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I did warn you.. (Fill up the missing characters)

Heyo what is up guys?

I see some Guild recruitment in forums now, everything good?
You see without an influx of new players, I kinda doubt you’ll get anything, but hey, good thing is we have vaccines now… cheers!

So I was thinking veteran players will just jump from guild to guild then, yeah?

Right, that might be the case

There are still probably a couple of new players getting lost here and there

Hmm let’s see, oh the Goddess Patch was good, unfortunately it fell ahead of planning.
Trying to sink silver to lower the prices in market is a very nice move, however they still cost silver dont they? you see price also has something to do with demand and supply but i guess imc already knows that. Who am i kidding, lol

Oh yeah, the Events, did you know, if you are a new player Division Singularity is the best way to catch up? Aside from leveling of course. Because you know brik, silver, fragments, shards, something that they really need, maybe try put them in packages every time. But yeah maybe we should forget them, i mean who would play ds now, right? It has so high drop rate you would be overwhelmed. I mean we can still buy it in market right? Atleast its cheaper than before!

Oh the Automatch, very cute way to separate those with fix parties and those who dont have. Yeah, you want to force them to make parties dont you? Oh youuu, that’s really nice, i bet its working really well.

Hm, you know with all the good things happening, i wonder why some veterans in ktos also took a break. I mean IMC is a great company.

Ohh right! the Hunting Ground! You guys finally bring it back huh, new players can finally grind there. I bet new players love it, they’ll probably stay there for a day no?
Oooh wait! I think im getting the picture, you want veterans to sink their silvers there, obtain the items then sell in market for a low price! That way more players can buy it and veterans will sink in silver, that is very smart! Two birds in one stone! It will never probably go the other way around

Oh ive seen the TOS Support Guild, what does it do again? To answer players questions? I see, very informative. That way no need to update the GUIDE in the website, you guys really are smart!

Sarcasms aside (Im making it clear)

If it is true that most mmorpg’s are p2w, so why is it that the others are flourishing and some are not? If I were you I would make a research.
Though, I must say its really hard to adjust a gacha-based game, since in no surprise, it should be one of the reasons that makes it fun.

IMC’s greatest weakness must be communication, or probably most korean games weakness.
Since mmo’s life is always the community.

With their automated answers, I doubt they even have the manpower to correct each and every bug.

With that said, try to atleast throw in some comments here and there, it will make the community somehow feel that they are being heard.

Dont put all the fixes and changes in one big patch, try to put something in weekly patches, so as to make it like the devs are even trying. It also helps in identifying bugs faster and be fixed right away. Unlike one big drop, where we dont even know where to start.

I know that it might be a way to surprise and attract people, but it doesnt always work like that

Also IMC’s publisher in korea is Nexon, so it will undoubtedly be a cash grabber as did their other games, while here its playable via steam, so it shouldn’t really be a problem. Unless there is something else.

Last time, I said that population won’t increase even with the goddess patch. Is an attempt to communicate that things aren’t going well. Its what we have left, if the company itself does not want to speak. I mean if words cant reach them, then maybe the decreasing population would hit them.

But alas, best of luck to imc, I hope I can still see the game live up to the test of time. And with the publisher being steam, I doubt it will go down anytime soon, since some games in steam still lives even with 0 population. Gambatte!


It would help if this post was formatted and worded in a way that was not an assault on the eyes.

I didn’t bother much. Its not like anyone would read it