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How impactful is +1600 loot chance in farming?

will it double the total drop/hour compared to <500 loot chance?

I tested it and to be sincere I don’t think it was a huge difference. It was told by some guild members that looting chance has a cap but I don’t know which is. I was farming with a 1300 looting chance and it didn’t have the impact I thought It would have had lol.

So … do not expect items dropping like rain XD

the cap is 4.000

there is no official dev blog post about how loot chance works or their value
the only rumor I’ve heard was that 1 loot chance = 0.1% increased drop rate, don’t know if this is true

probabilty is luck so even if you double your loot chance there is no guarantee that you will also double your drops, most likely you wont.

yeah, there is no guarantee sadly

Not felt tbh I sometimes get planium more fruequently with less loot chance

LC only affects gear drops (more LC = more gear drops), nothing else :tired: 7

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What is about skill gem ? Thanks.

what do you mean by skill gem? please elaborate

It doesn’t affect skill gems sadly.

this kind of gems :

Sorry for not writting clearly, I want to ask if loot chance can effect drop chance of skill gem from mobs or not effect at all ? Thanks.

I think Looting chance can only be used inside CM’s and those dungeons with huge amount of monster mobs ( forgot the name ) … and looting chance only affects armors and weapons I think …

Edit: Also! I get more unique and planiums WITHOUT Looting chance equips and gems and buffs … ITS A SCAM! XDDDD