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Hunting Grounds 2nd Floor Needs to be Nerfed

In my opinion it is way too difficult for average players. Not only is it hard to survive, it is hard to kill. It shouldn’t only be for specific class builds and for the people who are +25 above with all Goddess Cyan Gems. If you want people to play your game, give them the means for sustainable farming. You already trivialized all the end-game gears in the past, they don’t have anything to keep them playing for more than an hour a day. The only people who are benefiting from the Hunting Grounds are the already strong ones.

But HG floor 2 is supposed to be played in party. I tried solo a while ago with +21 equip and without relic usage, didn’t seem to have much difficulty killing the bosses there, you just need to pick your fights as some bosses are much easier and faster to kill than others. I was just disappointed by the rewards so I didn’t try again…

Yeah sure we have thousands of people playing daily sure party up. That is exactly the point. You shouldn’t feel disappointed and feel robbed of an hour. Again I’m not saying you can’t kill there, only that it is too difficult.

The original intent of 2F was play it in Party, or at least a healer with you. If you’re an “average player” then you can’t solo 2F, and it’s better for you to go to 1F, designed for going solo.

If you still want to try 2F, a Party Content, Solo, you have to use Random Ichor with Medium Offseting, and use your Res Sacrae in every fight. But nerfing it to be another Solo Content it’s not the right choice, I think.

Tbh the rewards if you go with a party are underwhelming, there is no incentive at all for party play, there should be at least an increase in drop chances with more party members.
I just got back to the game and tried to go with my character that used to do it pretty well some months ago, even with full offset line I am now getting almost one hit killed by some of the bosses, they probably overbuffed the bosses with the new cap, even 1vs1 is hard if you are not overgeared.

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2F is not worth farming in a party as drops/silver gets split and the timesave is so marginal that it’s legitmately better to just solo in different channels unless you’re not strong enough to farm solo at a steady pace.
Drop rates for items were significantly buffed so its fine if you’re killing at half the speed you used to kill bosses pre-470 patch as long as you don’t mind the loss in raw silver. If you have offset and still get blown up by bosses, consider learning boss attack patterns and learning to dodge/jump.