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How much con should a Musketeer have?

I’m a lv 162 QS3>scout who wants to go musketeer after. I have only 45 con now, how much would be the minimum for end-game content?

for pvp i’d do 60-70 invested.
Non scout builds need more, but since you are scout it’ll help in pvp and pve. So no need to go crazy i’d say 13-14k hp at lvl 280 is enough.

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for PvE
depend on Str : Dex stat build those who has lower Dex need more Con
IMO 13-14k HP is fine for those with high dex/evasion, but those whose has high Str build should have more than 15k HP
I suggest you look into your HP instead of CON because if you have enough HP from gears you don’t need much CON

regarding the dex, my proportion str:dex will be something like 2:1 str dex

i’d go for more dex coming into the rank 8 meta for an archer

like how much? atm I have 151 str and 112 dex

my R6 will be falconeer, not archer2

without ar2 and that stat build you might not able to dodge most time like those high dex build, I suggest go15-16k HP, How much CON depend on your gears.
what armor type do you plan to use plate or leather? some plate set like virtov or grynas give of a lot HP.
do you have or plan to have m.petamion? what about bracelet and headgears?

i really suggest you go archer c2 at rank 6. that’s your choice but i really suggest you do. falconer is getting a nerf soon. circling is gonna get a nerf and you don’t want that

What nerf? could you give me sources?

And if you meant the nerf on circling + snipe, it’s not gonna be a problem, since snipe is getting a new attribute to fix that

Well, I have a stat reset potion, I can use it whenever I want

In this topic most people recommend going falconeer

about circling there’re 1st rumor without proof about 2 months ago.
and currently there’re some skill that can’t make stat get negative

there’re starting to talk about circling, but this time it’s slightly possible to affact circling, but we won’t know if minimal ADR’ll become 1 instead of 0?

even for a pve build going archer c2 is better. i had a falconer, its a poor choice.

what about the aoe? won’t I miss it?

ar2 is really good choice espicially those crit prefer class like cannon musket, I just give OP the information about circling nerf rumor.

thanks, I’m the op actually. I want to know what are these rumors based on

Based on nothing. Nothing in the patch notes from what I’ve seen, it’s just people regurgitating things mindlessly