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How well you can run this potato game?

Since beta I’ve tried 4 different laptop/pc setups for this game, unfortunately it always ran like crap, mostly in challenge mode and superior world boss. Now I’m coming to you with a question, what rigs you all have and how well the game runs for ya all?

My current specs:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600
GPU: MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X 6Gb
RAM: 16Gb DDR4 3000Mhz

Solo play random field farming: 60-100 fps
5x players beating up random saalus boss: ~30 fps .-.
5x players spamming skills at challenge mode stage 6: ~15 fps :^)
Klaipeda ch1 running around: 30-35 fps
Also stutterings pretty much everywhere

1 linker Linking 10 mobs through Joint Penalty and killing them all at once ~1 fps lul

It’s the engine’s fault not your PC. If you struggle in content like CM or bosses, I simply suggests turning off the graphical options in the Settings tab while doing CM/boss, it works fine for me.

Settings -> Graphics Settings -> Apply Dead Parts [Off]

Let me know if it helps.

Your net speed? Today net game don’t need lot of data, just a high speed and stable connection.

Mine is 30 mbps but i still struggle during World boss due to 30+ connection in a single screen. Data traffic just too much.

Other than that usually like in CM or instance dungeon is because of my Wifi suddenly throttle its speed. Most of the time (like 95%) it was 60 fps all the time.

Of course, there is a server side capacity but if you played FPS like CS, that game genre can
have 30+ connection in a single map and wouldn’t feel too much on user side.

your game spec is over the top…!

Checklist for good fps in every MMO

-CPU with strong singlethreaded performance
-Everything else is irrelevant.

Problem: lots of players and player generated objects on the screen cannot be predicted/optimized and need to be loaded from hard drive and be handled by the CPU in real time.

Your rig fails both checks.

Judging by that fps in Klaipeda you have a garbage mechanical hard drive.

Basically what happens you load Klaipeda and their gazillion players and your hdd isn’t fast enough to load them all in time and your cpu isn’t fast enough to process them all in time.

Ryzen is a garbage CPU, comparable to a 10 years old Sandy Bridge Intel. It’s good enough because most games are limited by GPU anyway, but some games aren’t, and MMOs (not just this one) are one of them.

-Overclock that ryzen to the max, 3.8GHz. It need all the Hertz it can get.
-Put the game on an SSD.

Nothing else can be done. General solution to these problem is DirectX12, allowing multicore processing, something your Ryzen excels at, but cannot use in this game.