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I am so confused

Hello guys,

I am so confused about stat allocation right now, i don’t even know where to start. I am trying to seek the best possible scenario here.

I am a level 137 ARC 2 QS 3

My gear and stats are:
+6 Full Cafrisun,
+5 Arde,
+7 Grand Cross,
+10 STR amulete,
some phys+ 5 bracelet.
230 str,
33 con
35 dex.

Don’t get me wrong, my dmg is very good (because of str right?)
I am always getting hit by mobs all day, dying all day.
But, What if I was full dex…could i survive more, crit more, do more dmg?
Should i change my stats before it’s to late?

Please help me out with this…Thank you.

1 Use grand cross for buff only then switch to a stronger weapon (Alt+Z)
2 If you want to make a crtic build you ill need a lot more Dex and Gear to crit high levels
3 Put a bit more in CON i think 70 is enough…

Thank for your answer.

Still, don’t know if full dex or full str or HALF/HALF

The way you are right now Str is better…just put something like 80 Dex for ACC…I ill try Crit build and im going for 250 Dex, i ill need at least 3 High level green gems and itens for crtic status…but people are saing that Full Str is 10% better then critic and you ill need a looot less Gear for that…
Half half wont work because at high levels even with high DEX is Hard to Crit unless you have level 9 green gems witch are RELLY HARD to make…

So, why did you got full dex :S, i mean, you knew STR would be better and require less gear, yet you went with dex. Anyways, not disregarding your answer. Thank you.

Still confused.

Simple…i played RO and My Archer needs to Crit, I mean what is the fun of a archer that doesnt crit ?? xD

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Posts 16-33 read all of it for what’s currently debated the best. Mixing DEX and STR.

Some advices which you might already know.

Keep running in circle while firing in Running shot mode, u should not take any melee mob dmg.
Use Caltrops on mobs during RS downtime for crowd control. Mobs fall and get slowed.
Keep Swift Step uptime 100%.
Pump more Dex

IMO, the ideal setup should have both Str & Dex.

Thank you Duke and everyone.

So, I have 219 STR, 28 CON, and 37 DEX with no equips.
So, I should grab all my stats, and what would be the sweet spot?

So yeah…humm what should i do? xD