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How I Anvils All My Varna Weapons to +16 | Mini Guide/Clips

Video Description: Just take your time hitting the anvil, switch your main weapon to other weapons if it need.

Video Link :

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It’s purely lucky, there are no miracle methods to confirm a +16 with multiple weapons. RNG is the word. This method was used in the past (2016), but it was bugued and didn’t work on itos. Don’t do this for your weapon, for my case i’ve +21 with 15 succes in a row whitout switch and broke weapon.

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Funny story: yesterday on Fedi one player tried to anvil a Varna weapon, ended up with +11 1 pot weapon while his “trash” weapon ended up +21. :haha:
Sometimes the RNG has a sick sense of humour…

Here’s another +16 sword i made today to follow up other people wondering about the method.

By using the Luck Booster add-on everyone is using, of course.

As someone who needed 7 weapons to do a +16, i guess i may as well try this method next time, even if it actually does nothing…

This will count as 9x +16 success so far. 3 fails. Still no staff/pistol on market.

this, any ritual mentioned were just placebo effect

3rd +16 today.

Still trying to find a clean bow/pistol at the moment.

someone selling clean varna for 40-45m in klai.just go grab it.
all in all, everyone has their own ritual and belief.i hate to think theres some cheat/trick out there and i rather believe in luck like you did with your ritual.
as for anyone who gonna try this, trust me its not always gonna work.if it is, blessed you.
2 days ago i got 2 varna trinket, a healthier one and a dead one.the healthier one end up dead too with lower + compare to the already dead one.someone shouting 10 sga for cheap price so i grab it. i hit 8 success in a row to +16 and use the other two for my carnas magija necklace(1 success 1 fail if you wonder)

Follow up for that +16 weapon. Made it into +21 instead.

challenge yourself to make 3 +16 moring pyktis man.

They should just make golden anvils “sure success” til +11, and Ruby until +16… i never got +16 on any weapon.
Sometimes i think the game hates me.

reported for clickbait, i did this method and the guy standing next to me got lucky instead

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I’ve been seen so much of methods such as ritual actions or Rabbit foot like things that make believe people could give them boost for the enhancements.

But, here is the funny thing, I saw once that devs using their useless weapon to break and wishing for the good luck. he is the one of the man who designed it - well not exactly him, him but he is the dev you know - and doing that. I was so laughing. And my pistol decreased to +6 when I enhanced it. from +11 :tired:


Did this today and got my pike

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And then theres me, who needed 4 Varna weapons to have one weapon higher than +6 / 0 potential left…

Honestly, screw you. I failed 10 attempts to +6 on my necklace in a row and you got several +16. I’m pissed with RNG right now.

How the hell is possible!? :sad:

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For every succes you have several other ppl will fail, it changes nothing in the big picture, you are just on a lucky streak which will cease at some point.