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I have many Planium but have no idea to do! Help!

What am i supposed to do with the planiums i have? Please reply below with your experience

Sell them on market?

Make charity, sell them like 20k ea on market. Luck will be by your side. (or not)

They are used for making Varna gear and set effects. Believe they sell for like 1m or more on market each.

you can find a blacksmith NPC at the leftmost corner of Fedimian, he can craft legendary equipment that requires planium.

or you can sell them at the market for more silver $w$

craft savi equips then dismantle in hopes for legend enchant

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I just checked for planium price was 400k in low auction house. So sad…

Will try this, thanks

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ah not sure what server you are on. But they go for quite more on mine =(