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How does a wizard solo the new HG?

I’ve tried it and I can’t do the 2 bosses at the same time. Am I doing something wrong? Or is that place only for high geared players or scouts?

  1. What build are you using?
  2. What does your gear look like?
  3. What bosses are you fighting?
  4. Are you using the HG potion from the Gabija coin shop?

I went for 1v1 bossing in 2F … dark wiz … if you want to 2-3 boss then pyro or cryo build … but still need strong damage XD

Even with +18 full set you still have trouble. Big pp dmg needed to solo.

you have to use offset vs medium and offset vs leather at the same time on gear.
The catch is that you need only 7000 crit rate to cap critical in HG

As a wizard, I think your best bet would be to solo just one boss. Your clear time highly depends on your build too. Geared pyros and cryos can do 3 bosses at once while dark wizards may have a rough time attempting the same.

If you’re interested, here’s my run vs 1 boss (Asiomage)

With 2 bosses (Skiaclipse and Velcoffer)
this is painful and survivability is an issue

Here is Palemoon’s vid where they did solo against 3 bosses for 1 hr using a cryomancer

Just literally use offset lines, that’s how you do multiple boss at the same time without dying and without a pocket healer. I can tank 5 bosses on archer.

What is offset lines? (sorry for the question, I’m just noob)

I’m Pyro-Ele-Tao and then +16 overlord armors and +19 staff and +15 trinket. So basically I’m not quite geared yet to solo HG efficiently

The blue stat, it makes you takes less damage if you match the criteria, capped at like 7000 per name.
^ Each weapon you have like this you take 12-13% less damage from enemies. So you can just have a set of engraves with a lot of this as long as you hit 7000 crit rate, and you will take 50-60% reduced damage.
So to farm HG2 without healer you just need those blue rolls ^ on as much gear as you can, without going under 7000 crit rate on your character :stuck_out_tongue: (hunting ground monsters are EASY to crit cap)

So I need those specific blue stats on all my armors? Is that for the first 2 bosses?

It’s for you (if you are medium you take less damage, if you are leather you take less damage), you need to balance your gear (possibly on another engrave page) so you reach 7000 critical rate and a couple of equips with those 2 blue lines.
My suggestion would be as a first try to roll 1 of your weapons with this and then save the engrave, so you can swap slots engrave and have these on two pieces. Dunno if you got what i mean. Since your engraves are saved in slot 1 and 2 of weapons you can swap slot 1 and slot 2 weapons for a second just to apply…instead of saving the save engrave multiple times.
Be sure not to delete your critrate rolls engraves cause you need them outside of HG! HG has low critresist

TLDR process:
Remember to save your critical rate rolls into the engrave system before making secondary rolls.
Roll your staff? with those 2 blue lines between 1050-1100ish
Apply engrave on a second page to save it!
Unequip your first staff from slot 1
Equip your second staff in slot 1
Now you can apply the stats you saved on the second staff 4 free without using many engrave slots
Put back all the gear in the correct slots and you got 4000-4400 offset rolling and engraving 1 single weapon. You can apply this to technically have double the amount of weapon/sub engrave slots

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I think you can solo 2F but 1on 1 boss … just add potion + full buffs if you hit 60k damage total you’re okay … you just need to survive ( bring lots of pots XD )

This is what I get 1 hour daily with my dark wiz solo 1on 1 with asio boss … i’m just waiting for that lucky good drops hahahah


Do monsters by default have increased attack against medium and leather?
I get that you would definitely want it for PVP, since people are likely to have those increased damage modifiers for other players. However, if all monsters have that naturally, then everyone should always be utilizing the offsets, as they essentially add a second layer of defensive stats. Correct?

Offsets work as damage reduction in PvE even without monsters having the offensive stat.
The damage reduction is equal to the amount of damage bonus that would’ve been offset (listed in the stat window) and caps at 50% reduction

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So these are my armors… What stat should you think I change?

And these are my weapons…


And this is my stats…


And if there’s anything I should improve or modify as well, advise is appreciated :slight_smile:

Yes I’ve tried that. I have to chug a lot of potions just for 1 boss (buffed and with the Unknown Sanct potion as well). I was kinda hoping for like, at least 2?

ditch all the evasion for medium attack offsetting.

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Just read again what i suggested in the TLDR.
In order:
Unequip everything
Equip your best statted trinket and staff
Save the engravings so you don’t lose all your progress?
Then roll ONE staff OR trinket to INT CON OFFSETMEDIUM OFFSETLEATHER and make the rolls high
Save the engrave of this item in the second engrave page you have, be sure to not overwrite the first.
Now you can swap to these stats easily when going in the HG. There’s no need to roll 2 of the same thing. You can just manually swap weapon slots when you “apply engrave”, and then put them back in the normal order.

Be sure to save engravings. I don’t want you to be trolled. You can remove some critical rate only for the HG but you need it outside of it.

Can’t help you more than this

Writing this i’m assuming you didn’t engrave, ever, and that your resources are limited, sorry if i sound crazy