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How do you see TOS lately, RATE it!

It had been very long time i dont play the game… But I can see a lot of changed since the last time I did play… isnt a game destroy by DEV anymore? there is hope for this game now?

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well, from someone who hasn’t left the game for 3 years. i guess

gameplay - 6.5
the refurbished class system made it easier for new build combinations that wasn’t possible before during the times it has a rank requirement restriction, and players are forced to come up withe filler classes. though the number of classes a player can combine is reduced to 3, there is no more choice on taking how many circle of a class, all are consolidated as a whole

the elimination of class circles prevents new players who aren’t familiar with the classes from creating very obscure and unplayable builds. though it also prevents from veterans from making “fun” builds, the good outweighs the bad.

a lot of animation time on casting skills are reduced, so the pacing would be more reactive, expect it to have more action than what you remembered

though there are still some aspect (skills/UI) that needs significant polishing to adapt to this new pacing to make the gameplay smoother, it’s not all that stressful. but it may prevent players from using these elements due to how unpolished they are

story - 7
the plot of the game requires a lot of reading, though it doesn’t really require critical thinking from the player aside from finding them, most of the twists are spoonfed to the player.

while it is like that for the main stories. hidden quests/gimmicks are the opposite. this is where most players engage in story-digging that may or may not lead to something, but whichever the result is, that’s the fun of it

aesthetics - 8
graphics and music are nice as it was before, with new maps adding more whimsical scenery as the player goes nearer to the kingdom territories.

and new class masters adding new OST (a lot of them are quite catchy) when you interact with them.

additionally, there are also more equipment visual effects than there was before (considering there’s almost nothing way back then)

but of course, understandably, bugs can still occur, from minor clippings to missing/wrong object

performance - 4.5
it’s a bit hard to say, as performance improves, new aspects of the game may tend to break it. there are weeks where an update may make the game play fluidly smooth.

and there are weeks where an update makes it stressful for players to play normally

things are different yet the same, while i personally don’t have a problem with it. i believe if the game is able to be able to respond to these bugs/issues more quickly (if not one step ahead of it), it would add player confidence to invite new players to this game

content - 8
i may be giving it more credits than i should, but as a casual player of this game, i find the content diverse enough for everyone to be interested on an aspect of the game.

and with the coming housing system, i am sure it will make me more interested in loitering around than i already should Owo;;

my overall score is 6.8

not bad for a game that’s a bit on the underrated bracket, considering it being heavily criticized


Right now its the only thing i m playing in my free time. I give a 7/10.

Performance and crowd control makes me rage sometimes(A lot in reality), but yeah, i still enjoy playing the game.


It’d depend on what kind of player are you. I am a Loregamer, so, Endgame is something I started doing since last year. Therefore, I can’t rate that area that much out of personal taste. My rates and feedback would be the next:

NOTE: The Lore feedback focuses more on new/actual loregamers, writers and artists who can create contents based on Tree of Savior story. May not apply to Endgamers expectations.

Lore: 8.5

So far, Tree of Savior has a great plot and story development. With the upcoming last Revelation, we might think it will be the end of the story. Nevertheless, these are just Revelations that foresaw the future Laima predicted. After reading it, would that Revelation be just the beginning of everything? The Revelations were just preparing us for the real big deal?

The story is incomplete. There are questions that need to be answered through upcoming lores: "Is Rexipher a double agent?", "Where is Ausrine?", "What's the location of the Giant Tree/The Creator?", "Are Dalia and Gesti really dead or remain in a sort of limbo, or live a similar situation to Hauberk's?, "Is Baiga showing up?", etc.

The Lore of Tree of Savior has a lot of pontential that is so far to reach an end; the release of new stories is similar to a TV series that bring episodes every once in a while, but the denouement will depend on the company's writers.

Character Development: 7.0

Thanks to the 100 Attribute Points quests and Encyclopedia of Masters, we know a bit more about Masters, especially 2017 Rank 8 Masters (Matador, Shadowmancer, Bullet Marker, Zealot), even 2018’s (Onmyoji and Retiarius), who have their own books. Such feature, would be pretty much convenient for other Masters and important characters for Tree of Savior story so people know more about them, their personalities, behavior, attributes, etc. Having official profiles of characters (currently relaying on loregamer’s researches) would be helpful in the fan content creations.

Nevertheless, most of important characters’ development are either incomplete or lacking. Some characters’ development were featured in one storyline quest or more. Its important to have more backgrounds from important characters like Masters, High Rank Demon Lords/Kings, World’s Communities, and such.

The characters whose development and arc stand out in the game are: Agailla Flurry, Hauberk, Beholder, Ignas, and Solcomm .

Why these characters?
  • Agailla Flurry: Even if deceased, know about her teamwork with Hauberk at the Fantasy Library Raid, you can still interact with her spirit at Narvas Temple to stop Hauberk, enter her Mage Tower and meet Gabija as the “successor” of the tower.

  • Hauberk did nothing wrong: At the very early quests at Sutatis, you meet Hauberk trying to save his contractor, know his hatred against his own kind, even Giltine, for the betrayal he suffered and he wants revenge. Such Revenge is developed at Demon Prison when trying to recover his shattered soul (committted by Helgasercle), and we meet his shattered souls (Deception, Ambition and Suspicion), which happen to merge, at Narvas Temple with a greater anger and bigger thirst of revenge after being used by Vakarine at Demon Prison, yet we see how the Revelator (who trusted at first in Sutatis) and Agailla Flurry (who teamworked with) allying against him.

    We can tell that Hauberk has the biggest character development in the game, and he isn’t even a high ranked Demon.

  • Beholder: From Gate Route to Spell Tome Town, Beholder has been present in more places than High Ranked demons, since he’s apparently the direct servant of Giltine. We first saw him monitoring Zaura’s job with the Kruvina, then he uses the Revelator to attempt to kill Solcomm, helped Giltine to give advantage on stealing the 9th Revelation at Fantasy Library (Sausys), and last time we saw him speaking with Quipmage.

    Beholder is the second major developed character in game, and we still need to see his arc. So far, we know he’s manipulative and arrogant.

  • Ignas: Despite being a “new” character, we knew everything about him through Barynwell and Astral Tower’s quests. We know he became the next head of the Schaffenstar by killing and usurping the previous head. Due to greed and thirst of power, he sided with Demons and took over the Astral Tower as a corrupt governor, who didn’t care about sacrificing his own people for the sake of power. After the Resistance and the Revelator caught him, he went from prideful and greedy man to a disturbed and angered man after having his plans ruined and showed his Demon Lord form.

    We saw how he started, how he developed and his arc in just one quest. Ignas Raid seems to be a story before the Revelator met and allied the Resistance. Therefore, Ignas has a major development as Hauberk.

  • Solcomm deserves better: The first time we met him was at Lanko Waters, but he had a big task given by the High Ranked. His mission was to deprive the Astral Tower to be built and defeat Lydia Schaffen. After failing, he was looked down, betrayed and manipulated by high ranked demons. Then at Lanko Waters, we were told by Beholder that Solcomm was using the Crystal Stone to gather power and sends the Revelator to kill him when, SURPRISE: Solcomm explained the Crystal Stone is only used to collect and register information around the place; meaning Beholder twisted everything just to get rid of Solcomm. In the end, Solcomm had no side and remained as neutral.

    Solcomm even has his own books. His character development is a major along Hauberk and Ignas.

Art: 10

Without any bias, the Art of Tree of Savior is the strongest feature the game has.

The character concepts (by MAGGI) are unique, hard worked and detailed. While MAGGI has a particular way to portray anatomy (and dare to say the characters’ expressions are constant/the same), its very different and more original to other MMORPG’s art. Something very important to emphasize is the lack of individual portraits for important characters: Baiga, Ausrine, Ruklys, Lydia Schaffen, Solcomm, Nebulas (only has 3D model), Kings (maybe), Ebonypawn, Froster Lord (considering he used the power of Giltine to freeze over the world of the dragons).

The Music is widely varied and instrumental in most of them. It features electronic, metal, lyrics, orchestra, contemporary, rap and more styles. Most of the music fits the place and situations we face in the gamplay.

The Aesthetic is legit according to the maps. Has a variety of color palettes, without any excess of saturation nor usage of pure colors; mainly staying in midtones.

Class System: 9.0

With the new class system, you can make proper builds that you weren’t able to if you weren’t in certain rank. Its easier to do meta builds now and Class Change Points is a big advantage now, because it allows you to try more builds. Still, some classes and builds were affected with the new system.

UI: 7.0

This is mostly personal, but I tend to get BSODs at random times and random frequencies, while other computers with lower RAM and OS don’t experience these issues, but a big lag or more VGAs instead. Can be the game itself or computer or both. It depends on the user.

Staff/GMs: 8.5

IMC works very hard on this game and its appreciated (by at least some). They’re still humans like us, after all. I consider it lacks of personnel in both Staff and GM areas. Not to mention iTOS is very different and more limited compared to kToS, jToS, etc. There are independent projejcts by fans that require the approval of iTOS (fan merchandise), while kToS and jToS are in fact allowed to do such things.

This would be all from me for now. xd


You made me feel like doing all the story quests I have since neglected since I started this game years ago. Omg you.

Story 5/10
Gameplay: 6.5/10
Art: 7/10 I guess
Music: 6/10 (music usually don’t fit into situation whatsoever)
Optimization: Absolute 0/10
Class system 10/10
Balance: 4/10 :^)
PVE: 8/10
PVP: 0/10 (unbalanced and laggy)

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Drama on game still good 9.5


LOL. Good that you made them! ToS has awesome story! :smiley:

Gameplay 7/10
Life quality has been greatly improved but still needs more attention. Desyn is still a thing and needs to be fix cause if not, implanting hard features that requires timing is impossible. Im looking at you too Archer LEAP.

Story 8/10
So far so good as a savior.

Art 10/10
The only thing that keep me playing this game.
Is art style and cosmetic, some may seem silly like those ugly knight hair but it add colors to the game.

UI 6/10
Improved but THAT weight scale bar just why why why…

Balance 3/10
Lovely owl statue doing more damage than sorcerer and necromancer when they are suppose to be specialized in summonings.

Sword having lower dmg than dagger/whhaaatt/

Shadowmancer being red class but have 3 attack skills while Sage a green class have 4 attack skills/whhaaaaatttt/

Rune caster and fletcher doesnt need to exist. What happen to the item require to use skill = more effect *cough cough dear inquisitors" And so appraiser. Insurance is a real solid evidence of “we dont know what to do with this class,”

Bloodletting removed when it is so historically accurate. And moving haste to PD because chronomancer shouldnt be able to speed things up.

So on and so on i’ll Be writing a 3000 words essay if i continue.

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Unfortunately, no I have not yet done them… But with the passion and commitment you did with questing with yours, makes me feel like I could be missing out a lot on the game and may be bring more fun to the table than just endlessly farming… <3

Played at launch for a while, played for a couple of months year 2, have been playing now since November 2018

Story 7.5/10
Art 9.5/10
Sound Effects 6/10
Music ?/10
Character Building 8/10
Gameplay 6/10
Optimization 1/10
MMO World-feel 8/10
Economy 7/10
Gear Progression 5/10
P2W 2/10
Guild Mechanics 8/10
PvP 5/10

Overall 6.0833/10 lol

Story 7.5/10 - Some youth have their Savior Powers awakened by Goddess Dreams, the young protagonists help mend a broken world and face off against the demons responsible for a near societal-apocalypse. Cliches and mediocre translation (or script) vs fairly endearing quests and overall charm.

Art 9.5/10 - Considering the style. There are proportion and distance perception problems now and then with the 2D drawn art.

Sound Effects 6/10 - There are more than a handful (Wizard’s shield spell and Frenzy’s counter for quick examples) of very annoying sounds that are not produced well, but many satisfying noises as well. This is detrimental to players who choose not to have music during gameplay.

Music ?/10 - I couldn’t tell you because when the bland techno of Mage Tower came on for the first time, I turned music off forever.

Character Building 8/10 - Thematic Class System that is rewarding. I have 10 alts at the moment.

Gameplay 6/10 - The Topdown Dungeon Crawler feel is there, but the game engine’s performance is atrocious.

Optimization 1/10 - 1 point for continuing to slowly optimize SOME THINGS.

MMO World-Feel 8/10 - World Bosses, Pretty Zones, Large Zones, “Hunting Grounds”, Treasures, Job-Classes, Random NPCs, gimmick quests, hidden quests. Really good for a top-down.

Economy 7/10 - It is possible to just grind Silver to the top, but the market is influenced by the multi account endgame whales.

Gear Progression 5/10 - Oh man is it ever dumb. Possible, but not very fun. Endgame is rewarding in a sick and twisted way. Old gear or anything short of Unique/Legend gear is useless, save for a few niche Purple recipes (you don’t really gear up as you level and leveling is a chore rather than an experience). You’ll end up with alt leveling sets rather than having fun finding gear, which is part of what MAKES a dungeon crawler IMO. Then when you are all leveled up you can spend you time gambling to enhance your gear to compete with the whales.

Pay2Win 2/10 - Endgame is Adorable Gambling Simulator. Multi Account Whales present.

Guild Mechanics 8/10 - 1 on 1 Guild Wars (they don’t happen rly). Weekly Guild Territory Wars and Guild Territory War Boss (Boruta). Being in a guild is important in this game and that is good for MMORPG.

PvP 5/10 - Just needs more balance and optimization…lol…Pay/Gamble/Nolife2Compete

Because Optimization is the most important aspect of a game (for me) I have quit since August 2019.

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Ohh okay! Well, I hope you enjoy the lores when you start questing! The plot ones are the Yellow. Some arcs that are part of the plot are in Blue or Grey, and features important characters. :smiley: If you have any question about Lores, feel free to ask!

ToS has in fact many things to do. Its mostly about exploring. Most of players do Endgame, and the other part do Lores or other stuff. It takes time to focus in one area only, but as long as ToS keeps living, you’ll be able to cover all of the areas and enjoy the new contents!

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The only things that keep tos alive for me is theory crafting builds and fashion.

After the new classes were released there’s now not much to do after playing around with it. The game costume/weapon designers seems to be running out of ideas so fashion tos is out. I would’ve continued further with the new partis solutions but after realizing it takes weeks to fill them I gave up and will just go on a hiatus again 'til something significant comes up.

Yes perhaps when I run out of things to do I should finish all the quest. After all I may be a completionist!

Wasted potential unoptimized game that exists to milk its already low community?

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After the era of Ragnarok Online and the like, Tree of Savior arrived with great enthusiasm, a lot of “hype” and eager to try something new that handled old concepts. However, it was all a dream of Nobita (Doraemon), Ash/Satoshi winning the Pokemon League or Captain Tsubasa bad ending… rather a nightmare, the application of the F2P+P2W model and the mobile casino ruined how little decent he had left; currently TOS is less than a shadow of what we wanted it to be.

Graphics 6/10
The game wanted to attract with the formula of nostalgia, with nice almost-retro graphics and incredible art, but we all know how it ended. Instead of optimizing it for what you see, what you load / need resources to make it work, everything is full of details that nobody appreciates … because they are not visible to the naked eye. It could be that a 2.5D or 3D Cellshading cartoon / anime model would have been better than a 3D one that tried to mimic 2D, including day / night cycle, weather system, etc. Still, it is one of the few things that are good in this disaster.

Music and SFX 8/10
Sadly, it is the best of the game, after all the music was composed by those people of the Ragnarok Online era. Although in certain situations it does not fit, the voice of our character is annoying and many others are repetitive, it is definitely the only thing of which there would hardly be a complaint. Sadly, it is more viable and enjoyable to put the music on the player without playing the game.

Cinematics 0/10
This game lacks video scenes, does not even have as an intro or in important situations of the main story. It would have been very good with an anime touch, it would fit the style of the game.

Argument / Lore 3/10
Why a suspense to the interesting story of Tree of Savior? The main reason is the shameful localization of the language (not everyone speaks English and has to know, any product is enjoyed 1000 times more if it is in your mother tongue, or at least official), that reduces the score by half of the maximum (5/10).

Subsequently, the fall from 5 to 3 is justified by the intrusion of elements that are not typical of the game’s lore, such as most premium costumes (are there really Sailor Moon magic girls in the ToS universe?) And the lack of decision in the main quest, which invites not to be regaming and converting the level increase of a new character into a job rather than part of leisure. I don’t point out the secondary quest, many of them stupid (greetings savior, we need you to find us some stones to save the farm), otherwise it would be 0/10 in Lore.

Content 1/10
The first time you install the game and create your first character it seems that you will be able to do everything, but over time, maybe in a few weeks or months, you realize that everything was an illusion. Many maps, many monsters, many classes, … but basically, everything is about the same; Kill mass bugs to get your legendary orange gear augmented and refined 20 times.

It is supposed to be an RPG, and in the RPG there are more things to do apart from the part of killing monsters and that makes glue for the kind of players who like to enjoy it in a way other than the Chinese-grinding. In the end, you reach the highest level and do not feel like getting your super-gear, after all, it makes no sense and after that, there is nothing to do. They say that the goal of any game, beyond the profit of the company that manages it, is the player’s entertainment … I don’t see that in this, which is why I personally abandoned it a long time ago.

Controls 4/10
The controls can be configured, the same game allows the use of jostick, but everything is overshadowed by the typical system of shortcuts and the lack of a controlled and legal system in the game that facilitates the handling of the characters, especially when You end up with skill bars that you don’t know what to do with them because you don’t have any more fingers on your hands (I remember some online, like Lineage 2 in-game macro system, that game had this and it was appreciated).

Maybe it’s just me, but I miss the jostick of the old consoles, which with two buttons you could do everything without the need for more hardcore-style-fighting videogame combinations. The score is reduced by half, but loses an extra for problems in the form of bugs.

Gameplay -10/10
There are too many things to explain here, all of them negative and hardly any positive. I don’t want to repeat myself like a parrot the many messages in this forum, so I will simply put a 100% negative score. This link may help with this section, the main problem of this game may be here.

Total score 1.7 / 10, disapproved game, useless waste on your hard drive and a waste of time.

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has an intro though Owo;;; when you create a new character it will even ask you if you wanna skip it owO

well, i am excited for the guild hangout customization, as well as the upcoming personal homing system Owo

i can finally go back to the days that i played ToS to relax and enjoy the view, to stop and smell the roses. i really wish that these lifestyle focused system can have a mutual dependencies with the current combat focused system. like a player sole playing for the hangout and homing system grants benefits to those who does raids and other adventuring modes of gameplay,

and vice versa, that in return, these combat focused players acquire something from their adventures for the lifestyle mode of players

though this system may end up with peeps not getting a full experience if they lacked players on either modes. it is a double edge sword. then again most players do need to join guilds to get the full experience owO things just have to start somewhere and i hope we can bring some new players from this lifestyle focused mode Owo


you may find it fun to do multiple cm, and buy costumes.

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have you done Evoniphon-related quests? I don’t see quests related to him after Grynas quest story line