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How would you define yourself as a player right now? [Quiz]

How would you define yourself as a player right now?
  • I play from time to time and when I have time. I don’t care much.
  • I always try to play and be on top of new equipment, cards, builds etc. I don’t give much value to the game, but I like to be updated.
  • I play almost every day. I give a certain value to the game. It’s not a priority, but I’m also not that casual.
  • I play every day and I make the game a priority. I always try to be with the best equipment and I don’t care about farming enough to get my stuff.
  • To be honest, I play very casually and have little connection with the game’s current events. I like to play with my characters, buy new clothes, discover new maps. I don’t give a ■■■■ about staying strong or at the top of the list. I just want to rest my head and spend my time distracting myself.

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If you guys want, write a little description below!


I would consider myself a casual gamer even though I play the game every day. The aspects in ToS I really liked are pretty much dead (open world exploration), so I don’t really care much about gearing up since all of this requires to do way too hard endgame instances and it’s too hard to find groups for slightly easier content (like Singu3, unique raids that are not Glacia, etc.).


I think the most negative option of all is missing, “I almost left the game, I only come from time to time to see if they have fixed something, to kill time or as a curiosity, to see how it worsens and falls from grace”. Well, it wouldn’t be the most negative, as “IMC and their friends made me uninstall this thing” would be more appropriate.

Leaving that aside, which is what I would have voted for, and someone who tells you was here since the “preorder”. I don’t know what the exact moment was, but at “that” moment everything began to deteriorate; From an online RPG we went to a simulator of bots and goldsellers, from that to a “developers who don’t know what they do” and events with expired prizes, from the previous to a camouflaged P2W, from that to a portable Vegas casino with different tables and slot machines to enjoy like gambling sufferers …

Now, I don’t know what to think how to describe ToS, is it already a joke? A sad victim of overly greedy companies that don’t listen to their potential customers? They are the new updates that will come, they already undermine the little desire you could have to play this thing.

I still go in to play, but to kill time more than anything else (I don’t care about having the best equipment, the highest level, even less power or not making those monsters or participating in the PVP, if there is any; when you get to that part, ToS stops being RPG and becomes a casino full of a select group of platinum customers), and of course, I may sound idiotic, I try to extend the old game part by starting from scratch with a character (do not use exp bonuses, exp cards, avoid CMs, dailies and instances; do adventure missions, hidden quest, complete collections, explore, open treasures, etc.) to avoid reaching the “new” one.

Frankly, lately I enjoy my free time more with other entertainment. A game that does not entertain (and becomes a job, obligation or task) is not a game; I can say that ToS, at least for me, is ceasing to be.


If I had to label myself I think that I would be somewhere between Option 3 and Option 5. I do log in for a bit everyday I can, but I very rarely if it all touch endgame content. On top of that the urge to log into the game every day I can is fading.

These two pretty much summed up one of the big issues I have with the game, why even have all of the maps if you only play on 10 of them tops endgame while the rest of the content is instanced? Why have the Art team put so much effort into making all the maps for the game to have them be blown past in a matter of days never to be returned to again. If you do take the time to go through maps and get to endgame you just slam headfirst into a gigantic wall of RNG gearing. It just feels like such a waste.

Another big issue that I have is that it feels like a lot of the more unique classes are often bad, because the games combat offers nothing to take advantage of the way more the more unique classes play. Why put in the effort playing something like Sapper and luring bosses/mobs into traps when you can just play something like Mergen, hit Zenith and blow up everything in an AoE around you. It doesn’t help that most of the reworks that are being done do nothing but take unique classes, or unique aspects of classes and make them generic.

Even though I take the time to log in just about everyday I can, the two above reasons are why I find myself spending less time on the game after the log in. Constant need to spam CM’S for silver (especially after the removal of silver drops) make the game feel like way more of a job than anything else. RNG item drops that determine if your class is any good or not. Casino system that ultimately just makes the already rich players even richer. It’s all just a big mess tbh, which sucks because there’s so much about ToS that I like but the negatives definitely outweigh the positives.


Casual Gamer that leaves PC on for popo points …

The meta change for every big updates making me think twice of spending time and money for this game

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you gotta check on the old people at the nursing home from-time-to-time, ya’know every 7-8 months to see if they died or not.

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Its more fun to theorycraft and discuss the game than to actually play it because i don’t have to go through 99 different types of gearing, all ridden with RNG or hundreds of millions of silver.


I love theorycrafting and testing new stuff too!

But I think this is what makes the game special, it’s not always the same thing… I often stop playing and come back to the game months later, and It’s like playing a totally new game, learning new stuff, new contents etc

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tos(4yrs ago) is the best mmorpg that i even found

when ppl farm too much in dp2 or solitary. there will have grim lv500 spawn
i really love that

now too manything is RNG and instead they will make ppl harder farm to reach end game
everything is RNG and harder drop more and more and til now someone not yet get even one karaline. the new equipment release and they r like
“hey, if u wanna farming in our new content. getting richer b4 come or stfu and get lost”
i feel like that is not game. its business

b4 i also play 6-8hr farm per day
now i only play 2hr and play only when i get called

ps. online for popo isnt how to play game

I found this game a few years ago when I was bored while finishing my 2nd degree in uni. Tons of fun, so many new things to learn and get used to
I used to play with lots of friends, field farm, do daily Solmiki runs. The games aesthetics caught my eye, admit it or not it is one of ToS’s strong points.

Fast forward a few years, now I got my own family, bought my first house, a lot of other major milestones for me. However the game, atleast for me, is going the other way… been sticking around long enough to have seen it’s the same bs, poor management, lack of game support, all the while gaining $ from players. Rinse and repeat.

So yeah, that’s why I hate timed stuff like timed exp tomes, timed cm resets, coz believe it or not even if you have it 29 days expiry, I will sometimes forget about it. People as busy as me do exist who play ToS… and instead of having to log and have fun I am trying to use them up so I don’t waste them. I know it’s my own fault but hey, you know you do this too.

So yeah I still try to play the game, in all its glory. I try to still have the best gears, but I know I won’t be the best. Tough competition. Busy life. And there are more important stuff in life than tos for me these days.


But imagine investing like all your savings on a character just for it to be so trash after 2 months. It’s kind of sad. :frowning:

It’ll be okay if they just balance all classes and not only specific ones. :slight_smile:

i changed now, investing into costume, because it wont be affected by skill rebalance


But what’s the point in having the same exactly character forever?

Too bad there’s no option like “Barely playing because of IMC decisions but still lurking to see if it can reignite”…

That’s not quite it… A heavy change/patching approach works in games that you don’t need to invest much or that allow such investment to be transferred, which is the case of most MOBAs. MMOs have by default a medium to high investment for character building, so you lose way more when your character doesn’t work because devs decided to change a thing that you couldn’t foresee. It’s a matter of reliability.

Back in the old old days i used to cycle between 10 to 15 characters and have fun, even the ones that were “low tier” at time could still be played with average equipment, which is aligned with the idea of having multiple class options. Nowadays, if i feel like coming back the game i’m forced to pick one character (two if lucky) and struggle to make it just strong enough to not be a dead weight.

It just makes more sense to have multiple characters that are consistent than one to three characters that are scrambled every patch.

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When I started playing there were several friends of mine who also played and most stopped, at that time, because of the unbalanced classes. they argued that there was no point in having several options and, in the end, always having to play with the same classes - it’s horrible to have several characters to want to create new builds and always end up with two - at least - three classes that you already have characters assembled.
So, with the maximum level 420 it was still worth playing in instances like ignas, wastrel, asiomage and doing the leveling runs. Now, it doesn’t make sense anymore. It seems that the casual raids - which I loved very much - have been abandoned. Not to mention that the awards for many contents are also very weak nowadays.
The updates keep bringing new equipment that requires a lot of time or investment to achieve, not to mention that everything needs refining, awakening, trans, legend enhance and ichors.
I have a feeling of running out of time every time I play. This is too bad. And the players who previously recruited everyone ended up recruiting very specific characters precisely because of the updates to the new content.
Anyway, I really like the game and I still like to spend some time doing my thing, but I see that if it continues like this, the players will look for less hardcore games.


I quit around July and came back and there’s more stuff to do that I have to figure out on my own and nobody is at OWD 15 so I can’t even farm for silver solo now because nobody opens up portal there. I feel like the minimum required to join public a team gets higher and higher. I think they keep adding new stuff so that existing people don’t get bored and quit. But that kind of item and game knowledge inflation kills motivation for new starters because there’s so much stuff to learn and so much to catch up on by themselves (remember this game isn’t newb friendly when it comes to itemiztaion and game modes, game functions, etc). So they lose potential new players and also lose older players anyway because no more new players.

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Maybe you could find some newbiew-friendly guild to help you through that beggining! There are always people willing to help, I’m one of those ^^

  1. You could just kill a purple mob yourself to open a portal, even me as full healer don’t need more than 2 minutes to open a portal on that map.

  2. You could also do solo CM in episode 12 maps with your assisters.

  1. Reaching the minimum required also gets easier at the same time. You can now get level 400+ with fully enhanced and transcended Savinose Gear (from quest) in like 3-7 days.

  2. It might not be easy to find groups for harder activities if you aren’t really highly geared (or use the meta build), but you definitely can find guilds that take you even if you don’t have perfect gear yet. Usually you would just start with doing CM7, Uphill, ET/Velco/Skia Legend and solo you can do some unique raids for your first fixed ichors plus weekly raid boss for some extra rewards. Sometimes there’s even a Singu3 party if you’re lucky.

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