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I can't seem to vote? (also, what are the release dates we are voting on?)

Agreed, gives IMC the time they want to fix any problems for a full release and everyone has a chance to get in during early access with the different payment level options.

In that case you can get the 1 month for the C plan, choosen B is for those ones who doesnt want us to start playing next week

i doubt those 2 months of ‘non-paid-testing’ will improve the game in any way though. but yes im also floating between B and C. i was just hoping that B would end up being a march 22th release still, but most people here seem to think it wont be.

They were changing a lot early on.

As more votes came in, the proportions normalized.

Statistically speaking as the sample size increases, a clear trend will form and deviation from the norm will be less likely to occur in effect. So basically, as more people vote, the chance the percentages will change is increasingly unlikely, which would explain exactly what we are seeing here.

with more time you do a better job, B plan starts on May, C plan start next week

if you want to supp the game, why would you care for the dates ?

I just want to play ASAP and supporting the game its a plus !

Can you please stop posting misinformation?


‘‘B plan starts on May’’ who said it?

when they say service they refer to release date what its june 19 and it wont change, on the other hand EA start date is for what we are voting for

June 19th was never marked as a release date. It was marked as a ‘free to play’ date on their previous announcement.

Again, stop posting misinformation or provide actual sources. You are confusing the community and you are flat out wrong.


go and read the tread again if you cant get it read it a couple more times, and when you get it come and edit your coments so you dont confuse people

no Remiri is right on this one. the release dates on option B and A are still a mystery

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The 3 months is less about testing and more about giving actual human time to set the economy rather than bots (which will come in numbers too great to stop when the F2P gate opens) as well as managing the in-flow of players coming in (while this sound like a bad thing, looking at any F2P launch and you’ll see the disaster of server being unable to keep up, like how Blade and Soul had to add several servers quickly, and since there’ll be new servers, people who have concern about ‘falling behind the pack’ can start on the fresh server if they plan to be that competitive but also doesn’t want to pay anything)

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And we are done here. Stop posting.


ok look , they put 3 options and said no matter what is taken, the release date would be the same… so no matter what EA plan you choose , the start of free to play (release date) would be june 19th

And yet they never announced a release date, curious isn’t it?

Feel free to source IMC where they said the release date was 6/19. I dare you.

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what you are qouting is refering for the EA, thats not confirmed because they are wating for the voting pool , you dont even know where to get the right facts xD

And you have nothing to quote at all, keep trolling though it is adorable.

EDIT: Also the thing I am quoting was prior to them starting the pool. Way to fail.

Just shut the ■■■■ up already, you’re clearly an idiot.

ok I just want you to see things strait , but if you dont want to is ok , so do not make more confusion and leave it there

Remiri you are wrong :frowning:
Release date is 19 June they said that it will not change. So if you will vote A you can play 1 week earlier
“The first option is to reduce the Early Access period to 1 week.” Do you think that they will release game next week ? Good luck with that. Free 2 play release in 2 weeks will be disaster…

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