I can see it in your eeeeeeeyes!


So what’s the first thing you do when you warp to Klaipeda and are welcomed with this song?

  • dance around, I greatly enjoy the song
  • nothing in particular, it’s just a song among many other songs
  • endure the pain, although I hate the song
  • quickly talk to the Onmyoji master to get his theme instead
  • mute the BGM option in Settings page
  • nothing, I’ve replaced SFA_open10.mp3 by something else more enjoyable
  • I don’t care, Orsha (or Fedi) is my main base and I never warp to Klaipeda
  • I don’t care, I play with music muted and I’m probably listening to something else
  • why the **** are you making me waste my time with your stupid poll???

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My vote: I’ve replace the mp3 file by Pristinee, because I enjoy that song more and it blends perfectly into the other theme you get when staying in Klaipeda.


i replaced it with nier automata’s weight of the world


I only play with music once in a month when the moon has the right position or so
When there are new maps I am curious about the Music to listen to

I usually listen to my Anime OP/ED collection while playing


I hate popsongs …:sad:

But replacing mp3 files feels wrong…so i endure it.


I sing it to my discord mates :distinguished:


I was just reading and voted unintentionally t.t


i usually play while listening to eurobeat or a twitch stream, personnaly…



I can’t vote. Because even though I kinda like it, I don’t GREATLY enjoy it or dance around to it. You need to have more positive vote options and less extreme.


Wrong, you love it or you hate it.


thank you for the replace SFA_open suggestion, its not that i hate the song, but hearing it over and over again with lyrics kinda gets stuck in your head.
Replacing mine with the Legend of Zelda Overworld orchestra ver.



sadly I keep my game sound muted cause I multitask and listen to podcast and other things while I try to play


@gustavoxin Really? That is so boring.

Maybe I will vote and see the result. I’m kinda interested to find out what people think.


its not a bad theme but it’s not the place for it


I didn’t even know it was back, since I thought it was a rank 10 only song. After three years of daily listening to the ToS OST, I’m listening to other music while I play…


i like the lyrics Owo especially the ones after the chorus owO


I like the singer’s voice. It’s quite pleasant to listen to.


There is no chorus in the song Oo


den hao du u eksplein d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-is >:3

some song’s begin with the chorus Owo