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How to delete team

Greetings, saviors!
Here’s how to delete team in the game.
If you want to delete the team in the original world, please follow the instruction.

  1. Select your server.

  2. Delete your all characters. (When deleting the character, you must unequip all your equipment.)

  3. Click Team info on the above right

  4. Click Delete Team

  5. Write down the sentence “I agree that all data is deleted and cannot be restored”

  • Please note: If you delete your team, the team and TP won’t be restored.

I tried several times to erase my team, but it just appears that the code to erase the time is invalid.

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Its my first time trying the game and I can’t delete my newly created account in Season [SEA]. I cannot login to un equip either because no channel is available.

why do you need to delete your character in Season [SEA]? That’s the new season server and you’re already pre-registered. The new server opens after this weeks maintenance.

Does anyone know if I delete my team, do I still keep the character slot i already spent TP on? or do I lose all the character slots I have spent TP on already?

I’m guessing you won’t keep them. But that’s unfair. you spent real money on that. Might to clarify with GM/IMC

I cannot delete my team on NA server. I type in the phrase but it says “invalid code”. Anyone know about this?

Write it correctly. It worked fine yesterday.
(with the dot at end, i think)

I missed the period at the end. I’m so use to random internet people butchering the English language on that I assumed it wasn’t there! Thanks for reminding us!

Dumbest idea ever to make players delete their teams to play on new server. Should have thought of a counter measure like allowing players to log in manually from a different account or to migrate the new player’s team onto a server that the player doesn’t have a team on. Oh well.

Why do I need to wait for 30 days to be able to delete my team again? I just want to play on the season server but it won’t allow me because I have my empty team on another server already.

I have the same error anyhelp?