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How about some love for Chronomancers?


I want to talk about Chronomancer, and present some possible improvements for them. I’ll admit though I’ve not taken a Chrono3 into a raid so I may be a bit ignorant for some of my analysis;

  1. Quicken & Haste: - we don’t need to have buffs in this game that have both 100% uptime potential, as well as tiny durations. Make both these buffs have default 5 min durations like other similar buffs. Thauma buffs last for 5 mins, so what the hell IMC? Also;
  • Change the Attri; Quicken: Critical Rate - to also give something to the Chrono. We don’t use Crit rate - how about like 10% CDR while Quicken is active or something? Also IMC, just in general - stop doing this thing where you add an attri to one skill that decreases your evasion, and then give +evasion in another attri for the same damned class. Really now.
  • Update the tooltip to show the SPR-based gains. It shouldn’t be a mystery to the laymen how much +atk speed they’re actually providing. Same goes for Haste obviously.
  • Lastly, reduce the SPR requirements to maximize the benefits of these skills. I believe right now you need to have 390 SPR to maximize the benefit - which makes it more then just an afterthought - it turns it into a priority. Maybe make it cost half, or hell - maybe don’t make it scale with character level in the first place, and just scale on present SPR? So as long as you have like, 200 SPR, you’re good. No need to analyze it every time you level or change your gear. Make it so that this class is still attractive even for non-FS players.
  1. Reincarnate: Seems like this skill has fallen out of favor - it used to be really sweet to potentially get double-loot from bosses, but seeing as how bosses in dungeons don’t drop the loot directly any more, and it doesn’t work on bosses summoned with Card Albums - what exactly are people using reincarnate for that wouldn’t be better served by just being a Thauma with Swell?
  • Make this skill work on all bosses
  • Decrease the cooldown by like a minute
  • Make it reincarnate all monsters around you that have died during the duration, not just one
  1. Stop: For normal mobs, there’s no reason why this would be OP if it had a shorter cooldown. For bosses, the attri only allows it to work on them once in the first place. So why does this skill have simultaneously; high cooldown, high SP, multi-reagent requirement??? Decrease the cooldown to like a minute.

  2. Slow: Hey look, a skill which for some reason doesn’t have a reagent requirement. Thats neat I guess. Anyways - I like this skill, however the attri falls short. Specifically “Slow: Critical Resistance” is based on INT - which as you know is kind of silly considering there’s a lot of SPR based chronomancers out there - and the other chrono skills scale off of SPR anyways. Make this scale off either SPR, or both INT & SPR equally.

  3. Backmasking: I’m not really sure what the deal is with this skill. I know you can sometimes use it as a pinch “revive”, without all the nice benefits - and I’m sure some people can use it for farming as a means to res multiple monsters… but it has so many downsides to it; It doesn’t heal, it has a FIVE FRIGGIN MINUTE COOLDOWN, it eats 4k silver for reagents, and its extremely niche. Not to mention that the backmask doesn’t work on bosses, and can potentially put yourself or surrounding enemies in worse positions. I don’t know what to do with this skill. I’m at a loss. Replace it entirely? Not sure.

  4. Pass: So this is the actual reason to go Chrono3. However, once again - a good skill is being hampered by restrictions that makes it go from “hey thats a good trick” to “I’m probably not going to use this.” So, simple solution - ready for it? Remove the reagent requirement, or change it to like 1 time fragment instead of crystal. It’s a skill you can use every 50 seconds, it shouldn’t be draining your bank dry - especially since the rest of the entire kit is oriented around support and CC.

  5. Class Attributes/Skill Attributes: Probably one of my biggest confusions about the class - is how it has literally no class attributes, and very few skill attributes (which again, are very much half-assed). There’s so much potential for creating class synergy here, here’s some ideas;

  • Pass: Tiny Hourglass: Reduces the cooldown of [Pass] by 5 seconds.
  • Backmasking: Rose-Tinted Glasses: Allies in the area of [Backmasking] regenerate 20% of their HP & SP.
  • Chronomancer: Master of Time: Reduces the cooldown of all Chronomancer skills by 1s when an enemy in range (radius: 200) dies.
  • Reincarnate: Stand And Fight: Fallen allies in the area of [reworked Reincarnate] are brought back to life, with buffs intact and 20% of their max HP/SP.
  • Stop: Hammer Time: Basic Attacks can continue to damage to [Stopped] enemies - but the duration of [Stop] decreases by 50%.
  • Haste: Youth Is Wasted: Allies affected by [Haste] will regenerate 3% of their HP/SP whenever they kill a target.
  • Chronomancer: Impatient: If the Chronomancer is affected by both [Quicken] and [Haste] - they can move while using basic attacks

I could go on. There’s so much room for more awesome in Chronomancer, a class that feels very neglected by the devs.

Anyways, thanks for reading.


Your attribute idea for Master of Time is going to be so awesome in CM, that stage 4 and 5 will take 2 to 3 minutes to clear even for mediocre parties. :slight_smile:


I thought this class was unaffected by extreme changes. Hope IMC see this.


You can reincarnate saalus bosses for an extra shard and 3 saalus cubes


Let me know if I need to be more specific - I was saying that Chrono skills on your Chrono are refreshed by 1s per kill - not all skills on the character lol. I suppose this would be most noticeable with [Pass] for sure though.


My apologies that I wasn’t specific myself too, I meant exactly for the skill Pass.


Until now I still don’t understand the logic behind the high cost of Pass. It makes players reluctant to use the skill. What I would like to see

  1. Remove the cost entirely or make it the same as Haste/Quicken.

  2. Increase duration of Haste and Quicken

  3. Make an attribute that allows monsters to be hit when debuffed by “STOP”. And also remove the cost of the skill

I miss seeing Cryo-Chronos.


The changes I would make:

  1. Make stopped monsters receive all the damage received as a single hit when skill ends (ZA WARUDO, anyone?). Monsters can’t receive other debuffs while in this state. Reduce duration to compensate.
  2. Reduce cooldown of Reincarnate, and make it work in Area. Raise chances of reincarnating bosses.
  3. Reduce Pass cost. This skill is already good as it is, but people don’t use it cause it’s expensive.
  4. New Attribute: Accelerated Evolution. All party members receive more EXP from hunting monsters.
  5. Slow New Atributte: Increase Magic Circle Duration. Increase duration of all magic circles in the Area of Slow for a few seconds.
  6. Change Haste and Quicken into one single skill.

Some skill ideas, don’t need to use everything:

New Skill: Everlasting. Increase duration of active buffs.
New Skill: Restoration. Decreases time between HP and SP restoration ticks.
New Skill: Accelerated magic. Channeling magic skills (like Hell Breath or Gravity Pole) ticks faster. Applies only to the caster, but it’s shareable trough Spiritual Chain. Duration of affected skill is reduced at the same proportion.


About the skill duration of Haste and Quicken:
Welcome to the club, there are a lot of other skills that have a worse fate, e.g. Ein Sof (bad uptime/downtime ratio without Base camp or at least Kabbalist C2 & Ein Sof level 11+), Overreinforce (only 45 seconds basic up-time with 60 seconds CD, you need to invest several millions into the attribute just to get it to 100% up-time, and even then, it costs 2k per 60 seconds) and most Cleric buff skills that have to be recast ~ every minute (e.g. Guardian Saint, Transmit Prana, Zalciai, Daino,etc.).

I think every skill that has at least a base up-time of 100% like Guardian Saint should have 5 minutes skill duration, it’s annoying to recast so many buffs in-between fights and I often forget e.g. Guardian Saint and Samediveve since it’s insignificant for the outcome of the fight.

Short skill durations are also the reason why I can’t put most buffs on the second skill roster, because then I’ll be unable to keep track of their CD time without addons.


I was reading this thread some days ago and agreeing on everything you’re saying. Now I’m reading something about skills from Chronomancer going to other classes with the Re:Build update and it also seems it’s the only support mage class not going to the new tree…

Why does the Chronomancer gets so little love? :frowning:


Don’t know, ask Alchemists :tired:

Also, quick cast going to chrono is something good, removing it other skill sucks


IIRC Chronomancers will lose Haste and Quicken. So what’s remaining except the need for costly reagents? Having Slow and not Haste is plain stupid for a time mage…


I think there is one new skill for us. But I don’t know if it’ll be big enough to cover for such characteristic skills as Haste and Quicken. :confused:


Didn’t they mention something about attributes making support skills better? Hopefully haste is a part of another skill.


I hope you’re right, can’t wait for the patch notes. ><


There’s a new video out there showing the new skillset of the Chronomancer. Seems like we lost Quicken and Haste and got Quick Cast and Time Forward, which, if Google Translate is right, seems to be a skill that adds cooldown seconds (up to 10?) to a random skill of enemies in range.

I’m very dissapointed on how the Chronomancer turned out. Hope you guys will like it though!


RIP fellow Chronos, join us Hackapelles at the trash heap


Now Now…

Let not haste on our criticism and wait for more info/changes to come :laughing:

:disappointed_relieved: I need a hug


Yeah, Chronomancer has been butchered… I don’t see one reason to pick that class anymore, except for Pass. Other skills (Slow, Reincarnate, Stop, Backmasking) are marginally useful, and so is the new one. Of course, there’s Quick Cast now, but you don’t pick up a FULL third of your class picks for one skill… I need to check the Runecaster changes more closely, because if the casting attribute is still there, then Runecaster simply outstands Chronomancer in any way now.


Chronomancers still have one of the best class costumes in the game…and that’s about it.