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I haven't played in like 4-5 years need build help

Hey guys! I have a level 210 archer I just got back to and I’m not sure what build to make.

I’m kinda curious about Mergen builds and Arbalest builds what path should I go for for my 2nd and 3rd classes?

I’m looking towards a DPS build. I’ve looked at the ranking for top 100 and I don’t really understand all of it. It’s been a while :frowning:

i am no archer class expert…but maybe this should give you some ideas. I dont know if this is META.

cool. imma check this out

Both are kind of married to ranger, but your third class could either be falconer, appraiser, or any other class which isn’t locked to a weapon. Fletcher is still a good option for 2h bows, and appraiser will require you to do a hidden quest or get a voucher–my strong recommendation would be hunter or falconer (or both!) for parties to get you going in CMs when you reach higher levels. Hunters offer a looting chance buff which is very popular in CMs and Singularity, which is where you’ll be spending a lot of your time when you hit 420+.

So just to clarify:

2nd class – Hunter, ranger or both? XD
3rd class – falconer, appraiser or a class not locked to a weapon? Then fletcher is also an option?

Sorry, what are CMs? XD

Depending on the combination what would then be the classes needed for Arbalest or Mergen?
From what I saw initially – best if Ranger Fletcher Mergen?

Not sure what’s for Arbalest

1st class - Ranger
2nd class - Hunter, Falconer, Fletcher, Appraiser (anything not weapon locked)
3rd class - Mergen or Arba

The best for Mergen atm is probably Ranger, Fletcher/Appraiser, Mergen and the best for Arba is probably Ranger, Appraiser, Arba. I currently play Ranger, QS, Arba.

okay thanks so much!!

sorry, where can i check a skill build? Im so lost haha

where can i check how to distribute the attribute points?

Skill Build This should still be the current skill builds. As for attribute points, as a general rule get the attributes that do something other than increase damage, then get all the damage increases to 50. By then, you’ll know which ones you should take to 100 just by usage.

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You want hunter 2nd if you decide to pick it up. Hounding is the skill that gives you looting chance and you’ll want access to it before starting content where looting chance is relevant.

CMs are challenge modes, where you’ll be spending most of your time post level 420. They’re instances you do with parties with waves of monsters/bosses, and is one of the few things that drops silver now.

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hmm, what rewards are affected by loot chance at episode13? beside nucle, sierra and berthas and primus.