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How to: Astral Tower Closed Quarters (Ignas Unique Raid Lv. 380)


This guide will be covering all there is to know about the newest unique raid - Astral Tower Closed Quarters (or as everyone calls it, Ignas Raid) so that you can go forth and pug it with confidence! Feel free to leave any comments or corrections to the guide and I’ll try to update it ASAP.

Server: Klaipeda // Team Name: Sachee

:distinguished: Table of Contents

  1. Astral Tower Closed Quarters: Basics
  2. Possible Loot
  3. Dungeon Mechanics & Tips
    :small_blue_diamond: First Room (Mild DPS check)
    :small_blue_diamond: Second Room (Crystals matching)
    :small_blue_diamond: Third Room (Mini-boss - Prodded Horse)
    :small_blue_diamond: Fourth Room (Tower Defense)
    :small_blue_diamond: Fifth Room (Boss - Ignas)

:distinguished: 1. Astral Tower Closed Quarters: Basics

Raid Portal Stones Required: 6 raid portal stones

  • The cost of unique raids increase in cost by increments of 1 raid portal stone for each extra run per character (NOT PER TEAM / meaning you can run on different characters for the original cost without raising it each time)

Minimum Entry Level: 380

  • There is no pre-requisite questline that you must complete before you are allowed to run this raid

Location: Astral Tower 4F

Map of Dungeon Entrance


  • Two ways to run to the entrance: through Astral 1F or through Astral 20F
  • It’s faster to run from Astral 20F > Astral 12F > Astral 4F than the other way around since the path is more straightforward and the dungeon entrance is towards the end of Astral 4F
  • My personal favorite way to get there is to buy a warp from a sage shop (side note: base camps can be placed/teleported to in Astral 4F, but it’s not really worth it if you run from Astral 20F)

:distinguished: 2. Possible Loot

All the equipment sets have interesting special effects which could be worthwhile for your build so be sure to check them out!

Cloth Set

Leather Set

  • Currently the whole set is really great for scouts in order for them to take advantage of the special effect while in stealth or evading
  • The gloves and boots are still pretty good if you’re an archer or swordsman looking to take advantage of the high stats or if you have great evasion rolls on other pieces
Plate Set

Legendary Ignas Card

  • Currently, this card is sought after by people who want to PVP as a scout and want to take advantage of the stealth mechanic or to use as a sorcerer summon
Miscellaneous Items



  • You can run extra times on one character to stack up more fragments so you can reach 50 fragments faster (but only do it if you feel like you have the extra raid portal stones for it)

[Klaipeda] Sanctuary

:distinguished: 3. Dungeon Mechanics & Tips

Dungeon Map w/ Key Locations

Dungeon Map

  • The circles are key locations in each room (gates/NPCs/optimal locations to buff or fight)

:one: First Room (Mild DPS check):

Kill the monsters to collect their spirits to turn into the device past the bottom of the stairs to the right but there is no timer (that’s why it’s only a mild DPS check)


  • Mobs will spawn in two locations: at the top of the stairs and at the bottom of the stairs.
  • The area at the bottom of the stairs will spawn only the stationary mob pipi while the area at the top of the stairs will spawn all three mobs
Monsters in the First Room

  • Pipi is a stationary mob that can only be moved with some hard CC skills and even then it might not work all the time
  • Exorcists and other classes that deal extra damage towards devil type monsters are great against these two mobs above

:orange_book: Notes and Tips

  • I recommend leaving one person at the bottom of the stairs who’s good at dealing with stationary and/or devil mobs and having the rest of the team stay at the top of the stairs
  • After turning in your points, you should call out how many points X/300 so that your teammates can decide if it’s time for them to turn in as well so you’re not all waiting around (really speeds up the process!)

:two: Second Room (Crystals matching):

Move the crystal balls into their respective color platforms to activate the spirit collection device and then kill mobs by the device in order to collected their spirits

Images of the mechanics
  • You can auto attack the crystals in order to move them

  • The crystals can get stuck on the environment of the map and at that point only an archer can get them out or you have to wait for it to respawn in a new position

  • Once you’ve moved all of the crystals into the correct platform, all the lights will activate and you’ll know it’s time to start killing mobs by the spirit collection device

  • The spirit collection device has 100 HP and can be destroyed if no one aggros the mobs that spawn randomly in both rooms

  • It can be healed with priest’s mass heal

  • You can kill mobs anywhere in the room with the spirit collection device and it will still count towards the 50 count so just fight the mobs slightly off the device if you’re afraid of it being destroyed

  • The device can deactivate so try to kill all 50 mobs before it goes away so you don’t have to go through the trouble of reactivating the device again

:orange_book: Notes and Tips

  • Archers for some reason can move the crystals faster and unstuck them from corners so it’s best to have archers finish matching them up
  • Saving the mobs that spawn until the device activates can speed up the spirit collecting if you feel like your team will have trouble collecting all 50 spirits before the device deactivates
  • I also buff and cast revive here once 45/50 spirits have been collected to prepare for the boss fight in the next room

:three: Third Room (Mini-boss - Prodded Horse):**

Easy mini-boss without any wipe mechanics

Prodded Horse Stats

Prodded Horse Attacks
  • This boss doesn’t do that much damage to most players and it’s very fast and straightforward


  • The boss does the same attack when he says either of those things above his head
  • This attack is jumpable like how you can jump over Mirtis’s spinning circle attack
  • If you have an oracle, you can also use foretell through it, but if your team isn’t taking that much damage from the attack, just ignore it and heal when needed
  • The boss announces all of his attacks above his head so you can use that time to prepare

:orange_book: Notes and Tips

  • The boss also moves around a lot but he will always teleport back to the middle before he casts his attacks so my advice is to leave your installations or dots in the middle and use other skills while he’s away
  • Buffing and casting revive right before you finish the spirit collecting will ensure that you’ll be able to cast everything without being interrupted and most fights should not last longer than the duration of revive (if you’re going to cast anything important like revive, make sure you cast anti-KB)

:four: :bangbang: :bomb: :bomb: :bangbang: Fourth Room (EASY DUNGEON FAIL HERE):

A mix of tower/NPC defense and channeling where if you let the NPC Ramunas die or both of the power supplies get destroyed, you will FAIL the whole dungeon!

The goal of this room is to help defend Ramunas while he channel the device (which you can also help with) until it reaches 600/600 in order to break the seal to move into the boss room

Power Supply Defense Sequence:
The order in which mobs spawn will always be in the same order which you can see down below

There are 3 main roles for part of the dungeon (decide this before starting this phase):

  • Runner: Runs to the western and eastern power supplies to defend them by killing all the mobs once the announcement comes up (this can be one or two people depending on what’s needed)
  • Channeler: Entire job is to just channel the whole time uninterrupted
  • Defender: Focuses on making sure Ramunas doesn’t die by killing the mobs that spawn in the center (this also lets the channeler keep channeling in peace)
  • Everyone should be trying to channel whenever there is any downtime in order to quickly reach 600/600

Healing the NPC/Power Supplies:

  • The only way to heal NPC/installations in the game currently is with priest’s mass heal (no, alchemist’s new sprinkle HP potion does not work)
  • The graphics for the dungeon’s HP bars do not always update properly meaning, you can heal the NPC or the power supply but the HP bar will still say 83/100 but if you look at the object’s red HP bar, you can see that they are fully healed (like below)

:orange_book: Notes and Tips

  • Sometimes mobs will spawn at either ends without a notification so please keep an eye out for it and quickly run towards the end that doesn’t have mobs running down from
  • Please pay attention at this part so you don’t fail :pensive:

:five: Fifth Room (Boss - Ignas)

Ignas Stats

Ignas's Party Wipe Mechanic
  • Ignas has one team wipe mechanic that you must i-frame where he releases a black ring starting from him outwards towards the edge of the room TWO times (This can happen multiple times during the fight depending on your party’s DPS)
  • You can jump this attack however it’s extremely difficult to time and you will instantly die if you fail
  • You can also simply run to the edge of the room before he casts it since it’s not exactly the size of the entire room
  • This is what he says above his head before he casts his party wipe skill
  • Below is a clear picture of the black ring if you want to try to jump them
Ways to Survive
  • List of i-frames:
    :small_orange_diamond: Oracle’s foretell (team-wide)
    :small_orange_diamond: Pied Piper’s friedenslied (team-wide)
    :small_orange_diamond: Bulletmarker’s bloody overdrive (solo)
    :small_orange_diamond: Mergen’s jump shot (solo and needs to be timed properly)
    :small_orange_diamond: Assassin’s annihilation (solo)
    :small_orange_diamond: Pyschokino’s teleportation (solo and needs to be timed properly)
    :small_orange_diamond: Shadowmancer’s shadowpool (solo)
    :small_orange_diamond: Chronomancer’s stop which will only work on the boss ONCE or you can turn the personal attribute on to save only yourself
    :small_orange_diamond: Chronomancer’s reincarnate with the team attribute on will also save your party if you time it properly
    :small_orange_diamond: Priest’s revive which will let you eat this attack only once during the fight since the invulnerability will last you through both waves
    :small_orange_diamond: Exorcist’s engkrateia with the attribute to keep you at 1 hp while it’s active (solo)
    :small_orange_diamond: Featherfoot can probably just float over this mechanic since it’s something you can jump, but it’s unconfirmed for me since I don’t play FF
    :small_blue_diamond: This is not an exhaustive list, feel free to comment with other i-frames you know of!

:orange_book: Notes and Tips

  • Overall, Ignas is not a particularly difficult fight as long as you can get over the party wipe attack(s)
  • Ignas does have other skills but none of them are particularly note-worthy besides ‘Punish them’ where he summons four adds
  • I would also recommend buffing by the initial gate after getting teleported out of the fourth room and using revive right as it says ‘Ignas has spawned’ since everyone can sprint towards the boss room now without wasting much time on revive
  • Ignas has a skill where he has two mirror images of himself on either side of him and he shoots the tank in the face repeatedly - you can link those mirror images with linker’s joint penalty for extra damage


chronomancer’s reincarnte doesnt save you i think, ive tried it multiple times with it on, it still wipes


it does work but it’s a bit finicky because that attack is actually two waves and it’ll only revive you once when you die from the first wave. i’ve done it before but i think that’s because i managed to jump the first wave and then died to the second one.


Good quality Raid Guide :+1:

this game needs more like this


Ignas’ party wipe mechanic is not a one-time cast. If you don’t have ridiculous DPS you will see it twice.


yeah i just meant it as one mechanic he does that can team wipes if you’re not prepared, but i will clarify


I know this is old but ill ask anyways, does anyone know if the party wipe skill has a damage limit or if its true damage or a specific element? would be good to know that.