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Hwarang unlock?

Hello, I’m a returning player. I was looking through the class list and Hwarang caught my eye because the aesthetic is really good. However, when I unlock the quest by talking to Hwarang master in orsha, he gave me so many tedious achievements to do @_@? If I recall, only jobs with golden borders like Miko and Appraiser had tedious quests but they were given unlock vouchers to make them easier to access… I’m not sure how many people actually did the quest can give me some tips on how to complete it T___T

Hey Ril, you need to talk to Hwarang Master first and then complete all the achievement required quests in F4 tab.

^ You want to get the quests first from Hwarang master in Orsha city.

^ Hit F4 tab to open achievement and then choose 3rd option to check the quests.

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Omg those achievements have a huge amount of number with them… Are they difficult to do?

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These achievements are pretty hard and take time. You can also unlock Hwarang, Lama, Jaguar, etc with the unlock voucher through the medal shops (from TP menu, 2nd tab). I unlocked Hwarang/Kera normally without voucher~

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