good and the devs didn’t rly decided which way to go with it.

I think the whole leveling progression should be changed and quests should be adjusted to that and maps too. I think there could be much less low level maps and much less low level quests. Then there could be a point where leveling gets more hard but ppl gets less divided by level difference and we would have lots of lots of maps with high level actually challanging quests you can choose from ( also challanges and grinding spots etc ) to reach max level.
For me that sounds much more fun than what we have now…Lots of low level quests that you do alone in a mmo…one shoting a lot things…no challange at all… the main quest line is full of filler parts imo that takes away from the story itself…
I think you won’t be able to make low level maps more populated in any way… I think it is the higher levels that should be streched out more…while lower ones should be narrowed down…

I could continue my thoughts on it for an eternity but noone would want to read that and I’m tired so I stop it here.

I do have characters for different purposes like farming or crafting but…no… you are wrong… I’m making lots of characters because for me thats the most enjoyeable part of the game. Making and trying out new builds. I even like to play with my alchemist because i tried to build it like that…and I want more… I mean if shepherd will be a thing I definitely need a shepherd lol… I’m also planning an Outlaw now and even tho I have lots of chars that i don’t know how will end up in rebuild… that Outlaw still will be a totally fresh new character… :F

I know you aimed these to soldatazur but I’m not sure what you want to prove with that tbh… I don’t even have one character with solmiki or velcoffer. If anything imo this just proves again what I was saying above that imc is undecided if they want a team based game or not… It is too hard to get good stuff to even one character not to get for all of them… but at least trans weapon is tradeable since a while…
So just because we can’t have those it doesn’t mean we wouldn’t want it… The best thing I actually have is my trans 10 masinios rod that fits like at least 6 of my characters…somewhat…(my chaplain…my main char… would prefer a mace but I never even got the recipe…:roll_eyes: )
I’m also always poor…I’m not running dungeons and stuff every day with 10 chars…that’s borderline insane to me…so you rly shoudn’t force this and accept that different ppl play differently and enjoy different parts of the game.


There are lots of players, lots of different points of view, and if I go and debate everything and everyone, that would be an infinite topic typing. The best we have to do is present ideas, let IMC choose what to enjoy, and discard what does not.

I just do not accept weeping players who only speak badly of the game, and then when this type of people sees some suggestion of improvement, already comes wanting to stone the open post. There are people who like to denigrate the work of others, and say that the world is bad. But this person lives just like that, pointing out faults, and never showing improvement. It’s easier to criticize than to help improve.


In this topic I came to add a fact, nothing else. If you know a guy just by seeing one post of him, you’re really powerful. But I have to be honest with you, you’re wrong on all points. Let me explain you as you seem to be the one who is really frustrated.

The reality is in opposition with what you say, I always try to share my ideas and suggest solutions. Here I just wanted to show you the reality we are all facing, a thing nobody can counter argue.

Because I don’t create topic. Spoiler alert : you don’t need to create a topic to suggest things.

Wrong, wrong, and wrong. I even helped a guy in KToS thread who insulted me by giving him the link to the kind of video he was searching. You’re so wrong on this point :confused:.

I’m actually playing 30 min a day, and not every day just for Rainbow Trek event. I heard many better ways to earn silver quickly.

Not a single one.

80% :thinking:. Where does that come from ? Your magical hat ?

Here you confused “the” and “a”. It’s why you need to read carefuly each word. “the” is known, “a” is unknown. You can’t answer to someone who says “the problem is” with “it’s a problem”, it doesn’t make any sense.

Sure you can’t know why because I said I understood, you contradict yourself.

Example of a criticism : The game is not populated anymore, because of that I can’t enter dungeons anymore, please IMC, fix it ASAP !

Example of a fact :

If you can find the criticism in a link dropped on a random post, I’m up to hear what you have to say.

As stated above it’s not only mine, but it doesn’t matter, it’s not how you have to think.

Where did I prevent people to read ? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Don’t know if you’re just trolling on this or not. It’s actually an “argument” I could hear when I was 8, during classroom breaks…

What you suggested :

It’s why what you are saying is a solution only for a period of time, and not a solution over the time.

What I suggested :

  • that would be similar to the mission system in MapleStory2 and in a lot of other MMOS. Daily syndrom player is a good thing to exploit in order to fill useless maps with players.

Have a good day/night.



So back to the topic … what are we discussing it again?


or do i miss the point here. :thinking:

here is my suggestion … rework mercenary quest … the idea of mercenary quest is good … giving monster hunting quest… and make reward to potion because Re:Build new system will require a lot of potion consumption.

Make a list of requests with different reward so we can have high risk and low risk request… like this suggestions made by @soldatazur


Of course there is people that enjoy playing a lot of characters. But there is also people like me that prefer play just one or at most two. The problem is this game force you to make an army of alts or you will take for ever to get decent gear due to the silly restrictions.


I actually said that the dungeon entries and such things could be /team instead of /character. It would make it more fair to those who rather would like to do most of the things on 1 character and wouldn’t make any harm to those who prefer more…

Also the current design is only rly good for those who main 1 and all their other chars are for farming. You could even make lots of clones to have the same gear for all of them… while those who would want to fully enjoy different chars… well good luck with those amazing RNGs…


Google translate this thread into Korean and IMC will listen :upside_down_face:


Forums nowaday are simply full of text and text and text, that the average joe (that doesnt read) wouldnt even want to scroll down ( Unless someone @ replies him, and he get triggered to savage his cyber 15inch ego)

Now i do miss legendary figures like Elesis

Perhaps this is sequel to :


hahahaha very good! :smile: I want to be the one with the black suit.


Even if they allow Sages to make portals in dungeons. This is a player base dumb enough to have 5-10 Nobreer Forest or Dina Bee Farm warps. I’m sure if they allowed it we’d just see 10 Sausy’s 9 warps on the same screen and maybe a couple HG warps if they ever buff the rate or make loot chance more than a pretend stat.


you forgot “on the same channel blocking the same npcs” :tired:

But for the 1% it will be great if we could save portals anywhere and not just fields :distinguished: