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Hunter for bossing

I have a muskeet-falc-hunter and i have questions regarding hunter skills.

  1. Growling gives a dmg buff for missle attacks, but sometimes i want to use coursing on boss for the synergy with musketeer’s snipe and headshot. However, when my pet is growling, i cant seem to be able to use coursing. Is there a way to cancel growling or i shld not using growling at all during boss fights?

  2. Retrieve has an attribute tat decreases def of the target, will it be better if i used retrieve instead of growling? Sometimes my pet gets knockbacked and retrieve is cancelled, but the growling remains throughout. Will appreciate if I can have some advise on this as well

  3. Are they any tips on bossing for this build?

I considered pp/sapper/wugu to replace hunter, but i have those classes on my other archers char hence i would love to stick to hunter.

Thanks for reading, hope you have a good day ahead.

  1. Rush cancel growling. You can coursing while growling but your companion must be at the feet of the boss (can use praise). Annoying to use versus moving boss.

  2. Soon hunter companion no longer knocked. Coursing debuff is short tho, with the amount of musket and falconer skill, I’ll just stick to growling or coursing+retrieve+rush.

  3. I don’t know if anyone have your build but hunter is too much work to play with 2 other active class unless you only growling imo. Musket damage also increased with slow from split arrow.

Hunter can only hope for more rework to be relevant.

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Thank you very much!!

The defense reduction of Coursing and Retrieve is stronger than using just Growling. During boss fights you should alternate between coursing rush dog and retrieve.

Simple skill rotation for example:
Rush Dog -> One use of Coursing -> Rush Dog (If available) - One use of Retrieve. Rinse and repeat.
By the time one use Coursing finishes, the one use of Retrieve has already refreshed and can be used without fully using all overheats, and vice versa.

While Coursing and Retrieve are being used on a boss, that is when you use your other skills and/or heavy hitting damage on the enemy. This will greatly increase your damage, due to the enemy having less defense then normal from Coursing/Retrieve.

Usually you pair Hunter with a rank/class that has high AoE damage, while Hunter is your single target. However its not unprecedented to do it differently. It’s just that Hunter is a class that will have you doing a large amount of Hunter (pet/skill) management in single target situations. Basically, Hunter is a high maintenance class, but has good single target damage and high CC when executed properly.