How to enhance items to +16 with high probability



There are 5 tricks i can give you . I have tried all of this and get better enhance , 3 times attempt all +21 , i haven’t pass +23 barrier yet .

1.Using many low level white , after +11 , the rate of success goes flatly 50:50 , after 2 fail on the white > 1 success each , after 21 however it won’t works .

2.One-shotting anvil . Goes with any charging multi-hit skill .

3.Channel surf , after each fail go to another channel .

4.Do it on maps that do not have maps , like bokor master house , pyromancer master house , highlander master house , fedimian mission office , etc . Or the empty spot , the less people the better .

5.1 day 1 enhance after passing safe enhance limit . This works until +11 . Be careful you need to actually logout before the server timer day change .

Better use them simultaneously , pray , and be prepare to get poor . hope this helps :slight_smile: .

Believe it or not, up to you.


Use gloria guys! It will totally increase your upgrade chance in RO!

Grats on spreading misinformation, i guess…

after 21 however it won’t works

More like “it doesn’t work, I just think it does and I don’t understand how RNG works”


Superstitions…well I guess it can work for some people.

Here’s one for you: Apparently 14-days silver anvils have 100% refine chance. :wink:


Tried that thing, end up with Masinios 2h mace +11 0 potential. Good that i had enough golden anvils. Spend 30… :tired:


We all have our rituals but at the end of the day, we believe what we want to believe because it is still reappy rng and these things are all psychological…

But dont get me wrong, how I wish they actually do work lol


They do! Just from +1 to +5. :wink:


In the end, it’s 50% chance per attempt
But I do use the paralel enhancement “trick”, I even said in another topic the same thing


But I managed to +10 and +11 a weapon with 2 14-days silver anvils, so this should be proof enough that this method is 100% legit :kissing:. Oh yes, I also used a multihit skill under 60 FPS to enhance my chances.


The minutae of statistics are difficult to understand for me, but isn’t it less likely to produce a row of heads/tails? Wouldn’t that mean after two fails its less likely to produce another one? Of course I know each event has a 50% chance, but isn’t the probability of 2x fail in a row 0.5x0.5 = 0.25 = 25%. Maybe someone can explain this seemingly discrepancy?


“Enhancing is like lottery, no matter what it’s all luck and you can’t try to get luckier.”


-> There are lists of most common drawn numbers.
-> There are lists of numbers that are drawn the least.

I agree. It’s all random. But how can we “explain” the most common and the least common drawn numbers?

You can’t possibly make sure the anvil enhancement will work. But aren’t you able to understand when there’s the least success from similar occurrences and skip the window where failing is most likely? Or like, play the least drawn number less times since they’re less likely to be drawn?

I mean… and end up with a +16 sword 7 pot, +16 Rod 8 pot and +16 mace 2 pot?

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Instead of intentionally continuing when the anvil is failing 2-3 times in a row and keeps always failing after each success to end with your weapon like this?



The funny thing here is the implication that these rituals do work and you can’t even trust IMC to code a 50% RNG chance correctly.


From dev point of view. They’re simple calling srand() and rand() on server side. No one is “coding RNG”.

Unless your application has super important critical data that needs randomization at some point in a really important way you’re not going to try true random systems.

As for other games:

MapleStory has the same “enhancement tricks”:

Enhancing multiple weapons and the main.

Kritika Online posted in another thread:

  1. Enhance the fodder weapon with white whetstones until it runs out of stability. You can re-do this with another fodder weapon until you reach +8 or +9 with one if you really want to make the transfer optimal.

Black Desert Online:

You need to purpose fail. I have a +13 piece of garbage armor I use to purposely get fail stacks to a high number and then attempt enchanting my actual gear.

RO random guide I found:

Step #2 : When attempting to refine your armors, upgrade all the armors collected to their safe point

So why are we telling here “can’t even trust IMC” to do it right if no one else is doing? Where’s the error? Going to blame the rand() and pseudo-RNG algorithms? Making everyone use hardware for true number generators?

Also, if it’s just placebo and “no, you’re mad, you can’t get better luck” why are these methods present and talked in more games other than ToS?

Also, if it’s false, why is it a sure-shot to get +6-8 0 pot if you force a weapon when it’s failing too much already? Did someone ever get +16 from the same enhancement session during the “bad luck chain”?

Like, ultimately for sure it’s all down to RNG and luck. You can avoid a fail here and there and still fail on the expensive weapons.


Which one of OP methods did you use if any?


My first refine of that sword went up to +15 no fails. Then it just failed down and I stopped after trying to force it up again.

Stopped for that day and enhanced it when I noticed I was slightly lucky and it went +13 -> +12 then +16, all normal anvils.

The rod was pure luck after some testing and it went up all the way to +16 with 2 fails in a single session.

The Mace was a product of enhancing 3 Maces at the same time, like Sarutobi video but smaller scale (since I wanted higher success rate because I was going to use it). Ah, btw, I don’t anvil in the same order as him, it depends on failure/success rate then swapped to the other one.


If these rituals can affect the 50% rate then it means it’s not true random. This is similar to xcom games and the like where if you missed a shot then even if you reload the game and input the same commands you will still miss the shot. This means RNG manipulation is possible, and if someone were to discover how exactly to manipulate RNG with upgrading then yea good luck. Try watching this year’s AGDQ of the Dragon Warrior luck-manipulated run where it’s possible to use framedata and audio cues to force spawn rare monsters.

So what does this mean? If any such things like frame rate and the like actually does influence the chance to upgrade, doesn’t that basically mean the refinement system is unfair to people with lower end computers? So yeah, you should be able to understand the implications of this and why a true 50% rng is ideal to keep things fair.

EDIT: corrected a word cause terminology jargon whatever.


Lol, you’re lucky af. Many times i have failed just from +5 to +6.


This is not. Read more:

This is an real issue and there are techniques for that. The only way you can get accurate results though (there’s no other way) is if you can figure the seed that was used before the rand() calls.

Depends. If you can get more successes by enhancing faster yeah.

How do you define “50% true RNG”? Always 1 / 0 / 1 / 0. No variation of 1 / 1 / 1 / 0 / 1 / 0 / 1 / 0 / 1 / 1.

What type of RNG is this that would produce expected results?

On the same line:

@Kihseki are you saying that real life lottery that uses that balls that falls from a recipient or picked by someone with a blindfold isn’t RNG because there are numbers that have less occurrence or almost never are drawn and others are drawn with higher chance?

That’s the kind of luck you stop and try using anvils later, lol.


You don’t need to go too deep, just the idea that rituals, computer specs and player actions can influence upgrade chances is exploitable and unfair is the problem.

The ideal is of course a true 50% chance if that’s what is expected.


Sure. I totally agree with you. But can you offer a way to make sure your 50% chance “is 50% chance” and will never make a +16 weapon without potential loss? Oh wait, if you make it “unable” to do that you’re either forcing a fail or the algorithm isn’t valid as random number generator lol.


Well, for starters their code should work the same no matter what FPS or whether the last upgrade was a fail or not.