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How gimped fletcher without their vaivora?

with the incoming fletcher master card (+30% to bow skills), i tempted to make mergen-fletcher-ranger (optimizing that card). But solo content restrict weapon swap so i can only use vaivora mergen. How gimped is fletcher without fletcher’s vaivora?

Fletcher’s damage is ok and crit chance buff is really good against plant bosses dmg
Made a lot of mistakes in crossfire+dma combo, it should be a little stronger than targeted arrow since I’m not at the point of both skills capping dmg.

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oh you are that youtuber i just saw! how is fletcher AOE?

kinda weak, but it’s so satisfying to proc split with dma in auto match :laughing:

Hi, one question.

Fletcher passive increases your critical rate +% per stack or minimum critical chance like appraiser blindside does? Description is very confusing

I was told it increases your crit chance directly, like leather buff and old sneak hit. Basically 40% crit chance will be enough cap (40%*1.5=60%). Never tested if it buffs crit rate without showing in F1(like finestra) or the crit chance though.

Just tested: 1367 crit rate vs Poevita with 1704 crit res = 0% crit chance. If polished arrowhead buffed crit rate it would be = 11% crit chance, but I still didn’t crit. So it seems that the buff does crit chance * 1.5 = 0%.

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